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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 212: Fate was wonderful. 1

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Chapter 212: Fate was wonderful. (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
It was already dark when they finally got rid of the annoying reporter and arrived home.

The setting sun hung obliquely on the horizon, sending out an orange-yellow afterglow. The weather in March was still chilly. After getting off the bus, Yu Qinghuan erected his collar. Seeing Huo Qu rubbed his nose, he stretched out his hands to tighten the man’s scarf.

Before releasing his hands, he was caught by Huo Qu. With their fingers clasped, the two exchanged the warmth of their palm.

“You’re laughing like an idiot, hurry up,” Yu Qinghuan urged him in a low voice, “Go home, have a meal and then sleep, otherwise, you’ll suffer tonight.”

Huo Qu smiled and nodded, following Qinghuan’s footsteps.

Yu Xin bought and packed the food for them on the way back, so they could have the meal without any labor.

The two shared a pot of shrimp porridge and dozens of kebabs.

Yu Qinghuan loved to eat shrimps, especially the big ones. The refrigerator in his home always stored several boxes of black tiger shrimps. He would cook some for himself at the thought of his storage.

After the two had been together for so long, Huo Qu had changed a lot compared with the past, except for his poor usage of spoons and chopsticks.

Watching Yu Qinghuan drink porridge and eat kebab smoothly, Huo Qu sipped his lip s and walked beside Qinghuan with a bowl. In Yu Qinghuan’s surprised eyes, he awkwardly spooned a shrimp into Qinghuan’s bowl.

“Qinghuan, eat shrimp,” he said cushily.

They ate from the same pot, but Yu Qinghuan felt that the shrimp Huo Qu gave him was exceptionally fresh and sweet, making his heart feel like being immersed in honey.

“Professor Huo,” Yu Qinghuan put down his spoon and looked at him smilingly, “You are so handsome these days.”

Hearing this, Huo Qu’s cheek was suddenly suffused with a slight red. He leaned over and pecked Yu Qinghuan on his lip corner. Feeling loathed to leave, he grabbed Qinghuan’s lips with his own and gave him a kiss.

“Smells like shrimp,” Yu Qinghuan licked his lip after the kiss and said with a smile.

The warm yellow light in the kitchen shone upon his black hair, like plating him with a layer of golden light. His usually emotionless face was so gentle at this moment that even the corner of his eyes and brows were all with a soft smile.

Huo Qu felt a fever in his chest and looked at Yu Qinghuan with eyes focused. He could not help but stretched out his hands and hugged him.

He really loved this person, dreaming of bringing all the best things in the world to the front of him, so that the man could always be as happy and satisfied as he was now.

Neither of them said anything. They held each other quietly for a while before continuing to eat.

After the meal, Yu Qinghuan asked Huo Qu to take a bath, while he went to his study and opened the large glass cabinet near the wall, placing Huo Qu’s Nobel Prize certificate and small gold medal next to his trophy.

Clearly, they were three different kinds of prizes, but when they snuggled together, it looked extremely harmonious.

Yu Qinghuan looked at them and felt his heart melted into a pool of spring water. He had never thought before that he would meet people like Huo Qu, making him feel that the whole world was gentle.

Then he couldn’t help but take out his cell phone to take a photo. After staring it for a long time, he posted the picture on Weibo.

For more than a year after he registered a Weibo account, Yu Qinghuan had never taken the initiative to take selfies, even rarely posting Weibo. His fans felt a shock and hurriedly clicked into his Weibo. The moment they thought they were about to see their idol, the reality gave them a hit.

“Huh?! So his first selfie is actually a PDA.”

“If you do this again, I’ll unfollow you, little koi!”

“I wish Huanhuan and Professor Huo much happiness in the years to come.”

_(:з」∠)_ I lifted my 40-meter broadsword! I could not bear it anymore if you two continue to be so lovey-dovey in front of us!”

Yu Qinghuan had always kept a low profile. He should have not mentioned his private life on Weibo as he had just come out of the closet. In this way, the public would gradually forget about this.

However, he just went the other way and showed the prizes of the two openly.

After shouting for moments about their inhuman PDA, netizens calmed down, some even cried…

“I may be crazy and my tears keep falling. Qinghuan, a person with such a character, must be love with Huo Qu deeply to let him willing to do this.”

“Damn! Qinghuan really loves Huo Qu. They have the best love I have ever seen.”

“You two, please be well! Best wishes!”

“Our little koi is not alone anymore! With Huo Qu accompanying him, he will be happy for the rest of his life.”

“I believe in love again _(:з)∠)_ I wish I could meet my prince charming like Qinghuan meets Huo Qu.”

Watching these messages of blessing, Yu Qinghuan felt his heart warm. He put away his cell phone and wanted to turn around hearing Huo Qu’s footsteps, but was hugged from behind.

Huo Qu was like a wolf-dog, burying his head in Qinghuan’s chest, rubbing the man’s neck and calling his name, “Qinghuan, Qinghuan…”

Yu Qinghuan fondled his head, “Go to the bedroom and wait for me, I’ll come back after a bath.”

Huo Qu did not move.

Yu Qinghuan took a step forward, while Huo Qu kept circling his hands around Qinghuan’s wrist.

It was not until Yu Qinghuan pulled open the bathroom door full of water vapor that Huo Qu reluctantly let go of his hand, “You have to hurry.”

“I see.”

The two had their most gentle sex ever. Huo Qu changed his bite to lick, leaving traces all over Yu Qinghuan’s body. Yu Qinghuan trembled and almost lost consciousness in great comfort. It took a long time for him to return his mind.

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