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Chapter 188: Doing It for the First Time (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
In the teahouse, Cen Feng was tasting tea with Wang Zhensheng.

She was ruddy-cheeked. From time to time, she held out her fingers to touch the artless gold ring on her left hand. With satisfaction filled her eyes, her appearance was completely different from the previous haggard old lady.

“Sis Cen, we haven’t tasted tea like this in many years.” Wang Zhensheng sighed and refilled Cen Feng’s cup with Longjing tea.

Being completely soaked in the hot water, the fresh tea leaves whirled around in the cup and looked very gratifying.

Cen Feng took the cup to her lips, gently blew the tea leaves to one side and took a small sip. “Huh, I lived in hell a few years ago.”

“It’s all over,” Wang Zhensheng swished his hand to imply the other party think less about those sad things, then he changed the subject, “I heard you recommended a script to Qinghuan?”

“Well,” mentioning Yu Qinghuan, the smile on Cen Feng’s face became more genial, “There’re many state proposals on professional ethics in recent years. I’ve heard a little bit of it before, and from this year onwards, the state will pay more attention to this.”

After a pause, she smiled, “That’s why I personally recommended Revenge to Qinghuan as a token of my appreciation.”

“Revenge is worthy to that child.” Thinking about what happened on the Internet the other day, Wang Zhensheng sighed, “Everyone said he was lucky, but... alas…”

His eyes were complicated. After a long pause, he said, “Who would like to have his mental illness exposed and known to the whole nation? Although he could also get a benefit, if I were Qinghuan, I would rather not have this kind of benefit.”

Cen Feng nodded, “Sure.”

Clicking on the relevant news on the cell phone, Cen Feng handed it to Wang Zhensheng, “I heard many patients asking for a refund from Four Seasons. If this continues, the center will be forced to close, even Dong Wei could do nothing.”

“He is also responsible for this,” Wang Zhensheng said, swallowing his tea slowly. “He shouldn’t have used his influence to recruit his niece. Fortunately, Qinghuan was not a person who gets into a blind alley. Otherwise, we could not imagine what will happen.”

The two hadn’t met for a long time and had a lot to talk about. Both of them had no children, so the topic focused on Yu Qinghuan. They even discussed the suitable path for Yu Qinghuan’s career and planned to arrange an appointment with him next time.

Not until evening, they left the teahouse and went home.

Yu Qinghuan, the center of the two people’s topics, was then taking a bath, sitting on the sofa, and reading seriously.

He pretended to be serious but read nothing actually.

His heart was beating fast and his eyes could not help looking at the box of condoms and sex toys in the corner.

Although the dean interrupted him and Huo Qu last time, he had told Huo Qu everything he was supposed to say. He knew very well in his heart that it would not be so easy to deceive him again.

Even if he had prepared himself psychologically, he still felt uneasy and shy when the moment came.

Yu Qinghuan patted his hot cheeks and wanted to go to the balcony to get some air. Suddenly, a burst of hurried footsteps came into his ears. Just as he was going to look up, he was in front of black because Huo Qu’s tall figure had already jumped onto him and flung him down on the floor, like a leopard who had fixed its prey in the dark.

Huo Qu had just taken a bath and was still carrying wet steam, but his body temperature was frighteningly high. The scorching temperature made Yu Qinghuan shiver even it was transmitted through the pajamas.

“Huo Qu, wait, wait...” Yu Qinghuan turned his head to avoid Huo Qu’s lips, grabbed the man’s arms with his weak strength and said with difficulty, “Don’t, not here.”

Feeling it was inconvenient to do the clean, he didn’t lay a carpet when decorating his house. At that moment, he suddenly regretted it at the touch of the hard floor. If Huo Qu was in the heat here directly, his waist would be ruined!

Huo Qu didn’t answer. He put his head against Yu Qinghuan’s forehead, heavy hot breath sprayed on Yu Qinghuan’s face. His right hand wormed eagerly into Qinghuan’s pajamas hem, groping around.

When he felt that bump, he suddenly paused and then gave it a severe pinch.

“Oh.” Feeling the pain, Yu Qinghuan’s slender and flexible waist suddenly bounced, and his thigh grazed Huo Qu’s side waist, making the latter more fanatical.

Maybe he had repressed his desire for too long, Huo Qu’s eyes were red and his forehead was covered with sweat. His movements became more fierce, and he invaded like a small worf.

Yu Qinghuan felt hurt and stirring being sucked by Huo Qu on the neck. He held down the groan in his throat and raised his hand to touch Huo Qu’s hair, gasping, “You can go ahead, but be nice to me...”

Huo Qu stopped his move. He licked on the deep bite mark of Qinghuan’s collarbone to curry favor with him. The force of his next bite was lighter, but his kisses still mixed with bite and snap, like an inextricable instinct.

When Huo Qu was in bed, he always talked little and... had a strong purpose.

When Yu Qinghuan was still in a daze by him and failed to react, Huo Qu had eagerly turned him over and reached the key part.

Yu Qinghuan shivered and suddenly awake.

“Go to the bedroom,” holding Huo Qu’s hand, Yu Qinghuan urged.
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