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Chapter 211: But Huo Qu Is more Important! (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The result also stirred up a wave of anti-gay sentiment. The anti-gay group emerged against the couple, risking being scolded by the public.

“Yu Qinghuan has just got some achievement. But I feel he is doomed to flop. He never considered how his decision would have an impact on his endorsements and his works!”

“Disgusting. Boycott Kenn and Ada! Don’t use these fucking gay products!”

However, not long after they posted these Weibo, Kenn and Ada came forward and clearly expressed their support for Yu Qinghuan. They also disclosed that before Yu Qinghuan and them signing the endorsement contract, the former had already informed them of his sexual orientation and there was no cheating.

The public felt even more sympathetic to Yu Qinghuan. After coming out, Yu Qinghuan’s popularity not only did not decline but rose a lot!

After the initial shock and excitement passed, the netizens discovered that although all these happened in a very short time, Yu Qinghuan seemed to have been ready for this moment long ago.

He hadn’t taken over the leading role in any love-oriented movie. After staying in the circle for over a year, he had never played a pro-hot show with any actress on the big screen. Most of the scripts he chose were based on plots, and some even had no emotion line.

Even in his recent work Revenge, the heroine died as soon as she appeared.

In other words, Yu Qinghuan had already planned to come out one day. All the things he did was for love, paving the way for Huo Qu’s coming out today.

“I don’t know what to say. At first, I felt chest tight hearing the two were together. But after I found these details, I suddenly felt very touched. Qinghuan must love Huo Qu very much so he would do this for him.”

“It’s nothing, just two men fall in love. It suddenly occurred to me that if men like Yu Qinghuan or Huo Qu liked me, I would also be moved. Btw, I am a man.”

“I think their love was mutual. They both love each other very much. Huo Qu asked the host to record Qinghuan’s name with his in the prize book forever. Even if one day we are all gone, his love for Qinghuan is still in the book. And what Qinghuan did for Huo Qu at the Taurus Prize ceremony is the same. At least, the record exists.”

“I suddenly burst into tears seeing your comments. These two people are too sweet! I support them!”

In the hotel, after attending the Nobal Prize banquet, Yu Qinghuan received a phone call from Zhao Qingyuan.

“Men, you are too bold! You chose to come out on that occasion.”

“It’s nothing,” Yu Qinghuan had completely calmed down at the moment. He stood in front of the huge French window and looked at the bright starry sky outside. He only felt that at this moment, his heart was as bright as this starry sky. “We just did what we want. Anyway, sooner or later we will make it public, it’s not important in which occasion.”

Zhao Qingyuan was caught off guard and was chocked by the mutual affection of the love-struck couple. It took a long time before he said sourly, “Do you have to be so mushy? Is falling in love that good? Why I don’t think so!”

After a pause, he added, “I feel at ease being single! When I’m in bed, I can a threesome with my right and left hands! Can you two have a threesome?!”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Yu Qinghuan sneered, “Then I wish you can such comfortable threesome all your life.”

Zhao Qingyuan, “...”

When Yu Qinghuan’s group returned home, they were surrounded by reporters in large numbers at the airport, and more than a dozen extra security guards were unable to stop them. In the end, reporters rushed to their front.

“Qinghuan, when did you get together with Huo Qu? Are you all born gay?”

“Professor Huo, why did you choose to come out at the Nobal Prize award ceremony?”

“Qinghuan, aren’t you afraid that coming out will affect your career?”

One problem after another suddenly followed.

Yu Qinghuan looked at the microphone almost sticking to his lips and frowned.

The reporter’s question became more and more acute. “Qinghuan, you chose to come out boldly. Was it because you don’t treat your career seriously and don’t like acting actually?”

Yu Qinghuan stepped back a little bit from the microphone and looked coldly at the speaker, “Of course not.”

He said openly in front of all the media, “Actor is my profession and I love this job. It is of course very important to me, but Huo Qu is more important.”
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