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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 36: Unless…That Person Is Gay!!!!!! 2

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Chapter 36: Unless…That Person Is Gay!!!!!! (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
In the film set, Yu Qinghuan had already put on makeup and sat on one side, waiting for his part, the part he played for his audition.

Since the cost of renting the plane was high, the film crew only rented it for three days, during which they had to finish all the scenes that needed the plane, so both Liu Jia’an and the actors felt the great pressure.

While Yu Qinghuan was thinking about the next plot in his heart, Zhao Qingyuan sneaked to his side fromnowhere. He took Yu Qinghuan by the shoulder, tugged at his arm hard, with a disgusting smile, “Are you nervous about acting with me later?”

After the picture in his mind interrupted, Yu Qinghuan glanced at him casually, “Why should I be nervous?”

“No way.” Zhao Qingyuan was unwilling to believe it, he walked around to the front, staring at his eyes, “You don’t feel nervous acting with such a person like me? You must be lying!”

“What kind of person are you?” Yu Qinghuan asked, “Who chatted with my automatic reply all afternoon? Or someone who cannot get up after eating my canned yellow peaches?”

Yu Qinghuan’s voice was like freezing spring water, cold and clear, and usually sounded pleasant. However, his voice could be especially ironic when he said something sarcastically.

Zhao Qingyuan choked on his words, suddenly stood up and looked at Yu Qinghuan condescendingly, “Just wait! I will not go easy on you!”

In the film studio, several cameras were set. Liu Jia’an gestured to the actors to take their places, and he could not wait to say, “Action!”

“I’m not going! Anyone else but not me!” Yu Qinghuan adjusted his mood in an instant. The veins stood out on his forehead and his handsome face twisted. Despite the obstruction of the flight attendants, he rushed at the hatch with all his strength, “Back off! Get out of my way! I want to go back! Let me out!”

“Stop!” Peng Cheng, played by Zhao Qingyuan, came hurrying forward, grabbed his arm and dragged him backwards. “Don’t embarrass our hospital here! When you get to the battlefield, you can go wherever you like. Nobody cares!”

“Bullshit!” Ye Sheng looked back at him maliciously, “You think I don’t know? I could never go back if I fucking go there! I…”

“Cut!” At this time, Liu Jia’an suddenly told them to stop.

He stared at the frames in the camera and frowned, “Qing Huan’s mood was a bit wrong. Adjust it and start it over.”

“Okay, Director Liu.” Yu Qinghuan apologized and took the water from Yu Xin. He drank it while thinking about what went wrong.

“I think you played quite well,” Zhao Qingyuan was a little confused. He squatted beside Yu Qinghuan, recalling the scene just now, and said so.

In fact, Yu Qinghuan’s acting skills startled him. If it were not for the familiar face, he even thought he was facing a rival of the same competence rather than a newbie.

Why was Liu Jia’an still unsatisfied?

Liu Jia’an came over when he was still pondering, “Qinghuan should be more intense in his mood,” he paused and looked at Zhao Qingyuan, “You are the same, the atmosphere of the acting of you two was tense, but I want to see you two confront each other with daggers.”

The two men nodded to digest Liu Jia’an’s meaning, and then they rehearsed it again in private. Only then did they signal Liu Jia’an that they could start over.

Unfortunately, this time their performance still failed.

“What the hell was going on?” Zhao Qingyuan was somewhat anxious and grabbed his hair.

He and Qinghuan both played very well and could not see any flaw in the camera. Was Liu Jia’an deliberately messing with them? But no director would make fun of this.

Yu Qinghuan could not answer his question either. He pondered for a long time and did not know what was wrong with him. Finally, he even went to consult Wang Zhensheng.

However, Wang Zhensheng only answered, “Like Director Liu, I also felt something wrong, but I can’t tell where. You need to figure it out yourself.”

Yu Qinghuan and Zhao Qingyuan tried to figure it out while they were filming. They repeated it a dozen times. At last, Yu Qinghuan was numb to hearing "NG", but they still did not meet the requirements of Liu Jia’an.

They filmed all afternoon. Yu Qinghuan looked exhausted and cold. His whole person looked very tired and his eyes were bloodshot. Not only that, because of the continuous emotional outburst, his voice already hoarse. Yu Xin felt distressed and made him a cup of throat-moistening tea.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m fine.” Yu Qinghuan breathed a sigh of relief, only spoke one sentence to Yu Xin, and then fell back into thinking.

Liu Jia’an had always said that his emotions were not intense enough, but he felt that he had already shown enough. Was it necessary to be more exaggerated? No, it was not…

Yu Qinghuan then changed his way of thinking. He thought that the reason why Ye Sheng had a conflict with Peng Cheng was that he did not want to go to the battlefield, while the reason behind it was…

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes suddenly beamed with light! He got it! Ye Sheng was afraid of death!

What he was excepted to show was Ye Sheng’s fear of death!

No wonder Liu Jia’an always said his mood was wrong!

Fearing that this inspiration would pass away, Yu Qinghuan quickly took the initiative to find Liu Jia’an.

Sure enough, Liu Jia’an did not stop this time, and his performance finally passed.

Yu Qinghuan finally felt relieved and took the down jacket from Yu Xin and put it on. When he was just about to ask Zhao Qingyuan if he would return with him to have a rest, he heard the other party talking on the phone, “Mom? Why are you calling me so late? Me? I’m filming. Of course I’m tired. I’ll go back to rest right away. No, do not come. I’m losing weight. I can’t eat anything you send to me...”

Zhao Qingyuan was garrulous, mincing and capricious, which was the exclusive right of the children who watered by love.

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes gradually dimmed. He took a deep breath and turned to Yu Xin. “Dude, let’s go home."

Yu Xin saw that his face was not quite right, and finally he did not refrain from asking him, “Qinghuan, are you angry with Director Liu? Hey, why did you suddenly become narrow-minded? Don’t be angry, just show yourself well next time.”

Yu Qinghuan let out an “Emm”, and withdrew his uncontrollably envious eyes casting on Zhao Qingyuan.

The author has something to say:

Huo Qu: Let me go! I want to return home to help Qinghuan!

Cheng Ya: I bet you cannot even walk out of the parking lot, huh...
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