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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 215: Extra 1: Previous Life 2

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Chapter 215: Extra 1: Previous Life (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Even on foreign social media, netizens began to talk about this topic.

The name ‘Yu Qinghuan’ had spread to every corner of the world with Huo Qu’s Nobel Prize. Everyone prayed for him and sincerely hoped that he could come back, even if they knew that this was not possible. They wanted to do something for him.

‘Sorry, I did not treat you kindly while you were alive.’

‘Sorry to let you leave with all those injuries.’

Although it was useless, they still wanted to do their best to made up for him.

Only one person could not accept the death of Yu Qinghuan.

Intellectually, he knew he shouldn’t blame Huo Qu, but he could not hold back his resentment the thought that Qinghuan died because of Huo Qu.

He didn’t care about physics or whether Huo Qu was a treasure of the world. He only wanted Qinghuan to live well, rather left early at his best age for that man.

He liked Yu Qinghuan for a long time, so long that he could not even remember how long it was.

But he dared not and could not confess. He admitted that he was a coward, but he could not afford to gamble.

He was afraid his step forward would ruin their friendship and careers.

It was not easy for him and Qinghuan to stand in their current positions. However, a homosexual label could easily erase all their efforts over the years.

So he made many girlfriends to cover his thoughts on Yu Qinghuan.

But Yu Qinghuan, after so many years, had really not found it out.

Once, Qin Zheng firmly believed that he was right in doing so, but now he deeply regretted it.

When that person really left, quietly disappeared in his life, he realized that fame and career were not so important.

However, it was late. Qinghuan would never come back.

Qin Zheng tried his best to hide from the bodyguard from the Huo family and brought Huo Qu out of the research institute.

He just wanted to see what was special about this man and why Qinghuan would exchange his life to save him.

However, no matter what he said, Huo Qu did not say a word.

Even when he mentioned Yu Qinghuan, Huo Qu still did not respond.

Qin Zheng was very angry. He couldn’t believe that Qinghuan paid his life for such an ungrateful person. He even thought that the words at the Nobel Prize ceremony were a hype.

Wasn’t it? There was no windtight wall in the world. Huo Qu had already stood at the top of the scientific circle. In case the news of Yu Qinghuan’s death exposed one day, he would be attacked by public opinion more or less. It was in his interest to take the lead in seizing the right to speak.

Qin Zheng, carried away by anger, threw Huo Qu out of the car and left him alone on the road.

He didn’t know that this world-famous physical genius had almost no skills in life, and couldn’t even cross the road.

One month after winning the Nobal Prize, Chinese physicist Huo Qu died in a car accident.

The world mourned.

Space was torn apart and time-reversed. This time when Huo Qu wandered aimlessly on the road, someone took his hand with a tight grasp and took him to a safe place.

This time, they met ten years earlier.

This time, nothing could cut off their fate again.

Yu Qinghuan woke up from a nightmare. The fear that going deep into the bone made him sweat-stained, shivering uncontrollably, and even woke Huo Qu in deep sleep.

“Qinghuan, what’s wrong with you?” Huo Qu hurried to get up, pressed on the bedside lamp. Encountering with Qinghuan’s red eyes, he was startled, “Qinghuan, are you okay? I’ll take you to the hospital!”

He was about to turn over and get out of bed when Yu Qinghuan grabbed him by the lower hem.

“Ge don’t, don’t go.” Yu Qinghuan gritted his teeth and painstakingly squeezed the few words from his mouth.

He couldn’t remember what was in that dream, but the panic that seemed to have lost everything still lingering in his heart and could not be removed.

Yu Qinghuan was a stubborn person. He would not call Huo Qu ‘bro’ unless he was overwhelmed by Huo Qu in bed. He usually called Huo Qu’s name.

Huo Qu knew that Yu Qinghuan was really scared this time.

He turned around with open arms, embraced Yu Qinghuan completely and stroked his sweaty back like comforting a child, “I won’t go, I’m here, Qinghuan, don’t be afraid.”

“Ge...” Yu Qinghuan choked and kept calling him as if to confirm his own existence.

“I’m here, Qinghuan, I’m here.”

Huo Qu answered him over and over again until Yu Qinghuan gradually calmed down.

However, he did not push Qinghuan away. With this posture, he held Yu Qinghuan in his arms and hugged him to fall sleep.

On the spacious bed, the two men hugged and slept together with their hands and feet entwined, as if nothing could separate them.

Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life.

In my last life, you gave me the chance to live. In this life, I also gave you a happy and healthy life.

The author has something to say: I kept the sweet part for several months. Now, I finally released this chapter.

This was how Qin Zheng owed Qinghuan. Huo Qu was alive at the cost of Qinghuan’s life, but the former died because of Qinhuan.

So in this life, Qin Zheng was going to pay his debts. I don’t know if any little fairy noticed that in the text, Huo Qu woke up because of Qin Zheng’s appearance. This was what I said: cause of the past and the fruit of the future.
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