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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 210: But Huo Qu Is more Important! 1

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Chapter 210: But Huo Qu Is more Important! (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The hall fell into silence. Even the breathiness could not be heard.

Everyone wide-opened his mouth and stared at Huo Qu with a face of horror and amazement. The hands that had already raised for applause froze in the air and forgot to withdraw for a long time.

Did he come out, in the Nobal Prize award ceremony? Jesus! The man was gutsy!

Everything turned dark before the dean’s eyes and he patted on his chest to relieve his a sense of suffocation. The speech he wrote for Huo Qu definitely didn’t have that part!

He only anticipated Huo Qu might not speak a word, so he prepared a draft for him, but he never expected this guy to play freely!

Scientists of the same group were also stunned. Professor Huo had a… boyfriend? When did it happen? He was able to do nothing but experiments, wasn’t he? In their impression, he clearly had no time for girls, ah, for boys…

Professor Huo, your colleagues were deeply suspicious of their own perception now!

Among the people filled with disbelief and shock, only the simultaneous interpreter was still calm. He did not dare to release his eyes from Huo Qu for a moment and waited for the speaker with due diligence.

Huo Qu’s face remained unchanged, and he focused on Yu Qinghuan, completely treating the others present as air.

Yu Qinghuan began to get nervous. His palms were sweaty and his heart beat faster. He felt that the certificate and badge in his hands were too precious to hold in his hands.

They were loaded with Huo Qu’s love.

It took courage to come out in front of people all over the world.

He was one of the world’s top scientists with a bright future and had even been taken to the altar. He should not have taken the risk of being attacked because of his sexual orientation. However, Huo Qu did not hesitate to claim his heart to his lover.

Before their relationship was confirmed, Yu Qinghuan was afraid that Huo Qu would be criticized for his sexual orientation so he could not make up his mind to be with him. It was Huo Qu who gave him the courage to go ahead. Now, it was also Huo Qu who rushed ahead without hesitation and opened up a path for their future.

Taking a deep breath, Yu Qinghuan forced himself to calm down. He held up the small gold badge and stuck it on his chest.

He did not respond to Huo Qu’s speech or even say a word, but his actions had made everything clear.

In the quiet concert hall, warm applause suddenly broke out.

Sweden was a country where same-sex couples could marry and its environment was inclusive for gay. The Nobel Prize jury representative even went on stage and smilingly quipped, “Congratulations, this scene can be recorded in the history of Nobel Prize award ceremony.”

“Thank you.” Huo Qu turned back, thanked him earnestly and asked, “Please write down Qinghuan’s name with mine.”

The Nobal Prize award ceremony was global live, so what happened in the spot soon spread all over the world.

Huo Qu’s fans filled with pride in their chest watching Huo Qu’s speech.

Look at their scientist with both IQ and handsome appearance! What an overwhelming victory!

Huo Qu had proved to the world the potential and strength of young people! He was still young, and the days ahead were still long. He would certainly achieve more!

When they were still immersed in their admiration for Huo Qu, the young idol being placed high hopes on, spoke his love openly.

The first reaction of the netizens was ‘great’, after all, scientists also had romance.

But then, they were stunned after they realized what happened. What? Boyfriend! Did Professor Huo made a slip of the tongue because of nervous?! Was it really a boyfriend, not a girlfriend?!

However, reality hit them hard. Huo Qu indeed expressed his love for Yu Qinghuan.

There was immediately dead silence on the Internet, and then…

“Fuck! I don’t believe it! Aren’t this two just friends?!”

“My mom asked me why my face was swollen, cause I was hit hard by the bloody reality.”

“Shit! When someone said that their relationship was not normal, I tried desperately to explain to others that it was absolutely impossible! I... how could I have been blind?”

“To explain, I don’t discriminate against homosexuals, and I don’t support, either. But... I think the two is well-matched. One has luck and the other was intelligent. It’s good for them, I won’t judge.”

“Jesus Christ! Some time ago after Yu Qinhuan’s declare, I went through all the female stars in the entertainment circle who had come into contact with him. I even checked all the locations he had been and his schedule. I was so tired doing that and my eyes were nearly blind. But I never expected...”

“Alas, I came here for the great news [facepalm]. May little koi and professor Huo enjoy eternal love. Relax and be happy everybody_(:з」∠)_.”

Huo Qu’s way of expressing himself was too shocking and out of the netizens’ expectations. There was even a small number of people clamored for homosexual nausea, saying ‘shame on Huo Qu and Yu Qinghuan’, but soon they got criticized for their speaking.

Most people really had no objection to this result.

It was probably because the two always stayed together and people got used to it.

“Well, I may be insane... They hid the truth to us several times but I still love their two. I’m here to fight for Professor Huo. If anyone dares to scold them, target on me!”

“Me too! And I think they are quite suitable together _(:з」∠)_.”

“I like this frankness. To tell the truth, for the sake of their courage, I feel embarrassed to say anything against them but to support them.”

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