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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 184: “Only Single Dogs Need That, But I don’t.” 1

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Chapter 184: “Only Single Dogs Need That, But I don’t.” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan’s image on Weibo had always been very serious and even kind of boring.

After all, in the present day, it was hard to find out young stars that seldom posted or forwarded Weibo.

As soon as the news of Yu Qinghuan winning a box of condoms came out, it immediately stirred up heated discussion among the netizens!

[Hahahahahahaha. What a surprise! They called him lucky netizen Mr. Yu!]

[Hahahahaha. I can laugh at this joke for a year! I feel a little sad for the little koi. Sometimes it’s not always a good thing to have too much luck.]

[So, the question is: why a single man needs many condoms? What a huge damage to the winner!”

[LOL! You see through the facts!]

[I’m curious, how did the little koi make the mistake? Does he raise cats or dogs?]

The incident successfully aroused the creepy curiosity of the netizens. They were in full swing on discussing Yu Qinghuan’s usage of those condoms, successfully making the topic topping the hot search in Weibo.

The timing of the lucky draw and its award were preset by the official Weibo long ago, and the winner was also automatically selected by the system. While forwarding the winning list, the staff in charge of the official Weibo felt Yu Qinghuan’s account very familiar but did not take it seriously. After all, no celebrity would join in a lucky draw, let alone the prizes were a box of condoms and sex toys.

It was not until the Weibo mounted the hot search list that the staff realized the lucky netizen, Mr. Yu, was the popular star Yu Qinghuan!

Then, even the official Weibo joined the team to make fun of Yu Qinghuan.

When Yu Xin came to find Yu Qinghuan, he was having breakfast.

The kitchen utensils at his home were all-new, making Qinghuan feel his hands itchy and cannot help but make an abundant and delicious breakfast.

If Yu Xin had seen the table laid with delicious food at ordinary times, he would jump onto it with no hesitation. But now, even if Yu Qinghuan had called him to sit down, he still stood still and looked at him with a very strange look until the other party felt something was not right. Finally, Yu Qinghuan could not help but ask, “Ge, why are you looking at me like this?”

Touching his own face, Yu Qinghuan asked, “Is there something on my face?”

“No,” Yu Xin’s expression was very complicated, mixed with sympathy and schadenfreude, “You’ve got an award again...”

“Impossible,” Yu Qinghuan retorted without even thinking. He filled Huo Qu with a bowl of pumpkin porridge and said without looking up, “I’ve never taken part in any lottery. How can I win a prize?”

After a pause, he joked, “Or you think awards are pennies from heaven?”

“Yes,” Yu Xin sighed heartily and handed his cell phone to Qinghuan. “Lucky netizen Mr. Yu, tell me how you feel now.”

What is going on?

Yu Qinghuan put down his chopsticks, took the phone doubtfully, and swiped a few times on the screen. Then, the expression on his face suddenly cracked.

“Impossible,” he took his mobile phone with a collapsed look and tapped into Weibo. “I didn’t even open my account yesterday. How would I ever forward a Weibo? Has my account been hacked?”

“The hacker would not make so many efforts only for a lucky draw.” Yu Xin sat down beside him, grabbed a pie and gnawed at it. “You might accidentally press on the forward icon and happened to win the prize.”

“But I...” Yu Qinghuan wanted to refute, but suddenly thought of the scene of Zhao Qingyuan and he fought for his mobile, then he figured out everything immediately.

He must have accidentally pressed the screen while hiding from Zhao Qingyuan, thus causing this mistake.

He moved his finger on the screen and tried to delete the Weibo, but stopped at the critical moment.

Anyway, it was too late to delete it. He’d better leave it as it was. Netizens were most forgetful and would forget the incident in a few days.

While thinking, a new message appeared in his special attention list.

Yu Qinghuan clicked onto the new message. It was the dynamic reminder of Zhao Qinghuan’s update. He not only forwarded the Weibo Qinghuan accidentally posted but also sent it with a string of ‘Hahaha’, which was infuriating.

Yu Qinghuan sneered. Before he could settle accounts with Zhao Qingyuan, the latter had arrived at his door.

He sipped his lips, picked out the comment asking if he had cats and dogs, replied the question and forwarded it, mentioning Zhao Qingyuan at the same time: You should come forward to take the blame.

As soon as the two came to the discussing scene, the atmosphere became even hotter. Even the major entertainment and gossip forums were talking about this.

If they were other male stars and were involved in such a gossip related to condoms, the netizens would surely guess whether the two men were having an affair. Since the two were Yu Qinghuan and Zhao Qingyuan, the situation would be completely different.

After the first scandal between the two, netizens had never questioned their relationship.

“Lol, I saw Yu Qinghuan’s Weibo. It seems that this mistake was caused by Da Yuan. I suddenly remembered that as of last year, Da Yuan was still selling his image of an indifferent and cool young man, and now...”

“The relationship between these two people is really good. They are true friends, which is very rare in the entertainment circle.”

“I don’t know why. Although little koi and Da Yuan have such a tight relationship, I could never think they relationship is beyond friend. How on earth did this happen...”

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