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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 190: “Wow, I Feel the Aura of the little Koi!” 1

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Chapter 190: “Wow, I Feel the Aura of the little Koi!” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The weather in early October had taken on a chill.

The Taurus Award Ceremony was approaching. Yu Xin had already prepared a suit for his artist for the ceremony. A pure black advanced-customized suit went with a limited edition watch sponsored by Ada.

In the past six months, many world-famous brands had offered their olive branches to Yu Qinghuan, but his preference was very fixed and he chose Ada every time.

As a result of Qinghuan’s unwitting move, Ada had achieved a large sales volume, making Evenson kept on smiling. Whenever there was a traditional festival in China, Ada would definitely give Yu Qinghuan a red envelope.

“It shouldn’t be cold over there,” Yu Xin said as he helped Qinghuan pack. “But we need to bring more clothes to avoid catching a cold.”

Every time he picked out a piece of clothes, he would pass it to Huo Qu. Huo Qu would fold it up and put it neatly into the suitcase. The two cooperated with each other in a tacit understanding.

Only Yu Qinghuan sat idly on the stool beside and occasionally turned over the script, feeling very boring.

He took one look at Huo Qu who reached for the clothes. While Huo Qu was not paying attention, he quietly folded the corner of the well-arranged clothes and quickly withdrew his hands, pretending that nothing had happened.

When Huo Qu turned around and saw those clothes, he immediately tilted his head in confusion. He clearly remembered that he had just folded them neatly. How did this happen?

He took the clothes out of the suitcase, carefully folded them again, and checked them especially to make sure there was not even a wrinkle. Only then, did he turn around satisfactorily and start folding another one.

What shocked him was that when he looked back again, the clothes in the suitcase were out of order again.

What was going on?

Yu Xin didn’t know what had happened yet. After waiting for half a day for Huo Qu, he could not help urging, “Huo Qu?”

Hearing this, Huo Qu returned to absolute being, leaving the question behind and continuing to work.

Seeing Huo Qu’s gawking appearance, Yu Qinghuan tasted the fun of pranks and secretly smiled while holding out his hands again.

Just as his hands were about to touch the clothes, Huo Qu suddenly turned around.

“Ahem,” Yu Qinghuan was caught red-handed. He coughed embarrassedly, hurriedly retracted his hands and pretended to be seriously reading the script with his head bowed.

Huo Qu looked at him steadily for a few seconds, then suddenly came up. He clasped the back of Yu Qinghuan’s head, bent down and kissed him on the lips.

Yu Qinghuan was unable to dodge. Seeing Yu Xin’s widened eyes out of the corner of his eye, he hurriedly pushed Huo Qu away, “What are you doing?”

After a pause, he added, “Get to work!”

Huo Qu smiled shyly and imitated what Yu Qinghuan had done before to stretch out his hand and touched Qinghuan’s head, “Don’t be naughty.”

Huo Qu’s palm was warm, gently patting Qinghuan’s head. Yu Qinghuan didn’t know why, being kissed by Huo Qu in front of others never make him blush with shyness, but now, his face turned red instantly and his heart thumped heavily. After some murmur, he immediately bowed his head.

“Can’t you pay attention to your behavior?” Yu Xin looked at the two men with a helpless face, “Do you need me to emphasize it again?! I! Yu Xin! Thirty-eight this year! Still a bachelor!”

Yu Qinghuan was going to comfort Yu Xin when he heard Huo Qu saying in his ears, “You can find a boyfriend.”

Huo Qu’s expression was very serious and his words were literally. His thought his suggestion was the most reasonable one given Yu Xin’s condition.

Yu Xin, “...”

Yu Xin, “Sorry, I like women, thank you.”

“Then you can find a girlfriend.”

Yu Xin, “...”

If he could find a girlfriend, he would not stay here watching the two show mutual affection.

To him, girls were like stars in the sky, dazzling but unattainable. He felt a headache every time at the thought of it.

Yu Qinghuan was afraid that Huo Qu would go on talking and push Yu Xin’s anger out of control. He hurriedly put out his hand and gave Huo Qu a push. “Go and fold your clothes. Don’t talk until you have finished folding!”

Huo Qu looked at him with grievance and mumbled with an ‘umm’.

“Why did you bully him?” Unexpectedly, Yu Xin, who had just been choked by Huo Qu’s words, gave Yu Qinghuan a stern look when he heard the words, “You’re spoiled by him. Can’t you fold your own clothes?”

“He wouldn’t let me do it,” Yu Qinghuan lifted his chin to Huo Qu and asked him, “Would you?”

Huo Qu did not quite understand the meaning of their dialogue, but he knew the last sentence of Yu Qinghuan and nodded, “No.”

What Huo Qu actually thought was Qinghuan was so bad at folding clothes, far from reaching his standard.

Yu Qinghuan showed off in an ostentatious manner and turned to Yu Xin, “You see, bro.”

Yu Xin, “...”

Yu Xin, “...”

Was it too late to strike? Thought Yu Xin.

The award ceremony happened to be on the weekend, so Huo Qu flew to City Gao with Yu Qinghuan. After they arrived at the pre-arranged hotel and had just rested for a while, Yu Xin’s phone began to ring.

Phone calls came one after another, like a collective arrangement of the callers.
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