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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 218: Extra 3: Getting Married 3

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Chapter 218: Extra 3: Getting Married (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The couple previously planned to get married in Sweden, a country meant specially in their hearts

The process of foreign citizens to get married in Sweden was complicated. In desperation, they chose Canada with relatively loose policies.

The materials they needed to provide was very simple: passports, notarized ID cards and forms filled online.

Revenge was about to be released at that time and Yu Qinghuan was rushing about for its promotion, so they set the wedding time in September.

Huo Qu, thus bought a table calendar to cross out every passing date.

That day, Yu Qinghuan drove Huo Qu to the research institute as usual.

“I may come back late at night,” Yu Qinghuan parked the car in a quiet corner, got off the car with Huo Qu, and raised his hand to remove a mass of fluff stuck to Huo Qu’s hair.

“I’ll have a meal with Qingyuan and Bro Rui, and tell them that I’ll go to Canada.”

Huo Qu nodded and he held Yu Qinghuan’s hand.

Rings of different styles on their fingers glistened under the refraction of sunlight.

The one on Huo Qu’s hand was bought by Yu Qinghuan. Similarly, Huo Qu bought the ring on Yu Qinghuan’s hand.

They exchanged rings so that ‘they’ could be with the other side all time.

“I’m leaving.”

“Come back earlier.” Huo Qu bowed his head and kissed on the lip angle of Qinghuan.

“I see.” Yu Qinghuan leaned over and got on the car.

Looking at Huo Qu entering the gate of the research institute where his assistant wait, Qinghuan drove away.

Neither of them, however, found out that not far from the research institute, several students from the film academy were making micro movies.

The scene of their parting happened to be clearly filmed.

After rounds of inner battles, these students posted the photos online.

The identity of the main characters in the video were unusual. They had made a high-profile announcement of coming out of the closet recently, so many people were paying attention to them.

These photos caused a stir immediately after they were posted online.

“Again? Is it not enough for you to show your love publicly twice? You two are being so lovey-dovey.”

“Ah, farewell kiss? They’re so in love with each other! Tomorrow I’ll do the same with my husband!”

“Am I the only one who noticed the rings on their hands? Wedding ring? But, it’s not a pair when I zoom in the photo.”

“Was it because they’re too busy to buy a pair? But, how could they be so careless about this...”

Just as netizens were talking about the rings on their fingers, another blogger who always had a very accurate grasp of Yu Qinghuan’s gossip appeared.

Sansanniang’s sailor suit: Yes! It’s me again! I’m really a predestined friend with my upperclassman Qinghuan! The reason why the rings on their hands are not a pair is because they both secretly planned to propose to each other. Therefore, they found the same designer respectively for their wedding rings. The designer, who happened to be my senior brother, once thought it was intentional. But the words from Da Yuan made him know the sweet story behind that!

The netizens, who thought they would hear a shocking inside story, were silent for a moment after reading the Weibo, and then:

“I seem to have eaten more than ten pounds of sugar and need to go to the hospital to pull my decayed tooth!”

“Shit! I’ll report their PDA!”

“You two are making me doubt if I really in a relationship. God... I’m crying and whinning enviously. Why couldn’t I have such boyfriend?”

However, to their surprise, the blogger sent another Weibo.

It was a very vague video, obviously a filming from video surveillance screen.

Sansanniang’s sailor suit: Qinghuan and I live in the same community! My cat ran out of the house one day, so I checked the surveillance camera and happened to see prof. Huo kiss Qinghuan in the elevator! So I immediately filmed it and destroyed the evidence. I’m tactiful! Do you feel the couple even sweeter?!

The wave after wave of sweet moments between the couple made netizens could not breathe.

“Fuck it! They’re killing me! They actually have been together for a long time and are so unscrupulous. Why didn’t we not find out at all?!”

“I cried. I suddenly want to have my IQ tested to have believed that they were just good friends.”

“I’m crying out loud! How could I had been blind? Shed tears of a single man.”

Revenge was released as scheduled when netizens talked about Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu.

Since the film had no emotion line, a small number of netizens were hesitant about going to the cinema.

But soon, some reviews on Weibo changed their stance.

“Great! There is no emotion line! Exactly what we want! I’ll go to the cinema tonight! I’m fed up with PDA and I don’t want any more romantic movies.”

“I do not want to be hurt by mushy gushy couple again. Revenge came at the right time.”

“Well, the movie is special. I’d like to see it!”

“I’m a single and I’ll contribute to its box office! Shit! Why do I have to worry about being hurt by a movie and pay for it?! That’s why I support Revenge, simple, direct, no emotion line! I’ll definitely support it!”

During this period of time, there were lots of discussions about Yu Qinghuan on the Internet. And Revenge was truly good and highly anticipated, with compact plot and lively and natural performance.

Therefore, the movie box office had enjoyed a very gratifying rise and had received constant favorable comments. It soon became the dark horse among the movies of the same period, catching up with The Line Between Life and Death and was going to break a new record.

Through this movie, Yu Qinghuan’s position in the circle had stabilized. Now, no one would say he would stop at which movie, or his latest movie was his peak.

It was an actor’s luck to be able to participate in a movie with a high reputation. Starring in two good films could be attributed to the actor’s good vision. However, an actor’s true ability could be said as plainly visible if he or she could have three successive works with great acclaim.

Yu Qinghuan had been in the circle for nearly two years. Although he’s road much smoother than the average stars, he had walked steadily in every step.

Now, when the audience mentioned him, their first reaction was: Oh, that handsome actor with delicate acting and a boyfriend who won the Nobel Prize.

Revenge made Yu Qinghuan better known. High-paid films and advertisements flew to him like snowflakes, and even some directors promised him a share of the box office. However, Yu Qinghuan did not consider those offers.

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