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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 182: The Grand Prize! 1

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Chapter 182: The Grand Prize! (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After almost finishing his meal, Yu Qinghuan put down his chopsticks and stared at Huo Qu with his hand holding his chin.
He knew the boy had no concept of money, so he was really surprised by Huo Qu’s move today.
Moreover, he was also curious about where did Huo Qu exactly earn so much. Didn’t they say scientific researchers were all very poor?
Immersing in thinking, Qinghuan was absentminded, but his eyes fixing on Huo Qu’s face, making the latter blushed and could hardly hold his chopsticks.
“Huo Qu,” Yu Qinghuan asked, “Why did you suddenly transfer money to me?”
Huo Qu looked up at him and pursed his lips. “They said you are poor.”
They? Yu Qinghuan thought for a moment, then suddenly realized Huo Qu must have read about the rumors online again. He looked at Huo Qu’s red ears and said intentionally, “Did you give me all your money?”
Huo Qu nodded, “Um.”
Yu Qinghuan said smilingly, “Have you ever heard of this? ‘Yours is all mine, while mine is still mine.”
Huo Qu frowned, barely understood what he was trying to say after some thoughts, and said without hesitation, “Hmm, yours is yours, and mine is yours, too.” His serious and obedient appearance made Qinghuan have the spur to make fun of him.
Yu Qinghuan, “Aren’t you afraid that I may run away with all your money?”
Huo Qu stared in horror, “Will you?”
Yu Qinghuan was just joking. Unexpectedly, Huo Qu took it a bit seriously. So he hurriedly tried to explain, “Of course not, I was joking.” He paused and then said playfully, “Which do you care about more, your money or me?”
“Of course you.” Huo Qu grabbed Qinghuan’s hand and said shyly and earnestly, “Nothing is more important than you.”
Yu Qinghuan was successfully intrigued by Huo Qu again. After the meal, he made an exception to read some professional books with Huo Qu. It was not until he was dizzy and swollen by the pile of professional terms that he fled to the living room under the excuse of going for a run.
He turned on the treadmill, adjusted the running speed and wore his headphones to call Zhao Qingyuan.
His new house had been decorated as early as June, and all the furniture and items had already been purchased. The house had been left for ventilation, plus he had been busy with the filming, so he still hadn’t had time to move in.
Now he finally got the time, so he discussed with Yu Xin and set the moving time for tomorrow. There were too many objects he had to carry, so he called Zhao Rui and Zhao Qingyuan to help.
Zhao Rui had always been a reliable person and kept his words, but Zhao Qingyuan was a different case.
“Qingyuan, remember to come over before 10 tomorrow morning. You’d better set out early. There may be traffic jam on the road.”
“I got it,” Zhao Qingyuan’s impatient voice came from the other side of the phone, “Qinghuan, why are you becoming more and more nagging? You have told me these more than three times. Even my mom has never been like you.”

Yu Qinghuan said gently, “People like you leave me no choices.”
Zhao Qingyuan was so angry that he screamed out, “What do you mean by people like me?! Let me tell you, Yu Qinghuan, you will lose me some day if you keep treating me like this!”
“Oh,” Yu Qinghuan speeded up the treadmill and said flatly, “Whatever.”
Zhao Qingyuan, “...”
“Son, papa is very disappointed with you...” said Zhao Qingyuan.
Yu Qinghuan sneered, “It doesn’t matter. I’m not disappointed with you. Remember to carry the heaviest stuff for me tomorrow.”
Zhao Qingyuan, “...”
He was not as eloquent as Yu Qinghuan but always liked slugging it out with Yu Qinghuan with his tongue. This time, he lost his face again so he could only keep a hard mouth, “See how you beg me tomorrow.”
Then he hung up the phone.
Yu Qinghuan threw away his phone and concentrated on running. He did not get off the treadmill and went to take a bath until Huo Qu came to remind him that he had run for an hour.
After finishing How to Love You, Yu Qinghuan seemed to have entered a dormant period and felt extremely sleepy. He wanted to wait for Huo Qu, but couldn’t help plunging into the quilt.
After taking a bath, Huo Qu saw him lying on the bed, sleeping soundly. Subconsciously, he slowed down his steps, clumsily tucked him into the quilt. Instead of getting into bed, he sat quietly waiting for his hair to dry itself with using the hair dryer.
After more than half an hour when his hair almost dried, he wormed into bed quietly.
Yu Qinghuan lay in the soft and fluffy quilt, revealing his slightly flushed side face. The warm yellow light of the bedside lamp spread over his face, making him look softer and more fragile than usual.
Huo Qu couldn’t help leaning over and bowed his head and kissed him on his lip corner.
He really… loved the person in front of him.
“Huo Qu…” Yu Qinghuan mumbled unconsciously with his eyes closed. Then he turned over to worm into Huo Qu’s arms and continued sleeping.
The move warmed and softened Yu Qinghuan’s heart, making him almost melt away like being shrouded in sunshine.
He turned off the bedside lamp gently, hugged Yu Qinghuan contentedly and went to sleep.
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