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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 42: Just a Kiss but still Failed 2

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Chapter 42: Just a Kiss but still Failed (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
When leaving the airport, Yu Qinghuan felt that someone was watching them.

Having been photographed by paparazzi in his previous life all the time, he was very sensitive to other people’s sights. However, he always felt something was wrong because he was just a newcomer in the circle. Which paparazzi would take pictures of him, just because of eating too much?

He carefully looked around and found no suspicious characters, but the feeling of being peeked was still there.

Yu Qinghuan could not help but poke Huo Qu with his elbow. “Have you noticed anyone is watching us?”

As long as he was with Yu Qinghuan, other people or things in the outside world did not exist to Huo Qu. He shook his head in bewilderment.

Yu Qinghuan held his forehead, regretted having asked him. Just as he was about to pull Huo Qu to run away, a timid voice suddenly sounded behind him, “Excuse me... Are you…Qinghuan and Huo Qu?”

Yu Qinghuan froze, and then turned around and nodded, “Yes,” he glanced at the girls in front of him, “Excuse me...you are?”

“Ah! What a luck!” The leading girl’s face was filled with joy, and her meaningful eyes swept over Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu, making Qinghuan feel creepy.

“We are your fans.” Just when Yu Qinghuan could not help retreating, the girl finally opened her mouth, “We’ve been waiting for you at the airport since the early morning.”

“Thank you, but don’t do this next time.” Yu Qing Huan had always been kind and considerate to his fans especially when he saw the girl’s thin figure.

“Qinghuan, you’re so sweet,” the girl looked at Yu Qinghuan with stars in her eyes. “Work hard, both of you, and we will support you!”

What did she mean? It’s okay to let him work hard. But why was Huo Qu counted? Before Yu Qinghuan could come up with an explanation, Huo Qu, who was standing behind him, suddenly stepped forward and stood in front of him, his face full of displeasure.

Yu Qinghuan, “?” What was this all about?

“Ah!” The girls flushed with excitement and screamed on and on. Under Yu Qinghuan’s puzzled eyes, they directly stuffed a small notebook into Huo Qu’s arms, “It’s for you! May you live happily all your lives!”

Then they turned and ran away.

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Well, he finally understood the identities of these girls. They turned out to be fans rooting for the two to get together.

He had seen the capacity of this kind of fans in his previous life and worried about they would write something strange in the notebook. So he hurriedly grabbed the notebook and turned over several pages. Fortunately, these girls were not so out of line, there were only the cartoons of him and Huo Qu, and nothing strange.

After returning the notebook to Huo Qu, Yu Qinghuan asked, “What happened to you just now?”

“I don’t want them to look at you.” Huo Qu replied very honestly.

Huo Qu also did not know what was wrong with himself. Last time he felt unhappy because of Zhao Qingyuan, this time because of these girls. As long as they were slightly too close to Qinghuan, he would feel very uncomfortable.

Of course, he knew that the word parrot describing Zhao Qingyuan was not good. But how could he rob the Lamian noodles that Yu Qinghuan specially made for him that day? So he interrupted his second brother and deliberately said Zhao Qingyuan was a parrot.

Although he knew all the reasons in his heart, he just could not control himself.

“Not that serious.” Yu Qinghuan did not take his words seriously and thought it was just the possessiveness desire among friends. He laughed, “Since when have you become so stingy?”

Huo Qu’s eyelashes quivered, his head bowed and he said nothing.

After Yu Qinghuan returned to the film site with Huo Qu, Liu Jia’an said nothing. It seemed Huo Rong had informed him in advance already.

But the accommodation posed another problem due to Huo Qu’s arrival. The hotel rooms rented by the film crew were fully occupied. Yu Qinghuan was not at ease to let Huo Qu stay in other hotels. Finally, he could only let Huo Qu sleep in his room.

“I’ll take a shower first, your clothes for changing are here,” Yu Qinghuan pointed to the cabinet beside, “Take them out later. Your turn is after me.”

Huo Qu obediently nodded his head, found out his clothes, and put them away properly. Glancing at the hand-painted notebook on the bed head, he could not help opening it.

With just a glance, he was shocked.

The book was full of cartoons of him and Qinghuan! Eating, reading books, and even watching movies together!

The little figures in the cartoon had his and Qinghuan’s names on the heads, which was adorable! The more he read it, the more he liked it. Then he turned to the last page and his face turned red in an instant.

There was a cartoon of him and Qing Huan kissing. It was so lifelike that even his blushes were drawn!

How… How could it even be possible?

Huo Qu threw away the notebook in panic and almost fell off the bed.

How could he and…Qinghuan kiss? They were not husband and wife!

However, even Huo Qu himself did not know why, the picture had been engraved in his mind, and could not be driven away.

When Yu Qinghuan came out of the shower, he noticed that Huo Qu flushed with his whole person looking like a flaming shrimp. He immediately got a fright. “Are you all right? Feeling sick?”

“I, I’ll go take a bath!” Seeing Yu Qinghuan, Huoqu’s whole body was going to smoke. For the first time, he did not dare to look directly into Yu Qinghuan’s eyes. He quickly ran into the bathroom.

What happened to this guy? Got his head bumped?

Yu Qinghuan was puzzled. He withdrew his eyes from Huo Qu and quickly made the bed. Just now Huo Rong sent him a message saying that Huo Qu must go to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening, not a minute earlier or a second late.

Maybe it was because of the new environment, Huo Qu’s behavior tonight was very abnormal. The man who should have slept at 9 o’clock could not fall asleep and rolled over in bed like a spinning top, his noise made Yu Qinghuan also agitated. So he could not help kicking him and yelled, “Stop it, sleep!”

Huo Qu, the man being cautioned was shocked and curled up into a ball pitifully. Although he was not feeling well, he did not dare to move anymore.

Yu Qinghuan felt a lot of peace in his ears, but Huo Qu suffered even more. His whole body seemed to be on fire. He was almost burning, and his throat was dry and itchy. Even if he kept swallowing saliva, he could not relieve that kind of thirst.

The cartoons of their kissing kept enlarging in his mind. It was like a deadly poppy attracting him, making him could not escape.

After a long time, long enough to make Huo Qu feel that it was longer than he had worked out the mechanism of how subatomic particles obtain quality, he finally could not help but quietly got up and called Qinghuan’s name in a whisper, “Qinghuan?”

Yu Qinghuan seemed to be asleep and did not respond.

Huo Qu bit his lip and lowered his head slowly.

Just one kiss, thought he. He just wanted to give it a try out of curiosity...

Just as his lips were about to fall, Yu Qinghuan suddenly opened his eyes in the darkness, “What are you doing?”
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