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Chapter 25: Capital People’s Grand Theatre (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The air was suddenly frozen…

Except Huo Qu, everyone looked super awkward. Huo Qu looked this one and looked at that one, and finally set his eyes on Yu Qinghuan for SOS.

Did he…say something wrong again?

But clearly no! Qinghuan had also said that before. How would Qinghuan make a mistake?

“Eh-hem.” Yu Qinghuan coughed embarrassedly, and said to Zhao Qingyuan, “Qingyuan, don’t take it serious. He didn’t mean it.” He then rubbed his nose and continued under Qingyuan’s resentful eyes, “Actually I told him that…”

“Oh! Yu Qinghuan, now I see your true color.” Zhao Qingyuan looked at him ruefully like an abandoned whinny wife, “I take you as my friend, while you bitched about me behind my back?”

“That’s just because I take you as my good friend.”

Zhao Qingyuan was a little arrogant though, he was a nice guy. Yu Qinghuan already took him as his friend. He didn’t mean bad saying he was a parrot. Just kind of joke. But Huo Qu kept it in mind.

“Do you think I will buy it?” Under great anger, Zhao Qingyuan’s IQ also improved a lot, “All right. Let’s forget about this. What about last time?”

Speaking of which, he looked at Yu Qinghuan in a huff. On seeing that meaningful expression on Yu Qinghuan’s face, he suddenly thought of something…

“Do you still think I am stupid?”

Before Yu Qinghuan answered his question, he then snorted, “We’re done!” and then stormed out.

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu got flustered, “Did I get you into trouble?”

“No, he was just kidding.” Yu Qinghuan extracted a tissue, wiped off the oil at the corner of his mouth and then switched the topic tactfully, “Are you full?”

Huo Qu then shook his head, “No.”

Yu Qinghuan lowered his head to look at his watch, and then patted on Huo Qu’s shoulder, “Go back home with your brother and eat. I’m gonna shoot the film later, so I don’t have time to be with you.”

“But I don’t wanna leave.” muttered Huo Qu reluctantly while rubbing the ground with the tiptoe.

“Be good.” Yu Qinghuan took off his down jacket, looked into the mirror to make sure his clothes weren’t wrinkled, and then showed Huo Qu out with his hand around his shoulder, “Eat some food when you are home. I promise I’ll go to see you before you go abroad.”

“Really?” Huo Qu immediately took the bait.


“Urgh…promise me.”

“I promise.”

Finally Huo Qu agreed to leave. Yu Qinghuan then turned to Huo Rong and talked to him like he was not his boss at all, “Sorry to trouble you to take him to eat some food.” After thinking for a bit, he added, “Huo Qi prefers something light.”

“My pleasure.” Huo Rong said so and then drove his little brother through the whole street for something light.

After quite a while did he realize something ain’t no right: Isn’t it a natural thing for him to take his younger brother to eat some food? Why did Yu Qinghuan use the word ‘trouble’? What’s worse, he promised him!

This guy is a wizard!

Besides, since when Huo Qu has preferred food? Why didn’t he know?

It was red light, so Huo Rong turned to Huo Qu, “You prefer light food?”

Huo Qu even didn’t raise his head but always pinned his eyes on his treasure fish without even blinking.

Huo Rong, “…”

So he was the naïve one.

While at the filming site, since Zhao Qingyuan had a fight with Yu Qinghuan, he had been in a mad state the whole afternoon. Wang Chengcheng even dared not breathe heavily, let alone shooting with him together. No one knew how many times of NG they had. And Liu Jia’an nearly smashed No.1 camera.

In most films nowadays, the big-name director was in name only, the actual shooting part was usually performed by the executive director. Liu Jia’an despised this kind of thing. So though he was aged, he still tried to shoot The Line of Life and Death all by himself.

Besides, he also had extremely strict demands of the actors’ acting.

Wang Chengcheng‘s acting skills were not good at all, plus she felt a little upset now, which made things worse. Since too many photographic films were wasted, Liu Jia’an finally lost his hair, “Wang Chengcheng, did you buy your diploma in college? Come here and watch your own performance! One would take your as Zhao Qingyuan’s maid if no one tells him!”

Wang Chengcheng was at least the top actress of Starlight. If it had been some other director, let alone criticizing her, even if it was a bad one, they would put on a smile and praise her ‘excellent’ performance.

However high Wang Chengcheng’s EQ was, she now couldn’t take it and was nearly crying.

But anyway she knew she couldn’t offend Liu Jia’an, so she mumbled, “Sorry, director Liu, I am a little not myself today. Just give me some time.” and then went back to her rest room under the support of her assistant.

Now Liu Jia’an was as mad as a hippo. Even his old friend Jiang Qi was afraid to be around. When he was about to slip away to have a cigarette, Liu Jia’an yelled, “Where is Yu Qinghuan? Hurry! I’m gonna shoot his part ahead!”

“Here! He is coming!” said Jiang Qi while pushing Yu Qinghuan before him. Actually he was a little worried about Qinghuan. To shoot the clip at such a bad time? Oh man! Qinghuan would be screwed. It seemed Qinghuan was out of luck this time!

“Are you ready?” The clap-stick boys hurriedly switched the background. Liu Jia’an sat before No.1 camera. He asked so on seeing Qinghuan was rehearsing it himself there for a few times.

“Yes.” Yu Qinghuan nodded.

“OK! Action!”
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