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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 202: “No, I have Restrained Myself a lot.” 1

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Chapter 202: “No, I have Restrained Myself a lot.” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Early in the morning, crisp birdsong sounded outside the window.

Huo Qu opened his eyes, seeing Yu Qinghuan was still asleep with his side face stuck in a soft pillow, like a soft and harmless little kitty.

Sunlight shone through the gaps in the curtains, casting streaks of light and shadow on the light-colored floor. It was another beautiful and bright winter day.

Huo Qu got up softly. With his bare foot touching on the hot floor, he stood upright and looked back. Yu Qinghuan was too tired last night and still slept soundly, not awakened by Huo Qu’s actions.

Huo Qu’s driver had already delivered breakfast to them on time. Soft glutinous rice rolls were soaked in the thick red sauce and smelled fragrant. Thin shrimp dumplings were delicate and looked transparent, and the shrimps inside could be clearly seen. Porridge and side dishes were still steaming.

After washing up quickly, Huo Qu squatted beside the bed and whispered to Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan. Time for breakfast.”

Yu Qinghuan frowned and did not respond.

He muttered again, “Qinghuan, get up.” He stretched out his hands and pushed Qinghuan.

This time, Yu Qinghuan finally responded. His eyelashes quivered. After a long time, he opened his eyes with difficulty. There was a little nasal sound in his voice and he acted like a spoiled child, “What time is it?”

“Forty-five seconds past seven-thirty.” A typical answer from Huo Qu.

“Well, you can have it first, don’t mind me.” Yu Qinghuan closed his eyes again.

Only God would know where Huo Qu got his good physical strength. After working so hard for the middle of the night yesterday, he was still in high spirits this morning.

“It’s time for breakfast,” Huo Qu stood up and leaned over, his hands propped up on both sides of Yu Qinghuan’s shoulders, looking down at him, “We’ll eat together.”

Well, this man was really stubborn...

Yu Qinghuan turned over, a little unhappy, trying to let Huo Qu give up. After several minutes though, the firm sights still focused on his head.

He sighed, turned around, stretched out his hand from the bed to touch Huo Qu’s left face. Huo Qu held Qinghuan’s hand to rub his own face.

“Wait for me at the dining room and I’ll be there after I wash up.”

“No problem.”

A few minutes later, Yu Qinghuan finished washing and sat opposite Huo Qu.

Huo Qu sipped his lips unsatisfactorily, got up, bypassed the corner of the table, and sat down beside him.

Yu Qinghuan had no appetite. He ate the glutinous rice rolls in the plate without rejoice, and his eyes fell on Huo Qu. The man was picking up shrimp dumplings with chopsticks. His clumsy moves were like a child who had just learned to use chopsticks, which was in great contrast to his behavior in bed last night.

Why did such a soft and cute man become so bossy and domineering when he got to bed?!

He decided to talk to Huo Qu.

“Huo Qu, can you control yourself in the future?”

Yu Qinghuan was really scared by Huo Q’s physical strength and frequency. Although their enthusiasm was normal for a lovestruck couple who had not met for a long time, too much sex would also pose a burden for their relationship.

He was worried that if their habit kept on, he would gradually lose sexual attraction to Huo Qu.

Huo Qu looked up at him blankly like there was a question mark on his face.

Yu Qinghuan coughed and his face turned red. “Well, that thing, you know.”

In fact, he would like to take this opportunity to let Huo Qu use less the posture he most favored. Qinghuan’s waist was almost worn out these days. But he found as if there was a bone in the throat when speaking of this to Huo Qu.

Huo Qu seemed to realize something, and then shook his head firmly.

“No, I have restrained myself a lot.”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Did Huo Qu have any misunderstanding of the word restrain?

Yu Qinghuan felt stuffy inside, “Prove to me that you’re restrained.”

Huo Qu wiped the sauce from his lip corner and looked at Yu Qinghuan with bright eyes, “I’m self-command from top to bottom, or I wouldn’t have gone to work.”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

It seemed the topic could not be continued.

Yu Xin came right after Huo Qu left like he had calculated the time.

Tomorrow was the premiere of How to Love You. Yu Xin must ensure that Yu Qinghuan was ready.

“How about your speech? And your clothes? Do they have any wrinkles? I asked you to contact Qin Zheng for the speech, why did you just ignore my words?”

“Bro,” Yu Qinghuan interrupted Yu Xin’s nagging, “I’m ready. Rest assured.”

“Well then,” Yu Xin knew Yu Qinghuan’s personality and knew he wouldn’t fool around, but he just couldn’t help urging.

During the pause, Qinghuan had finished eating. Yu Xin helped to clear the table and said, “All right, go and get some sleep. Why you always seem like haven’t woken up these days? Here are my words: Don’t stay up late every night, thinking you’re young and it’s fine. When your dark circles and baggy eyelids come out, don’t ask me how to deal with them!”

“Got it,” grunted Yu Qinghuan. He felt a little sleepy hearing Yu Xin’s nagging, so he slowly returned to the bedroom and plunged into bed.

Compared with The Line Of Life and Death, the premiere of How to Love You had attracted nationwide attention.

All the major media seemed to take the premiere as a gathering and none of them was absent. Fans also wielded their magic powers through all kinds of ways to get tickets.

The start of the premiere immediately stirred up a great deal of discussion on Weibo.

“There are still two days for the movie to release! Why should we wait until New Year’s Eve?! I can’t wait!”

“Looking forward to the cooperation between Bro Zheng and Qinghuan! Please buy tickets to support!”

“The role Yu Qinghuan played is not distinctive. It seems it’s hard for him to break through Orange.”

“I agree. And I always think Orange is the best movie Yu Qinghuan has ever played.”

“Anyway, this cast alone is enough for me to go to the cinema.”

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