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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 208: All My Honors Belong to You! 1

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Chapter 208: All My Honors Belong to You! (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Few Chinese had won the honor of Nobel Prize since its establishment, let alone young scientists like Huo Qu.

The moment the news came out, the winner’s whole country was in great excitement.

Huo Qu’s name spread all over the streets and alleys overnight. Both the paper media and the internet were covering his news. With his handsome and flawless face, he even gained a large number of fans.

Discussions about him could be heard everywhere.

Praise and applause followed, and even the once derided autistic and academic syndrome seemed to have become the glory of a young genius.

“OMG, I’d like to kneel down before the genius! It’s incredible to win a Nobel Prize at such a young age!”

“There are some comments about Huo Qu from YouTube! As I student studying abroad, I feel so excited!”

“Oh my god! Huo Qu is really great! Who had ever said he was mentally retarded? See how talented Professor Huo is!”

“I cried. It’s so unfair! He was born with both high intelligence and a handsome face! Oh, boy! My husband Huo Qu is so awesome! I feel happy he is still single...”

“Alas. Am I the only one whose focus is on Qinghuan? That dude’s friend is lucky as him…”

“You got that right! I’ll post a photo of the little koi for luck.”

In the ward, Huo Qu received rounds of phone calls from the dean and his family the moment his award was announced.

Such honor made Mr. Huo, who was normally calm and composed, extremely overjoyed. Just listening to his voice, one could imagine how proud he was of his son.

Because Yu Qinghuan had an adverse reaction after eating pufferfish, even Zhao Qingyuan, who was always busy with his mobile phone, did not stay online. It was not until he received a phone call asking for an interview, he learned the news.

“Liar!” Zhao Qingyuan was shocked off his chin, looking at Huo Qu, who as sitting upright beside Yu Qinghuan and answering the phone. His eyes were full of incredible, “Nobel Prize? The one within my recognition?! Fuck!”

After he came to his sanity, he even went to the internet to search the news and confirmed that this was not a joke. Then, he turned to Yu Qinghuan and said, “Your man is incredible!”

He rested his right hand on Yu Xin’s shoulder and wanted to get a ‘thumbs-up’ for his words from him, but found that Yu Xin actually looked at Huo Qu, revealing a complex expression of joy and pride like an old father.

Zhao Qingyuan, “...”

At this moment, Yu Qinghuan was totally in blank shocked by the news.

He was short of breath, staring at Huo Qu with unbelievable. His boyfriend won the Nobel Prize? The highest award in his field?!

Although he once said that he would wait for the moment the man stood on the stage to announce their relationship, he did not expect that the stage Huo Qu gave him would be the podium of Nobel Prize!

He clearly remembered that no one had ever won this award in his last life until his death.

Did his rebirth change Huo Qu’s life trajectory?

At this time, the usually calm Yu Qinghuan could not tranquil his surging heart.


Huo Qu put down his cell phone and called him. Yu Qinghuan, who was immersed in his thoughts, turned a deaf ear.

“Qinghuan!” Huo Qu called him again. He touched Qinghuan’s face and hands with worry. “Are you still uncomfortable?”

“No,” Yu Qinghuan finally returned to absolute being. He shook his head inanely with his eyes fixed on Huo Qu’s face, thoughtfully.

After the initial shock had passed, the feeling of surprise and pride brimmed his heart.

How could his Huo Qu be so great? He didn’t even know what kind of praise was worthy of his achievements.

“Huo Qu,” Yu Qinghuan held Huo Qu’s hands tightly and his eyes full of admiration and joy, “You are too good to be true! I am really, really happy for you.”

From the time the two met for the first time until now, the past scenes were clearly replayed in Yu Qinghuan’s mind like movies.

He was really glad that he was not arriving too late, so he was able to accompany Huo Qu all the way to the summit with him.

“Qinghuan, are you happy?” Huo Qu asked him.

Yu Qinghuan nodded heavily, “Of course.”

Huo Qu smiled, revealing a deep dimple on his left face. “That’s good.” His face turned red and his eyelashes quivered shyly. “I want to give you the best.”

“Huo Qu…” Yu Qinghuan’s nose was sour, and his heart was almost overwhelmed by surging emotion and love. He called Huo Qu’s name and his lips were repeatedly open and closed, not knowing what to say.

In the end, he bowed his head like a pettish girl, hit Huo Qu lightly on the shoulder with his forehead and stretched out his hands to encircle Huo Qu’s waist.

Huo Qu’s arms were as broad and warm as ever. Yu Qinghuan leaned on his arms and felt that he would never leave him this life.

But... He always felt like having forgotten something. The doctor’s instruction? Seemed not…

He shook his head to throw out his messy thoughts and stopped thinking about them.

Standing next to them, Zhao Qingyuan and Yu Xin seemed to be dressed in invisibility cloaks, “...”

The research institute had requested Huo Qu to go back in the first place. Huo Qu was worried about Yu Qinghuan’s health, so he delayed for a day. Until the next day when the little red dots on Yu Qinghuan’s skin began to fade away and the doctor also confirmed there was no problem, Huo Qu finally relieved and boarded the plane home.

All the family members of the Huo family were as busy as a bee since numerous media wanted to interview Huo Qu. They found the phone number of Huo Qu’s family through various relationships. Finally, Huo Rong even pulled out the SIM card from his cell.

“I was born a servant to San Er,” Huo Rong collapsed on the sofa like a dead dog and let out a cry.

Huo Zheng glanced at him, “Every dog has his day”

Huo Rong was once the boss of Huo Qu, now they shifted roles.

“Bro, we’re all your younger brothers, don’t treat us so differently,” said Huo Rong, holding the pillow weakly, “I was the one born with you!”

“Well,” Huo Zheng calmly took a sip of tea, his eyes fixed on the TV screen, where the news of Huo Qu’s award was playing, “If you can win the Nobel Prize, I will do the same to you.”

Huo Rong, “…”
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