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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 45: Please! Don’t Look at Me That Way! 1

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Chapter 45: Please! Don’t Look at Me That Way! (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan’s part was not the first. After watching others acting for some time, he went to a corner memorizing his lines while waiting for his part.

Yu Qinghuan formed a habit when filming. That is he would recite his lines by heart and always familiarize himself with other’s lines, so he would make the best response according to the context.

“Qinghuan, come here. Come here. Eat some roasted sweet potato.” While he finished one page and was about to recite the next one, Yu Xin trotted at him with a paper bag in his hand. He then picked the softest one and handed it to Qinghuan, saying while smiling, “It’s sweet. Shen Yi’s assistant sent it to you.”

Shen Ji was the most popular B-list celebrity under Yu Xin. In the previous life, on the way Yu Xin sent him to the shooting set, they had a car accident and Yu Xin died on spot.

Yu Xin had a kind heart. In case Shen Yi’s face got disfigured, he covered his face with all he could. And the result was everyone died on spot while Shen Yi only had some bruise on his arm.

But Shen Yi forgot Yu Xin’s funeral, because he served his sugar daddy that day.

Although Shen Ji became the target of public criticism after that thing was exposed, Yu Qinghuan still bore the grudge against him.

Now looking at the juicy and fragrant roasted sweet potato after remembering the past, Yu Qinghuan immediately lost the appetite. He asked Yu Xin while peeling off the sweet potato skin, “What is he doing here?”

“Nothing important.” Yu Xin shook his hands while smiling, “He just passed by.”

How is it possible!

Their shooting site was located in such a resolute place where even a bird wouldn’t lay eggs. Shen Ji could never drop by as he claimed.

But seeing Yu Xin in a good mood, Yu Qinghuan didn’t want talk much about it, so he continued, “I heard he has got a role in a TV series recently. Don’t you wanna go have a look?”

On hearing that, Yu Xin shook his head, with all gratitude on his chubby face, “Shen Ji is really a good guy. He knew that I have just taken you over, so he said he doesn’t need me this time. He’ll take care of everything by himself and ask me to focus solely on you. Alas! Even though I have no A-list big stars under my hands in this life, it’s already worth it to have your guys as my friends.”

Yu Qinghuan then felt much relieved. He didn’t want to know why Shen Ji came today. As long as Yu Xin didn’t go to his filming site and died a worthless death like in the previous life, he’d feel very satisfied.

When Yu Qinghuan was about to say something, he got hit from behind, whoosh, the script in his hand flew out and directly dropped into the basin the crew used as props, like that person did it on purpose.

The boiling water immediately wetted the thin papers. Only a few seconds and the script was totally wasted.

“Sorry, sorry!” The propman with props in his hands hastened to apologize, with regret and self-blame written on his face, “I’m gonna get another script for you, OK?”

The props looked very heavy, and he looked kind of exhausted already, with sweats on his forehead on such a winter day, still panting while talking.

“It’s fine.” Yu Qinghuan smiled at him, “Mind your own business. I’ll get one from Qingyuan.”

“Thank you, Qinghuan.” That propman finally caught his breath, then went away busy with his work after bowing to Qinghuan.

The script was very important for him. It not only was marked with the emphasis, but also recorded his own understanding and comprehension of it. If it had been someone hot-tempered, he would have already slapped him in the face.

Thinking of that, the propman turned around and cast a glance at Yu Qinghuan, deciding to be his big face from now on.

“I think you should really go to some temple and burn some incense.” Seeing the propman walk away, Yu Xin said to Yu Qinghuan, “Endorsement snatched first, now script ruined, how could you be so hapless recently?”

Seeing Yu Qinghuan still look like nothing happened, Yu Xin couldn’t help pushing him, “Go to Zhao Qingyuan for the script now. It’d be your scene later.”

Even though Yu Qinghuan had learnt the script all by heart, it wasn’t bad to read some more. So on hearing him, Yu Qinghuan nodded and walked away.

But the moment he lifted a foot, someone grasped his hand from behind.

Yu Qinghuan turned around, confused, “Huo Qu? What’s up?”

“Don’t go to see him.” Huo Qu pursed his lips, staring at Qinghuan, holding his hand tightly.

“Be good. Let go.” Yu Qinghuan tried to pull off his hands. When he was about to say something, Huo Qu said blandly, “Are you going to borrow the script from him? I…I can recite it for you.”


Then with Yu Qinghuan’s jaws dropped and eyes popped out, Huo Qu recited all the content Qinghuan was going to shoot today. Not a single word was mistaken!

Yu Qinghuan was kind of dumbfounded, “When did you read my script?”

“This morning.” Huo Qu answered honestly. Taking advantage of Yu Qinghuan’s inadvertence, Huo Qu quietly and secretly and slowly got close to him. When Qinghuan came to his mind, he nearly jumped out of his skin by that enlarged face right before his eyes.

He complained, “Why are you leaning so close to me?” and then continued, “So you memorized it all in such a short time?”

Huo Qu nodded honestly, “Yeah.” After a pause, he added, “It’s easy.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”
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