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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 214: Extra 1: Previous Life 1 Ⅰ

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Chapter 214: Extra 1: Previous Life (1)Ⅰ
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Qinghuan’s death caused a sensation. For several days, the headlines were all about him, but his funeral was simple and quiet.

He had no relatives and a few close friends. Qin Zheng, his best friend, handled the funeral.

Qin Zheng refused everyone’s condolences. He didn’t want those in the entertainment circle to use Yu Qinghuan’s death to hype. Qinghuan had always kept a low profile, so Qin Zheng wanted him to leave quietly.

The police announced that Yu Qinghuan’s death was due to a slip and fell into a well. No further details were disclosed. Everyone else, including Qin Zheng, thought it was just an accident, and only Huo Qu knew it was not.

When Huo Qu was an ignorant young boy, his family told him to be grateful and remember the person who had been kind to him.

The name “Yu Qinghuan” suddenly intruded into his life and unconsciously tore a hole in his closed heart.

He started watching Yu Qinghuan’s movies, collecting his photos, and trying to understand his life.

For him, Qinghuan was just a normal person, even no different from the symbols in books. And the man slowly became alive in his heart.

Qinghuan’s voice, appearance, and smile were engraved deeply in his mind day after day like a vivid color, freely spreading in his blank life.

Everything about Yu Qinghuan was collected by him and pasted on his most precious notebook page by page.

The more he looked at it, the more miserable he felt.

Huo Qu did not know what this feeling was, but he knew that he would feel sad for Qinghuan’s frown and sadness and be delighted for his happiness. Even a glimpse of those stray cats Qinghuan adopted would make him feel warm.

However, he could never see him again.

In fact, he had never really seen him.

He had thought, the loud cry came from behind on that rainy day to be the most ordinary moment in his life. However, it became a scar that he could hardly reveal for his rest life.

He understood a deep-rooted feeling, but he did not know what it was.

He missed Yu Qinghuan, missed him so much and dreamed of the man day and night. But the man left because of him, and he could not see the man again all his life.

Then, Huo Qu became more and more silent, as if something sprouting in his body was abruptly pulled away. He felt miserable and confused, not know what to do.

The Huo family thought his illness was getting worse and found all the authoritative doctors, but they were at a loss for Huo Qu’s symptoms and could only watch him gradually sink down.

Later, Huo Qu won the Nobal Prize.

The moment the news came out, the whole nation was on a spree.

Everyone praised him and worshiped him crazily on the internet, saying that he was the hope of his nation and his achievement the most dazzling milestone in the future physics world.

The dean prepared a speech for him and repeatedly told him that in any case, at the award ceremony, he should give a speech according to the above words. Even the Huo family repeatedly reminded him several times on the morning of the day he received the award.

On that day, the stage of the award ceremony was full of flowers and solemn. He received the certificate and medal from the judge. When he was left alone on the stage, Huo Qu looked blankly at the crowd below.

Everyone looked at him with admiration or respect, holding their breath and waiting for his speech.

Among those people, there was no Qinghuan and would never have him again.

Winning the Nobal Prize was clearly the highest goal he pursued in his life, but at this moment, Huo Qu’s heart didn’t have a spark of joy. Yu Qinghuan’s face gradually enlarged in his mind, even every hair was clearly visible.

On that day, in the consternation of all the audiences, Huo Qu was silent for a few seconds, only saying a word with red eyes, “I want Qinghuan back.”

Later, this short video was widely spread by media at home and abroad, and everyone was trying to understand the meaning of his words.

Finally, they discovered that a year ago, a star named Yu Qinghuan died unexpectedly.

The truth of Yu Qinghuan’s death was soon revealed.

He indeed slipped and fell into a well full of water, but it was not an accident. He was trying to save Huo Qu.

The people who laughed at his death all shut their mouths overnight and the whole world was shocked by Huo Qu’s words. The incident made headlines the day after Huo Qu’s speech.

Netizens began to dig deeply into Yu Qinghuan’s information. Only then did they discover that in that newly-promoted movie king, there were many beautiful characters that they had not discovered.

He once aided his hometown to open a factory, which boosted the economy of the whole city. Not only that, most of his salary was spent on charity so that after his death, there was not much money in his account.

However, he had never used the charity to publicize himself, only doing these things silently.

Had it not been for Huo Qu, no one would have found out what Qinghuan had done.

Many people on the internet spontaneously established a topic: Hope Qinghuan would come back.

“I regret that I didn’t pay much attention to him when he was alive. He was really a very good person and I hope he could come to life.”

“Qinghuan must have not expected saving Huo Qu is to save future physics. Why should such a good person suffer so much? God is really unfair. I hope Qinghuan was alive.”

“I cried for a day. Qinghuan is really very good. I hope he can live with us to see the world changed by Huo Qu...”

“I’m a paparazzi, if Qinghuan is alive, I will not take photos of him again. I will give him a peaceful life as he wishes.”

“I hope Qinghuan lives, I hope he has good luck in his life and will never suffer like this again.”

“If only Qinghuan could come back, I would like to give him some of my good fortunes to him, letting him live happily and smoothly.”

“I have the same wishes as you.”

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