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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 44: The First Night Sleeping in One Room 2

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Chapter 44: The First Night Sleeping in One Room (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“Call your brother tomorrow. Let him send some warm clothes.” Yu Qinghuan leaned backwards and pulled the front opening hard, trying to cover more of Huo Qu, saying with his eyebrows knitted, “Why are you wearing a dust coat on such a cold day? You seldom dress yourself up.”

“I…I didn’t…” with Yu Qinghuan’s salubrious scent lingering on the tip of his nose, Huo Qu’s head nearly stopped working. After Yu Qinghuan talked for quite a while, he just stammered to say only an incomplete sentence.

Yu Qinghuan smiled and flipped his head, “Your reflex arc is as long as hell. Who said you are a genius?”

Huo Qu didn’t know why he suddenly had kind of weird expectation. He expected to get Yu Qinghuan’s recognition, his praise, or even expected him to look up to him with admiration like others did.

Those things he had never cared about now became the only thing he would expect

“I…My IQ is pretty high.” said Huo Qu after swallowing some saliva.

He was a useless person. Except his high IQ, he didn’t know where he deserved Qinghuan’s praise.

“I know.” Yu Qinghuan smiled, and then wrapped this stubborn head in his chest even harder.

After having waited for over ten minutes, the doctor walked out of the rest room, with that pair of glasses skew, saying with kind of impatient tone, “You are lucky today. I can do the EGG for now.”

Speaking of which, the doctor started to size them up, “Which one of you? Come inside with me.”

“Go with the doctor,” Yu Qinghuan pushed Huo Qu, “I’ll be waiting outside.”

Huo Qu wouldn’t stand up. Then Yu Qinghuan bumped his belly with his ankle, “Come on. Don’t keep the doctor waiting.”

Then Huo Qu followed the doctor reluctantly.

The doctor on duty was an old hand, and did the EGG for Huo Qu very quickly.

Except that his heart beat faster, no other problem was found, including the arrhythmia Yu Qinghuan had anticipated.

The doctor looked at Huo Qu’s red face and then his inspection result, saying with a suspicious tone, “Your heart is very healthy. If you are still worried, you can go to a big hospital for further inspection.” After a little pause, he continued, “As for the fast heartbeats and blushing…Are you very nervous?”

On hearing that, Yu Qinghuan who had just shelled out immediately denied it, “No way. Thank you, doctor. I will take him to a big hospital when I have time.”

Yu Qinghuan felt relieved after making sure Huo Qu had no heart problem. Although the result was kind of ambiguous, at least it could make him feel at ease for now.

Having bustling about the whole night, Yu Qinghuan felt exhausted. He slipped into bed the moment he went back to the hotel. As for Huo Qu, after pondering for a long time, he even didn’t know when he fell asleep.

The next morning when Yu Qinghuan woke up, he felt his body was very stiff, and hard to breathe. He struggled to open his eyes. The first thing that came into his eyes was not the ceiling of the hotel, but a fair and beefy chest.

When Huo Qu was before him, he was like a piece of paste which could be made into any shape as he wanted. But when he was asleep, he was very domineering, holding Yu Qinghuan tightly with that pair of strong arms.

Yu Qinghuan moved a bit, only finding his arms holding even tighter.

Huo Qu not only had a pretty face, but also owned a strong body. Commonly speaking, someone like him who would stay in the lab the whole day should have loose limbs. But Huo Qu, his body had a smooth line, covered with a layer of thin but tight muscles, really an eye candy.

Yu Qinghuan nearly got turned on by this seductive body. Then he came to himself, pulled off his hands with all his strength and slipped out of his arms.

While Huo Qu was fast asleep, someone woke him up with force violently, then he slowly opened his eyes, grieved.

“Eh-hem, you keep sleeping. I got work to do.” Yu Qinghuan felt a little sorry. He patted Huo Qu’s head softly, then went to the bathroom after putting on his clothes. After he got dressed up, he saw Huo Qu sitting on the bed well-dressed already, who was leafing through his script.

“Won’t you go on sleeping?”

Huo Qu shook his head and then looked at Qinghuan, “I wanna be with you.”

“Then go wash up.” Yu Qinghuan urged him while pulling the script from his hands, “I got a scene to shoot this morning. I don’t know when it’ll start, so I can’t wait you for too long.”

Before he finished his words, Huo Qu already rushed into the bathroom anxiously.

He washed up very quickly, maybe because he boosted his speed. 15 minutes later, they left the hotel for the shooting site.
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