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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 193: “I love you, so much.” 2

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Chapter 193: “I love you, so much.” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After the Best Director Award, the time for the Best Actress came. This time, Miao Jiaqian finally held the trophy in her hands.

While crying with excitement, she thanked all the people involved in the movie, and finally even mentioned Yu Qinghuan for his good luck.

Then, Yu Qinghuan’s Weibo got even more thumbs-ups and comments in hopes of good luck.

After the Best Actress, the most anticipated candidate for Best Actor would finally be announced.

The two hosts teased each other before the screen began to play the movie clips of the five nominees.

In The Line of Life and Death, Zhao Qingyuan played the role of Peng Cheng, a doctor curing his patients among guns the bullets. He was not afraid of death and had only the patients in his eyes. His performance well interpreted his role’s character. Audiences could feel the tense but solemn atmosphere just by appreciating at his acting.

Yu Qinghuan was Zhao Qingping who, after learning of his sister’s rape, was overwhelmed by bitterness and hatred. However, when he saw his sister’s little face covered with scars, he restrained all his expressions and gently squatted beside her bed to comfort her.

The emotion that stretched to its peak but had to be suppressed was fully manifested by him with great precision. There was even no trace of performance at all. But everyone would not hold back their tears seeing this.

After those clips were finished, the host picked up the microphone, glanced at the audiences and said with a smile, “I know everyone is waiting for me to read the name, so I won’t talk too much. The Best Actor in the 56th Taurus Award is…”

She paused. While everyone was holding their breath and waiting, she said slowly, “The Line of Life and Death, Zhao Qingyuan!”

Applause broke out instantly in the memorial hall.

People around Zhao Qingyuan all congratulated him. Even Liu Jia’an, who had always been serious, patted him on the shoulder encouragingly.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Zhao Qingyuan did not step on the stage immediately to accept the award as expected. Instead, he frowned and stood up with a bit of hesitation.

He had joked he wanted another Taurus Award. However, it was all just a joke. Compared with winning the award himself, he preferred Qinghuan to win the award today.

For him, a second Taurus Award was just the icing on the cake. But Qinghuan was different, he really needed the affirmation from the circle.

Zhao Qingyuan couldn’t help looking in the direction of Yu Qinghuan, who also happened to be watching him at this time.

The two men’s sights touched. Yu Qinghuan smiled at him joyfully and seemed to be very happy for him.

Only then, Zhao Qingyuan rested assured. He was about to walk on the stage when he heard the host say, “Orange, Yu Qinghuan!”

Everyone froze, the scene was eerily quiet for a few seconds. Then, thunderous applause rang out.

Zhao Qingyuan’s lips quirked up, and he went to Yu Qinghuan’s side, holding him with open arms, “Congratulations, Qinghuan!”

Yu Qinghuan patted him on the back, “I was too far away to say something to you. Qingyuan, congratulations.”

The two men smiled at each other and stepped onto the podium together.

The host and Zhao Qingyuan knew each other very well. Seeing that Qingyuan’s face was covered with happy looks, he could not help but quip, “Why are you much happier than the first time you won the award?”

Zhao Qingyuan did not deny, “Yes, because Qinghuan is my best friend, and today’s happiness is shared by us.”

“Qinghuan is really awesome,” the host turned to Yu Qinghuan and smiled, “Congratulations, the youngest movie king of the Taurus Award.”

Yu Qinghuan thanked him with a smile and, together with Zhao Qingyuan, took the trophy from the hands of the presenter.

“This award is very memorable for me.” Zhao Qingyuan glanced at Yu Qinghuan and began his speech. “I never thought of such a result. Thank the judges, Director Liu and the audiences who watched the movie. You give me such an unforgettable memory...”

Zhao Qingyuan didn’t keep his usual image of a cool and reserved man. His words were full of joy, and he was very happy, making the audiences frantically post on Weibo.

“Ha! Da Yuan is so nice! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, after the host announced the best actor, he wasn’t very happy until he learned that Qinghuan also won the award!”

“OMG! I hope to make a friend like Da Yuan in my lifetime. He is so warm!”

“I hope their friendship can last forever! It’s really not easy to make a true friend in the entertainment circle!”

After Zhao Qingyuan’s winning speech was finished, it was Yu Qinghuan’s turn.

Compared with other newcomers who won the first prize, he seemed too calm. His voice did not tremble, and he showed great tact. After finishing the prepared speech without making mistakes, he stopped.

Just when Zhao Qingyuan thought Qinghuan had finished his speech and wanted to step down with him, Yu Qinghuan opened his mouth again.

“A man once said to me that he didn’t want to look at me only under the stage. He hoped that one day, when he was standing on the stage, I could look at him under the stage, too.”

In the startled eyes of the audiences, Yu Qinghuan continued, “Unfortunately, I got the chance before him. However, I can give him the chance to tell our relationship in front of everyone. But, if you let me wait too long, then I may not be able to stay idle.”

He stood in the middle of the stage with bright lights highlighting his face, making him look exceptionally handsome and gorgeous. When his eyes fell to a certain place below the stage, Yu Qinghuan’s eyes slightly narrowed, which seemed to be filled with endless tenderness. “Thank you for coming, thank you for being with me all the time, I...”

Speaking of which, he stopped and his ears was impressively red under the lights. Holding the trophy tightly in his hands, he lowered his eyes to ease his shortness of breath. When he lifted his head again, his face had already wore a bright and calm smile, “I love you, so much.”
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