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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 32: I Wanna Forward a Koi on Weibo 2

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Chapter 32: I Wanna Forward a Koi on Weibo (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
While at the filming site, Yu Qinghuan had just finished a group scene.

The battlefield was near a village. Some kids accidentally broke into a minefield, and nearly half of the village was blown up. Peng Cheng played by Yu Qinghuan and Le Chen played by Wang Chengcheng had just got off the plane and directly went for the rescue operation.

Among a bunch of serious and also anxious doctors, Ye Sheng who wore a long face looked quite conspicuous.

And what Yu Qinghuan needed to do was to express such “antipathetic” feeling.

Liu Jia’an was good at full-length shots. And his films were famous for the aesthetic but uncluttered full-length shots. So he was extra strict with the group scenes.

When it finally passed, Yu Qinghuan and others had done NG for four times. So on hearing that Liu Jia’an said yes, everyone felt much relieved.

In this group scene, Yu Qinghuan and Wang Chengcheng were the ML and FL. In order to show that kind of racing against time feeling, they had to keep rushing forward again and again and again, which was quite strength consuming. Yu Qingchuan was OK, but Wang Chengcheng nearly collapsed.

Fortunately Yu Qinghuan supported him, or she would really sit on the ground, which would be embarrassing for an actress.

“Thank you, Yu.” After resting for a few seconds holding against the pillar, Wang Chengcheng regained her elegance as usual. She then turned around and gave Yu Qinghuan a soft smile, “You did me another favor.”

When before Yu Qinghuan, she never held her head high as a senior, looking quite accommodating.

Yu Qinghuan shook his head, “Chengcheng, don’t say that. That’s the least I can do.”

“Oh come on.” Wang Chengcheng smiled, and then put her white and smooth hand over Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder, “Last time when Director Liu yelled at me, it is also you who debarrassed me.”

Yu Qinghuan was a little startled, and immediately understood what Wang Chengcheng was indicating.

While Liu Jia’an was yelling at her, and she had to stop her part and went back to adjust herself, Yu Qinghuan passed the first shooting and even got praised by Liu Jia’an.

It would have been nothing if he was an experienced actor, but he was an absolute newbie in this circle.

It was kind of like slapping Wang Chengcheng in her face.

“Qinghuan?” On seeing he wasn’t talking for quite a while, she waved her hand before his eyes and said gently, “Actually, I am loyal to my friends. I will keep those who have ever helped me in my heart, always.”

After a pause, she looked at Yu Qinghuan’s eyes smilingly. “So when you got something on mind, you can come to me.”

Speaking of which, she patted Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder and walked away elegantly.

Watching her walk away gracefully, Yu Qinghuan heaved a sigh in his heart, thinking he had offended Wang Chengcheng to the ground.

He ain’t no fool like other newcomers. If he really took Wang Chengcheng as a good friend, he wouldn’t even know when he would step on a landmine.

When he was thinking how to deal with her, Yu Xin’s penetrating loud voice was heard from behind, “Qing—huan! Qinghuan!”

It was exactly like the way when they won the lottery last time.

“I haven’t bought any lottery after that!” thought Yu Qinghuan. At this time, Yu Xin had already run into his face, with his fat symmetrical face shaking regularly.

“Qinghuan!” Holding Qinghuan’s hands tightly, Yu Qin raised his eyes and looked at him, “Be it rich or poor, friends should always stick together!”

Yu Qinghuan, “…Human language!”

Yu Xin, “Oh.”

Yu Xin, “Tell you what! The Asian principal of Chicly has just contacted me, wanting you to be the spokesman of their dust coat!”

Chicly was a French entry lux that had entered the market of Hua Country these years, targeting those white collars. Though it could not compare with those luxury brands, it had its own style.

And now Chicly wants to cooperate with Yu Qinghuan!

Xin Yun felt like being carried away!

“And I have promised them. I knew you are free tomorrow morning. We’re going for the audition then!”

"They...How did you know about me?" Yu Qinghuan was kind of confused. He was only a newcomer who seldom showed his face would be picked by Chicly as their spokesman! Maybe it was because of his good luck after his rebirth, but he couldn’t stay poised now.

”Oh, here.” Yu Xin clapped his hands, “So I told you you are a lucky dog! One day the Asian principal of Chicly saw your first photo of The Line of Life and Death on Weibo by accident and found you are very suitable for their dust coat, so they want you to have an audition.”


After keeping a silent for a while, Yu Qinghuan turned to Yu Xin blandly, “Do you know if there’s any temple near here? I want to burn some incense.” Then he could beg the heaven to take back his weird good luck!

Actually he didn’t have any ambition in the entertainment circle. He just wanted to be an ordinary person. Why is it so hard?

"No, Qinghuan," Yu Xin wailed. “If you still need to burn incense for good luck, what about us?”

After a short pause, he looked at Yu Qinghuan wickedly, like he had known what Qinghuan was up to, “Do you still want to buy lotteries? Count me in this time, huh?”

Yu Qinghuan touched his forehead, “Dude, I won’t buy lotteries. So drop it.”

"All right," said Yu Xin disappointedly. When he was about to ask more, he suddenly remembered something and stopped, then turned around and held his phone at Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, make a pose!”

Yu Qinghuan immediately adjusted his pose instinctively. After Yu Xin took the photo, he then asked, “What is this for? Chicly asks for it?”

"Of course not." Yu Xin grinned at Yu Qinghuan, and said reasonably, “I want to forward a koi on Weibo using your photo!”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

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