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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 2.2: I already Graduated from Primary School.

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Yu Qing Huan's eyes dilated and became bloodshot with rage and horror.

Ye Shang thought that someone had plotted against him and made sure that he was in the plane en route to the battlefield. The arrogant and willful young master felt incredibly angry and he started shouting like a madman: "I want to get off the plane! AT ONCE! NOW! Who would want to go to that damn place! Anyways, I am not going! I'm warning you, my parents are waiting for me at home. Do you know who are my parents ah....."

The reason why he snapped was not only due to anger, but a larger part was because of fright.

What kind of place was the battlefield? If you got careless, you would die. He still have a long beautiful future ahead with so much of wondrous things waiting for him. Why would he want to go to such a place where even the birds wouldn't dared to shit and throw his life away!

Yu Qing Huan's acting was so emotionally on point that it's almost like he had became Ye Shang. He kept shouting and screaming with his whole might because he wanted to delay the plane from taking off. He refused to go to the battlefield.

An array of complex and bountiful expression was beautifully acted by Yu Qing Huan. Even after he finished acting, everyone couldn't react as if their soul had flew away and hadn't came back.

The Co-Director and producer saw the shock in each other eyes when they exchanged glances.

This was a newbie? Don't speak nonsense! How could a newbie be so powerful!

The acting was smooth and natural. It was a hundred, no a thousand times better than all the previous candidate combined together regardless of their experience! This kind of acting ability! This kind of powerful emotional control! Director Liu dared to say he was a newbie? His mother a newbie!

[T/N: 他妈 (ta ma) : Literally translate to 'His mother'. Chinese way of cursing someone. Means motherf**ker.]

Director Liu couldn't care less about the questioning look or shock the others shot towards him because he was too preoccupied by the phrase in his heart: He had picked up a treasure!

Everyone's attitude took a 180 degree turn and they quickly warmed up to Yu Qing Huan after his performance. Some even wanted to introduce their contacts to Yu Qing Huan after they found out that he had no assistant. Yu Xin couldn't helped but puffed up in pride as he slickly handled some inquiries.

As a matter of fact, Yu Xin wasn't too happy in the beginning when the company pushed Yu Qing Huan to him. He was the top 1 graduate in the country, so what? He jumped grade several times, so what? This was the showbiz, not an exam room! ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Yu Xin couldn't helped but soften after he learnt about Yu Qing Huan's background. His heart still held a silver of kindness even though he was an old fox.

Yu Qing Huan was a lonely orphan who had to 'eat a hundred rice' while growing up. He had no choice but to jump two grades because he couldn't forked out the tuition fee for high school. Fortunately, he was intelligent. Yu Qing Huan managed to get number 1 in the provincial exam and was admitted to the best university in the country.

[T/N: 吃百家饭 (chi bai jia fan) : Literally translated to eat a hundred rice. It means to grow up supported by aid. Harsher way of saying it is 'to beg'.]

During his university days, he acted a lot because the drama club would earn money from each performances. In the end, Yu Qing Huan finally signed to their company due to poor judgment and was assigned under Yu Xin's care.

At the moment, Yu Xin couldn't help but to rejoice in glee. He felt that he was lucky because of his barely existed sympathy that made him to give a chance to Yu Qing Huan or else he would lost a good seedling.

"Ge, you go back first. I want to stroll around." Yu Qing Huan suddenly announced while Yu Xin was lost in thoughts.

Yu Xin blanked out for a second and then thought of when Yu Qing Huan became famous later on, it would be difficult for him to randomly strolled about. Yu Xin drove away in his old secondhand Audi after he warned Yu Qing Huan to be cautious of his surroundings.

After Yu Xin's departure, Yu Qing Huan didn't go anywhere else and immediately went to a nearby lottery stand. He simply chose several numbers and bought ten notes.

Although his luck was bad, but it was a fact that he managed to encounter rebirth. So, just in case!

Then, he slipped the lottery notes into his pocket. Yu Qing Huan didn't flagged down a cab and casually took his own sweet time to walk around. In his previous life, he was always swarming with work. When he carefully thought back, Yu Qing Huan found that he never felt happy with life despite earning a lot.

Yu Qing Huan didn't want to be a money making machine in his current life. He wanted to travel to the best place, see the best scenery, eat the best food and then find the best man to live a happy life together.

As for the money, sufficient for him to use was good enough. Fame? He didn't need such unnecessary thing.

The corner of Yu Qing Huan's lips slightly upturned. He found a pedestrian crossing and waited for the light to turn green so that he could cross. Suddenly, there was a riot at the other side of the road.

A tall, lean man with straight posture apathetically stood in the middle of the road. The man never move regardless of how the cars kept honking at him. His behavior was causing a serious traffic jam.

There were many drivers who stuck out their head and told him off. Their language was getting more and more vulgar. Didn't know whether the man was doing it deliberately or not, because he just wouldn't move.

The pedestrian at the roadside was just watching the show unfolding and there were none who was willing to go and pulled the man away.

When the traffic jam became worse, Yu Qing Huan couldn't take it any more. With a long stride he rushed towards the man, grabbed his wrist and quickly dragged him to the roadside.

"Red light means stop, Green means go. You know or not? Did you graduate from primary school?" Yu Qing Huan grumpily reprimanded. He raised up his head and got stunned silly.

The man was strikingly handsome with defined facial features and a sharp figure. Bearing a thigh length black windbreaker coat and a white dress shirt fully buttoned inside didn't make the man seemed old-fashion but it gave out a restrained air of manliness.

Too bad he had poor mannerism. Such a waste of a good face.

Yu Qing Huan felt woeful for a second in his heart and coldly regarded: "The traffic almost got stuck because of you. You better obey the traffic rules when you cross the road next time, understand?"

The man just stared at him without a word.

Yu Qing Huan suddenly felt annoyed. Was the man the type to be unrepentant even in death?

Yu Qing Huan really couldn't tolerate those who looked like an upright and noble person but in actuality was a person with, 'My business is my business and your business is your business, so what I do is none of your business" mentality. After Yu Qing Huan finished nagging and wanted to leave, the man suddenly grabbed the corner of his shirt.

Yu Qing Huan turned his head and dully asked: "What?"

Is it because of what he said made him unhappy? Now he wanted to fight?

The man slightly drooped his eyes, his long thick eyelashes quivered. He seriously replied: "I have graduated from primary school."

Yu Qing Huan: "..."

Yu Qing Huan: "Okay, you graduated already. Now I know, so can you let me go?"

The man didn't let go and kept looking at him with his dark, profound eyes. He didn't know why but Yu Qing Huan managed to see that the man felt wronged.

Yu Qing Huan: "Anything else?"

The man: "I respect the traffic laws, but I don't know how to cross the road."

Yu Qing Huan:"..._(´ཀ`」 ∠)_"
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