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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 3.2: Are You Trying to Chat Me Up?

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The words written on the page was sharp and beautiful. Each words were finely written. The spacing between sentences were concise and consistent. Yu Qing Huan could see that the owner of the writing had strong Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD).   

What made Yu Qing Huan stunned was not because of the writing but its content.  

Hand phone password, email password, and even his bank card password was written clearly.  

He raised his head and looked at the man. Yu Qing Huan lamented in his heart. Was he an idiot? Could bank card password be given freely to a stranger?'   

Yu Qing Huan followed the password recorded in the book to open the man's phone. He didn't know why the it was on flight mode but the phone interface was incredibly clean. Even the factory app was move to a separate folder. The only thing remaining was a navigation app.  

So...This person was really bad at direction? He wasn't intentionally trying to chat him up?

Yu Qing Huan couldn't help but soften his look. He first checked his phone's log, but there was nothing. So he could only opened the navigation app and asked: "House address."  

The man rapidly fired out a string of address, as if afraid that he would scolded again.

The man's address was at the city first rate villa area and those who could stay there were wealthy and respectable people only. In his last life, Yu Qing Huan only managed to be qualify to buy a villa there after struggling so hard for so long. Unfortunately before he could buy, he got reborn.  

Thinking about it, he couldn't help but felt hatred towards the rich and glared at the man. The man was glared stiff and apprehensively took a step back. Yet, his hand still obediently stuck to his side.

Yu Qing Huan: "..."  

He entered the man's address into the navigation app, enlarged the page and carefully recited the route to him. Yu Qing Huan pointed outside the window: "There are cabs outside, you just let the driver follow this route."

The man didn't move.   

Yu Qing Huan, "What's wrong?"  

The man peeked at him and quickly reverted his eyes, as if he felt wronged.  

Yu Qing Huan: "Speak ah! What's wrong with you?"  

The man drooped his head and his pitiful hair was blew to aside, "I don't know how to get a cab."  

Yu Qing Huan: "...^_^"  

Yu Qing Huan: "Don't know how to cross road, don't know how to get a cab, don't remember your own password. Let me asked you what do you know? Do you know your own name or not?"  

The man opened his mouth and sulkily said, "I remember my name. I'm Huo Qu."  

Yu Qing Huan sneered sarcastically, "Oh, it's wonderful that you can remember your own name. Do you want ge ge to award you? Give a you kiss kiss, hug hug and lift you up high high ah?   

Huo Qu was stupefied. Then bit by bit his face turned red and spread to his white ears.  

"Alright, today I will do good until the end." Yu Qing Huan cleanly finished the last spoonful of the red bean 'Shuang Pi Nai and looked at Huo Qu, "Wait for me to finish eating first then I will send you home."  

After going through a series of probing, Yu Qing Huan could see that Huo Qu really wasn't faking anything. He really didn't know how to recognize road and get a cab.   

What kind of family was it to be able to bring up such a young master ah! This should be the rumored legendary rich man's disease ba.
Yu Qing Huan shook his head. He was just about to take the another bowl of 'Shuang Pi Nai', when suddenly 'Gu Lu~', a loud rumbling noise came from where Huo Qu was sitting.
Yu Qing Huan stared blankly (O.O), Huo Qu also stared blankly (O.O).
"Don't tell me that you haven't eaten for a few days?" Yu Qing Huan happily basked in someone misfortune and his pair of peach blossom eyes curved up. "Come, I give you eat this bowl of 'Shuang Pi Nai' ba."

Huo Qu's face turned redder. His eyes frantically looked around and he didn't dare to look eye to eye with Yu Qing Huan, but he still honestly answered his question, "Since morning until now."   

It was already more than 6 o'clock in the evening, and this person actually didn't eat the entire day.
Yu Qing Huan sighed and waved his hand to request for another clean spoon. He stuffed it into Huo Qu's hand and said, "Faster eat, what else do you want? This time I treat you."

Huo Qu shook his head and stiffly held the spoon to scoop the 'Shuang Pi Nai'. Such an easy task, but didn't know why when he tried, it looked extremely awkward. After trying a few times then he could scoop up something.

Yu Qing Huan found it fascinating. He was full of interest, so he watched Huo Qu attentively until smoke almost came out from his head. Only then Yu Qing Huan had the conscience to move his line of sight.

Even though Huo Qu's house was at a villa area, it wasn't far. Such an exceptional place surrounded by the mountains and river, so it was very famous in the city. The cab driver already knew of the location when he heard the name of the place and he absolutely didn't have to use the navigation app. 

Yu Qing Huan and the driver were talking happily while Huo Qu never opened his mouth. He was sitting there silently with his back pencil straight and his hands on his knees, just like a student waiting for the teacher to spot checked his hygiene.   

Yu Qing Huan sneakily glanced at Huo Qu. He felt tickled by the scene and burst out laughing.  

The villa area was inaccessible by the cab so they could only stopped at the entrance. Yu Qing Huan took Huo Qu's little notebook and flipped through it. Searching through the list of contact number, he told Huo Qu: "I send you until here. If you still couldn't find your way back, give a call to the number of your brother, father and mother listed here. Ask them to fetch you back."   

When Yu Qing Huan saw Huo Qu earnestly listened with a serious look, he continued: "As soon as you reach home, you go rest nicely after finish eating. Okay, I'll go first~"   

Yu Qing Huan paid the cab fee once he finished talking. He opened the door and waved goodbye to Huo Qu. Very quickly, Yu Qing Huan's back disappeared in the throng of crowd.   

Huo Qu sat quietly in the cab for a full minute and only started clumsily unleashing the seat belt when the driver urged him to get off his car.  

While he was sliding past to where Yu Qing Huan previously sat, he found a sticky note. He used his hand to pick it up and only saw two small words in black, indicated: No. 29, Yu Qing Huan.

Yu Qing Huan, Qing Huan.  

Huo Qu carefully inserted the sticky note into his bag. After a moment of consideration, Huo Qu gently picked the note up, like it was a priceless treasure to cherish and cautiously inserted the note into his coat pocket.
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