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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 196: The Most Wonderful Thing in the World with this Man 1

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Chapter 196: The Most Wonderful Thing in the World with this Man (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The next morning when Yu Qinghuan opened his eyes, he moved his body subconsciously. Unspeakable aches came from all over.

He felt as if having climbed Mount Everest yesterday. Aching pain struck him the next morning!

Huo Qu had a preference when having sex in bed, that was, to look at Qinghuan’s face. Because of this, Yu Qinghuan nearly broke his stiff waist last night.

He turned his head angrily and saw Huo Qu sleeping soundly with his eyes closed.

This man was extremely handsome even when he was asleep. His chiseled face did not deform even when he lied down. His eyelashes were thick and long, hanging over his eyelids like two small fans with slightly warped radians.

Yu Qinghuan, however, grew angrier. He failed to control himself and gave Huo Qu a kick with his leg.

For the first time yesterday, Huo Qu ended very quickly, so fast that Qinghuan had no time to respond.

It was not until he noticed that Huo Qu stopped his entry that Yu Qinghuan reacted in hindsight.

He swore he didn’t mean to laugh at Huo Qu and he did it only once. After all, every time they helped each other, Huo Qu was quite long-lasting. Seeing Huo Qu’s Waterloo, Yu Qinghuan was actually... quite gloating.

But he didn’t expect, such a soft and cute little boy also had the same fault with most men! He couldn’t stand being questioned about his ability in bed.

Because of this laughter, Huo Qu, like being installed with a motor, used all his strength to let Qinghuan witness what a real stud was…

In fact, in the beginning, Yu Qinghuan was very uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, Huo Qu was not a man who only knew brute force. He did not know any skills, but he was able to perceive Yu Qinghuan’s feelings.

Later, the two men gradually got the feeling. Yu Qinghuan finally enjoyed the pleasure of ecstasy and rewarded Huo Qu a kiss.

But he never expected this was just a start, not even a warm-up! In the end, he even begged Huo Qu to stop in desperation, but this only made the beast even more excited, and then... continue with his motions.

Who said men in their early twenties were at their best? He was so much smaller than Huo Qu at age, but his physical strength much inferior to him!

Failing to dispel his anger, Yu Qinghuan lifted his foot and gave Huo Qu another kick. However, his movements dragged the part on his back that had been used excessively last night. He hissed in pain, and his forehead sweated.

Huo Qu had a good temper. Being kicked in the dream did not irritate him. He looked at Yu Qinghuan with curved eyebrows and leaned forward to his side. Taking advantage of Qinghuan’s lack of guard, he gave a kiss on Qinghuan’s slightly swollen lips.

Last night, he did the most wonderful thing in the world with this man.

Huo Qu stared at Yu Qinghuan with burning eyes, and the temperature in his eyes gradually increased.

Yu Qinghuan was cold and introverted. Even if he was comfortable to the extreme, he would restrain himself from shouting, but holding Huo Qu tight and give quick and restrained wheeze. Occasionally, he would only make a few low-pitched cries when he was truly unable to control himself.

Huo Qu couldn’t help but think of last night. Qinghuan was pressed under himself and looked at him with a pair of wet eyes, holding his arms with no strength and shaking with his movements. Then, he said with a faint cry, “Bro, please... Please, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it anymore...”

That usually emotionless face became weak and helpless, making Huo Qu could not help but... continue with his fierce invasion.

Huo Qu’s Adam’s apple moved and he stretched out his hands to pull Yu Qinghuan into his arms. His breath began to falter again.

Sensing the reaction of Huo Qu’s body, Yu Qinghuan felt a thrill.

If Huo Qu gave him another morning sex, he would die in this bed!

“Enough is enough,” Yu Qinghuan said with a hoarse voice, frowned at Huo Qu and warned him, “Get up quickly, you need to go home, don’t you?”

Yu Qinghuan needed to stay here for another day, while Huo Qu had only two days off, so he had to go back today.

The imminent separation instantly diluted Huo Qu’s enthusiasm. Holding Yu Qinghuan’s hands tightly, he did not move.

“My throat is uncomfortable, don’t let me talk more.” Yu Qinghuan pushed him and frowned.

Hearing this, Huo Qu couldn’t help straightening his upper body and looked at Qinghuan with concern, “Are you all right? Let me see.”

“Stop. It’s okay,” Yu Qinghuan lowered his eyes with a flushed face. “I won’t see you off today. When Bro Xin comes later, go with him to find your second brother, okay?”

Huo Qu nodded and agreed, but still stared at him.

Yu Qinghuan always felt helpless in front of this man, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine tomorrow. Get up quickly.”

Huo Qu bowed down his head and kissed Qinghuan.

Being afraid that the gun might go off again, Qinghuan tried to push him away, but Huo Qu’s kiss became more gentle, melting his heart. His hands changed direction in the air and fondled Huo Qu’s head.

“Qinghuan, I’m so happy.” After the kiss, Huo Qu buried his head in Yu Qinghuan’s neck and murmured.

“Emm,” whispered Qinghuan. Feeling Huo Qu’s strong heartbeat, the anger he felt when he woke up vanished long ago.

He said he would not send Huo Qu off but still got up from bed with the man.
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