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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 220: Extra 4: Honeymoon 1

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Chapter 220: Extra 4: Honeymoon (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After the wedding, everyone except Qinghuan and Huo Qu was ready to return home. They still had work to do and also wanted to leave time and space for the couple.

Yu Qinghuan was going to see them off then. But when he woke up the next day, their plane had already taken off!

The curtains in the room were so tightly drawn that there was not even a trace of sunlight in. Huo Qu was not in bed.

Qinghuan put down his cell phone, closed his eyes to let his eyes rest for a while after being tingled by the screen light.

He tried to sit up with his waist strength, but as soon as he lifted up the waist, it bounced back to the bed. An unspeakable pain suddenly spread all over his body, making him “hiss” with pain. He tried to stretch out his hand to rub his waist, but even his arm was completely unable to be lifted!

What exactly happened last night? Yu Qinghuan’s eyes were empty. Lying on the bed, he racked his brain memories.

But he was so drunk last night that he couldn’t remember anything except a few images that flashed in his mind occasionally.

However, one thing was certain. He lost consciousness, so Huo Qu must have taken the opportunity to enjoy himself. This beast! Yu Qinghuan scolded him in his heart, and then shouted in a dumb voice, “Huo Qu!”

As soon as the voice fell, the bedroom door was pushed open. Huo Qu ran in together with the bright light outside, like a wagging wolfdog, “Qinghuan, are you awake?”

He came and squatted beside the bed, stretched out his hand to touch Qinghuan’s face, eyes sparkling.

Seeing Huo Qu’s face, Qinghuan swallowed down the scold on the tip of his tongue. He pointed to the cup on the bedside table, “Water.”

Upon receiving the instruction, Huo Qu immediately reached for the cup and handed it to Qinghuan’s lips obediently.

Yu Qinghuan took the cup, whose handle still had Huo Qu’s temperature.

Qinghuan had the habit of getting up with a cup of warm water, which Huo Qu had always remembered.

The warm water slipped down his throat and instantly moistened his thirsty throat. Yu Qinghuan drank the whole glass of water, wiped off the water drops that spilled from his lips accidentally, and felt better. Then he asked Huo Qu, “Have they all gone?”

“Yes,” Huo Qu took off his shoes and got on the bed. He stretched out his hand to hold Qinghuan but was dodged by the man.

“Turn around. I’ll get dressed.”

Huo Qu did not move.

“Hurry up,” Yu Qinghuan holding the quilt struggled to climb up. After a long pause, he reached out to cover Huo Qu’s eyes. “I’m hungry and want to get up and eat.”

Hearing this, Huo Qu had to turn around, with some reluctance in his voice, “I have prepared the meal.”

Huh? Yu Qinghuan was surprised and asked him, “Did you buy it?”

“No,” Huo Qu would not lie. He paused and said with frustration, “My second brother ordered it before leaving and it has just been delivered here.”

Turned out to be so. Yu Qinghuan continued, “Did they ask about me when they left?”

Huo Qu nodded, “Yes.”

“Then what did you say?”

Huo Qu told the truth, “I said you were tired and still asleep.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

“Did you really say that?”

“Yes,” Huo Qu turned to look at him doubtfully, “Is there something wrong?”

Yu Qinghuan held his forehead, and a flush of shyness crept along his cheek to the ears. He was embarrassed and shouted at Huo Qu in a low voice, “I’m not tired! Couldn’t you wake me up?”

Huo Qu’s answer must have reminded everyone of what they did last night. And the words ‘too tired to get up’ were really too much room for reverie. He could imagine how wonderful their expressions were when they heard Huo Qu’s answer.

If there were only Zhao Qingyuan and Zhao Rui present, he could have the cheek to think nothing had happened. But the Huo family was also there! He was really ashamed!

Huo Qu stared at him with widened eyes, seemed not to understand Huo Qu’s anger, “But you said you can’t, you’re tired and wanted a rest, well...”

Without finishing his words, his mouth was covered by Yu Qinghuan.

“Stop talking.” Yu Qinghuan was flushed, his face almost smoking. Although he had no impression at all, he felt very shy after Huo Qu said so. What’s more, what’s the use of letting him rest the next morning when Huo Qu had done all these to him last night?

Yu Qinghuan’s warm palm and Huo Qu’s lips tightly stuck together. Huo Qu moved his lips, kissed Qinghuan’s palm secretly. But Yu Qinghuan was upset and did not find it. So Huo Qu kissed a few more times, then smiled contentedly, “I’ll take a bath.”

Yu Qinghuan breathed a sigh of relief, out of bed with a weak body, and stood for a while leaning the table. Just as he was about to go out, the voice of Huo Qu suddenly came in his ear, “Qinghuan?”


“I was wrong, wasn’t I?” His tone was filled with the joy of an epiphany.

Yu Qinghuan turned to look at him, “What?”

“You’re not really tired. You just said it on purpose. Similar to ‘refusing is permission’, isn’t it?”

He looked up at Yu Qinghuan, as if he had discovered a new continent, eyes shining.

Yu Qinghuan,“…”

He looked daggers at Huo Qu, “Did I let you talk? Shut your mouth.”

Huo Qu bowed his head in a grievance, “Oh.”
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