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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 189: Doing It for the First Time 2

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Chapter 189: Doing It for the First Time (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Huo Qu’s action stopped, and the air in the whole living room seemed to be still. But there was a little flame with extremely high temperature lingering in the air, burning more fiercely.

Yu Qinghuan turned his back on Huo Qu to avoid the man’s face. He felt uncomfortable all over by the quite atmosphere. Just as he was about to turn over, Huo Qu suddenly grabbed his waist and held him up.

Yu Qinghuan’s heart beat violently. He held Huo Qu’s neck reflexively. It took a few seconds for him to recover, “Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Beads of sweat trickled down Huo Qu’s beautiful outline and landed on Yu Qinghuan’s half-covered shoulder. Huo Qu looked down at him blankly, “You said ‘go to the bedroom’.”

“I can walk on my own.” Yu Qinghuan’s cheeks were burning, and he barely looked up because of shyness. Grabbing Huo Qu’s hair, he asked unconsciously, “Why are you so strong?”

They both ran on the treadmill at home. Was Huo Qu even more gifted than him in exercise?!

Huo Qu sipped his lips, looked at him and smiled, “Cause I have to hold you.”

Yu Qinghuan froze, then his lips pouted and gave Huo Qu a kiss on the chin.

Even with Yu Qinghuan in his arms, Huo Qu did not forget the condom. He lowered his body to take a handful and walked quickly to the bedroom.

Yu Qinghuan looked at Huo Qu’s appearance with laughter. He felt a little shy at first, but all his feelings had turned into love for this person.

He wanted to... give Huo Qu everything he could, as long as the man was happy.

Although Yu Qinghuan had made up his mind after overcoming great mental barriers, he still encountered difficulties in practice.

There was no lubricant among his awards.

After fully understanding the use of lubricant, Huo Qu’s expression at that moment was almost like being struck by lightning. He squeezed Yu Qinghuan’s waist tightly and his eyes were red, “Let’s try Indian Divine Oil?”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Yu Qinghuan held down Huo Qu’s stirring hand and said helplessly, “That won’t do. It’s easy to be excessive.”

“What should we do?” Huo Qu bit Qinghuan’s well-shaped shoulder blade and asked eagerly.

Yu Qinghuan was silent for a moment. Just when Huo Qu was about to be in heat again, he suddenly pulled Huo Qu’s hand and put it on his lips and licked it. Lowering his eyes, his breath became unsteady. “We may...”

Although it may take more efforts, it should not be a big problem. After all, there was lubricant on the condom.

After some hurry and confusion, Huo Qu’s long-awaited condom package was finally torn open, and Yu Qinghuan became nervous.

After waiting in fear and trembling for a long time without receiving Huo Qu’s next move, he could not help looking back.

“Qinghuan, it’s hurt...” Huo Qu frowned and looked uncomfortable.

How came? Yu Qinghuan was stunned. Then he looked down at the size on the package. The passion in his heart instantly turned into helplessness. “Why did you take the smallest size?”

Huo Qu looked at him blankly, “I don’t know...”

The two stared at each other for a long time. At last, seeing Huo Qu’s head lowered, Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help straightening up, kissed Huo Qu on the lips and took the condom off.

Pulling his sweaty hair aside, Yu Qinghuan said softly, “Let’s continue, forget about the condom.”

He thought Huo Qu would jump onto him again in high spirits, but the man didn’t make any movement after a long time. Just as he was trying to comfort Huo Qu, the man suddenly sat down on the bed dejectedly and got into the quilt.

After a while, Huo Qu popped his head out of the quilt a little and shook, “No.”

“Why? Yu Qinghuan was able neither to cry nor to laugh. So Huo Qu got angry? Afraid of leaving any shadow on him, Qinghuan put on his pajamas in a hurry and persuaded, “We can come directly without that.”

Huo Qu still shook his head. When Yu Qinghuan could not help but ask him why again, Huo Qu’s grievance and earnest voice suddenly came to his ears, “I can’t let you get hurt...”

Huge warmth suddenly floating in Yu Qinghuan’s chest.

He knew how much Huo Qu wanted him. But even when the arrow was on the bow, he still put Yu Qinghuan’s feeling first.

Yu Qinghuan involuntarily covered his chest. When the surging emotion in his heart faded a little, he lifted the quilt and leaned over.

Huo Qu turned his back on him, and his back looked bleak and helpless. Yu Qinghuan narrowed his eyes and was trying to push him.

However, Huo Qu suddenly turned over and whispered with eyelashes hanging down, “Qinghuan, I am a little angry.” After a pause, he added hastily, “I am angry with myself.”

His still burning hands found Yu Qinghuan under the quilt and he touched Qinghuan with fear and trembling, “Qinghuan, hug me...”

“No,” Yu Qinghuan smiled. Looking at Huo Qu’s sadden eyes, he uncovered the quilt and drilled into it. A slightly stuffy voice came from the inside, “But I can kiss you.”

Huo Qu widened his eyes and his breathing became chaotic suddenly.

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