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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 4.1: Weren't You Graduated from A Big Brothel

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Huo Qu circled around the villa area for half an hour, but he still couldn't find his house. In the he had to open his little notebook and gave a call to his home phone. 

Huo fu ren(madam) was sitting in the living room with tears rolling down her cheeks. Without further ado, she hurriedly embraced her youngest son the moment she saw him, not waiting for Huo Qu to finish taking off his shoes. She kept crying out her beloved baby and her tears soaked through Huo Qu's shirt.   

"We have drivers at home but you stubbornly want to go to the research lab by yourself! Don't you know how worry I was the entire day. I was scared to death that you'll meet with an accident! I can't even take a single bite!"  

Huo Qu went stiff. He looked at his mother without knowing what to do and his mouth sew shut never uttering a single word.  

Huo fu ren swept away pieces of hair from her youngest son's forehead and lightly tweaked his nose. 

Her youngest son was really intelligent. At the age of 20, he had achieved double PhD and entered a research institution. He had also received countless award overseas and numerous institutions were vying to snatch him up. It could be said that he was the leading scientist in the field of Mathematical physics.  

However, it's just that he wasn't even comparable to a 3 years old in life.  

Didn't know how to boil water and couldn't recognize route. Not only that, he couldn't take the public transportation nor could he get a cab.   

One glance at complex element and he could already stored it in his brain, but he couldn't remember the basic of living knowledge. It was useless no matter how much they tried to teach him.  

"Don't do this next time, okay?" When Huo fu ren saw Huo Qu lowered down his head with a muddled look, regardless of how anger she was, Huo fu ren had no choice but to bear with it. She could only insistently demanded by faking a stern expression.
"Enough, our son already come back. You say those things for what." Huo ba(father/sir) moved to her side and wiped her tears, "Crying like this in front of our child, you don't feel embarrass ah."   

Huo fu ren glared at him and viciously pinched his hand, "My own son, I say a few things also cannot?"

"Can can can, my mistake." Huo ba was pinched to the point of grimacing in pain but he didn't cry out. He smoothly apologized after hearing what his wife said and finally made her turned tears into laughter. 

Huo ba shifted his body towards Huo Qu and lightly said, "San-er, you go back to your room first and wait for me to tell Aunty Lee to send up some food."  

[T/N: 三儿 (san-er):Meaning third born, but in affectionate view with the usage of -er.]

Huo Qu had been waiting for that command, impatiently nodded his head and briskly headed to his room.  

Looking at his son's lean straight back, Huo ba couldn't help but to sigh.   

He had three son. The eldest, Huo Zheng and the second, Huo Rong were twins. Huo Zheng took over his business and walked the same career path as Huo ba had. Huo Zheng could mingle in the political circle with ease. On the other hand, Huo Rong chose commerce. Only a couple of years but he had created quite a number of commercial legend and was also rather famous in the country, so Huo ba didn't have to feel worried. 

The one that made him anxious was Huo Qu, his youngest son.   

"Lao Huo, our san-er can't go on like this," Huo fu ren said to her partner while wiping her tears:
"Do you know that my heart was in a mess the entire day. I was too scare that he will knock or hit something. We give san-er a few more bodyguard ba."  

Huo ba shook his head,"San-er already has a lot of bodyguard. Losing him today was an accident, we see first ba." 

They had always been humble even though Huo Jia(House) was powerful. Besides, their bodyguards were selected for their quality rather than quantity so hiring more would be useless.  

Huo Jia Fu(Father) Mu(Mother) were talking downstairs, while Huo Qu was sitting in his room, looking at the number on the note in daze. When Aunty Lee sent food and swept a glance across the room, she didn't find it odd.

Youngest master had been like that since young, always lost in his own world. He gave no reactions whatsoever to the outside world, to the point of forgetting to eat.  

Aunty Lee put the food at the door. She was about to holler at Huo Qu to eat when Huo Zhong and Huo Rong passed by. They stealthily looked inside their little brother's room.  

"Ge, xiao di(little brother) is daydreaming again." Huo Rong sighed and raised his feet, wanted to enter the room but suddenly recalled his little brother's OCD-ness. He didn't dare to go in the end and could only silently whispered in Huo Zhong's ear.   

"I will give a call to the research institute later and ask for a few days leave for xiao di." Huo Zhong rubbed his temple, his eyes full of worry towards his littlest brother.  

Huo Rong instantly shook his head: "Take leave is useless, he's the same even at home." After stopping awhile, he continued saying: "Ge, I want to discuss something with you. I want to bring xiao di to my company to stroll around."  

Huo Rong's company was called Xing Guang(Star Light), and was the country most famous entertainment corporation. Movie emperor and empress were breeding like flies. It was a holy realm that many aspiring actors trying to crack opened their head to squeeze in. 

"Don't you dare think about it." Huo Zhong berated him: "Those kind of murky atmosphere in the showbiz, what if they swindle xiao di!"  

Huo Rong thought it through and could only changed his mind. When they wanted to quietly walked away, Huo Qu suddenly raised his head and looked at them.  

Huo Rong's heart melted when his family youngest brother looked at them cutely, "What's wrong, san-er~(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ"  

Upon seeing that Σ(っ°□°;)っ, Huo Zhong quickly push his er di(second brother) away and stretched his neck to look into the room, "Xiao(small/young) Qu, do you need big brother's help with something?"  

At first they thought he wouldn't respond but Huo Qu suddenly nodded his head slowly. He then raised his hand and showed a piece of paper in his palm, "What is this?"  

Xiao di willingly talked to them! \(T ^ T)/  

Both siblings jolted in shock and simultaneously looked at Huo Qu's palm.
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