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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 204: He would always Let Huo Qu Do Whatever He Wanted. 1

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Chapter 204: He would always Let Huo Qu Do Whatever He Wanted. (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
On New Year’s Eve, Yu Qing got up before dawn.

He counted all the gifts he wanted to bring to Huo Qu’s home, and then painstakingly picked out the clothes he would wear at night. He was busy, like a little ant on a rainy day, going one trip after another.

Huo Qu didn’t know what Qinghuan was doing and felt unable to help. He sat straight on the bed with his hands on his thighs and his eyes focusing on Yu Qinghuan.

Yu Qinghuan chose a very formal suit and looked back at Huo Qu.

He opened his mouth but turned back helplessly.

Forget it. He wouldn’t get an answer from Huo Qu.

He carefully filtered the consulting candidates in the brain. Zhao Rui was certainly not suitable, the man wore sacks every day; Yu Xin was even worse. Even Ruirui refused to wear the clothes he chose for her.

So... Zhao Qingyuan was the only one who was normal in aesthetics.

He asked Huo Qu to sit on the nearby chair. And then, he spread his clothes all over the bed, taking photos one by one and sent them to Zhao Qingyuan.

“Which is better?”

Qingyuan probably read the photos very carefully. It took five minutes for him to reply, “The second one.”


It was a couture long black windbreaker from Ada, neither too formal nor casual, perfect for visiting Huo’s family.

Yu Qinghuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Following Huo Qu’s rule, Qinghuan hanged up the clothes in the cabinet according to color and sent Zhao Qingyuan a thank you message.

“Thank you so much. I have a terrible headache selecting clothes.”

Zhao Qingyuan replied, “What are you going to do?”

Yu Qinghuan pondered for a while, but still told the truth, “Go to Huo’s tonight.”

“Oh, yes, you told me last time, I forgot.”

He was quite interested in Yu Qinghuan’s visit to Huo Qu’s parents. Thinking typing was too slow, Zhao Qingyuan dialed Qinghuan directly. He talked excitedly with Yu Qinghuan, from entering the door to sleeping at night. People who did not about them would think that Qingyuan was the one who would come home with Huo Qu.

In the end, he even said to Yu Qinghuan, “Let me take you there. You haven’t got your driver’s license, and Huo Qu can’t drive, either. So there’s a shortage of a driver.”

Zhao Qingyuan was rubbing his hands and was eager to do that.

Yu Qinghuan was embarrassed, “Thank you. Yu Xin will give us a ride.”

Zhao Qingyuan insisted with a lewd smile, “Why bother your agent for personal matters? It is better for me to go. What do you say, Qinghuan?”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

The expression on Yu Qinghuan’s face was complicated, “Qingyuan, you really don’t need paddles in rowing...”

Zhao Qingyuan, “? ? ?”

Zhao Qingyuan, “What does it mean?”

Yu Qinghuan, “All depends on waves.”

Zhao Qingyuan, “...”

After he finally finished chatting with Zhao Qingyuan, Yu Qinghuan hung up the phone.

Even though he had seen the Huo Qu’s parents more than once, he was still a little nervous when he first came to Huo Qu’s house. In the afternoon, he got into Yu Xin’s car and set off with Huo Qu.

The Huos had been waiting for them at home for a long time. With the doorbell rang, the door was opened immediately from inside.

“Qinghuan, welcome,” Mrs. Huo smiled and stood sideways to let them in. She brought Yu Qinghuan a pair of slippers from the shoe rack, “Help yourself.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Huo,” Yu Qinghuan felt flattered. He handed the hostess the gift in his hands, “I don’t know what you would like, so I bought some as I thought.”

Then he leaned to one side and let Huo Qu come up, took the bouquet in Huo Qu’s hand and handed it up, “This is also for you.”

“It was so generous of you.” Mrs. Huo stretched out her hands to accept the present. Her eyes suddenly lit up when she saw the delicate and charming flowers.

“Qinghuan, you’re so sweet.”

She bowed her head to sniff the fragrance, let Huo Rong took care of Yu Qinghuan and went upstairs happily to find a vase to arrange those flowers.

“Come in and sit down,” Huo Rong led Yu Qinghuan to the sofa and poured him a cup of tea. Mr. Huo put down his newspaper and said to Yu Qinghuan with a smile, “It’s cold outside. Take a sip of tea to warm up.”

Yu Qinghuan nodded, “It’s a little cold, but we came by car, so it’s fine.”

Mr. Huo looked serious on the surface, but he was never a person difficult to get along with. He was afraid of Yu Qinghuan being nervous so he was much gentler than usual. The two had much to talk about. From small household affairs to the literary epics, making Huo Rong shock off his chin.

When did his father become so gentle? Well, except for Huo Qu, all his sons grew up suffering a beating. How could the storm change into a gentle breeze and drizzle when it encountering Yu Qinghuan?

At this time, Mrs. Huo finally came down from the upstairs, holding a large delicate and transparent vase in her hands. Her face beamed, “I haven’t received flowers in many years.” Seeing Huo Rong, she said, “What’s the use of having three sons!”

Before coming to the Huo family, Yu Qinghuan thought for a long time about the gifts. His family lacked nothing. No matter what he sent, it didn’t make much sense.

After he browsed a lot of useful information on the Internet, the final gift given to Mrs. Huo was a set of jewelry made of natural pearls and a bunch of flowers, which was exquisite and thoughtful. The gift given to Mr. Huo was a bottle of fine wine obtained through Zhao Qingyuan’s relationship.

Hearing this, Huo Rong turned supercilious look, “All right, we’re useless. Yu Qinghuan is useful.”

“It’s excellent that you know.” Mrs. Mrs. Huo put the vase on the tea table of the sitting room and enjoyed it for a while. Then she looked up smilingly and said to Yu Qinghuan, “The meal will be ready soon. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

Yu Qinghuan shook his head, “Thank you, Mrs. Huo, I’m fine.” After a pause, he asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Don’t bother,” Mrs. Huo waved, “You’re my guest.”

Their New Year’s Eve meal was very rich. It also took care of Yu Qinghuan’s taste. There were many spicy dishes on the table. Mrs. Huo was afraid that he would feel shy to fill his belly so she kept picking up food for Yu Qinghuan.
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