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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 175: “Because I Like You.” 1

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Chapter 175: “Because I Like You.” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Xin brought a large stack of scripts, almost all written by famous directors and screenwriters. The role selection on their hands was all males leads, not a single supporting role.

“This one is worth considering,” Yu Xin picked up a romance drama about youth and waved it before Yu Qinghuan’s eyes.

Last time, he tried to persuade Yu Qinghuan to accept an urban light comedy but met waterloo. Thus, he was determined this time to let his entertainer star a more normal play in line with the audience’s taste.

Yu Qinghuan rose to his present position after entering the circle for only one year, making Yu Xin feel somewhat unreal in his heart. He had been trembling with fear, only worrying Qinghuan’s next movie would flop.

Therefore, the road he had set for Yu Qinghuan was to use all his skills to maintain his current achievements instead of boldly exploring unknown fields.

“No, I don’t want to take a romance drama.” Yu Qinghuan thanked him for his kindness and put the script of this play aside.

If nothing went wrong in the middle, Yu Qinghuan would soon come out to the public, and playing the role of a straight guy in a romance drama would definitely be against his status. What’s more, Huo Qu always felt insecure though he had become less anxious recently, which was already the result of Qinghuan’s careful maintenance. If he had to have some intimate contact with an actress at job demand, his relationship with Huo Qu may return to the original point.

Compared with box office guarantee, Huo Qu was much more important to him.

“Why are you so stubborn?” Yu Xin felt stunned at first, and then he soon understood Yu Qinghuan’s intention and could only say to him grumpily, “Those who are married even do sex scenes! I mean, it’s not real, just acting. What’s the fuss?”

Yu Qinghuan, however, shook his head and picked out all the scripts that took love as the main plotting line which could be told through the name. “They have their choices, and I have mine. Huo Qu’s situation is also different from others.”

“I quit! Go and find someone else!” Yu Xin angrily turned his head aside, out of sight and out of mind.

“Don’t, ge.” Yu Qinghuan poked Yu Xin with his elbow with a smile and said with a script in a hand, “I think this one is not bad.”

Yu Xin wanted to pretend to be angry. Hearing this, he immediately turned his head back. His eyes fell on the cover, and he immediately froze, “You want to take this one?”

After a pause, he said with a complicated look, “This movie will not start until next year, so you will have at least four months free.”

Yu Xin knew he would definitely not use the four months to receive another movie. He could only try to persuade him, “You are on the rise now, but four months of disappearance would let you completely be forgotten!”

According to Yu Xin’s working style, he would not have brought this script to Yu Qinghuan at all. But this was directly tucked to him by Huo Rong, saying it’s a recommendation from Cen Feng.

He thought its theme would be a hit, but after reading the script several times, he didn’t even see a point where it could set off a craze.

However, this movie Revenge had its own specialty. In its serial publication period, its data had shown it had few readers. In Yu Xin’s opinion, the author could sell the book as a script was his sheer luck. He wondered whether the investor was a fool to spend so much on such an unpromising script.

Cen Feng and Huo Rong might have been lost in momentary confusion at the same time so they would strongly recommend the script to Qinghuan.

“No,” Yu Qinghuan said to Yu Xin as he continued to flip the script, “How to Love You would catch up with the Spring Festival.”

He chose Revenge, not because of using it as a revolt to Yu Xin’s persuasion of him taking a romance drama, but he was really interested in the play.

The movie told the story of a young man who set on the path as an avenger for his wife.

The hero Li Yue had been married with his wife Feng Ying for one year and the two were still immersed in their honeymoon period. On the wedding anniversary, Zhao Yue prepared to give his wife a surprise but found Feng Ying dead at home.

The police decided that Feng Ying had committed suicide, but Li Yue refused to accept the verdict. The couple was so in love and lived in perfect satisfaction. How could Feng Ying commit suicide without any sign?

Therefore, he decided to investigate the case by himself. After a series of painstaking efforts, the cause of Feng Ying’s death gradually surfaced.

When Feng Ying was still in college, she once suffered a rape. The incident was deeply buried in her heart, even unknown to her parents.

A few days before her death, a reporter who claimed to work for Cutting-edge News contacted her and told her that they had exposed a vicious rapist a few days ago. The rapist confessed that she was one of the victims.

The reporter hoped Feng Ying can stand out as a victim and cooperate with them in doing this news.

Panic-stricken, Feng Ying naturally refused and begged the reporter not to contact her again. She would not come forward in any case.

However, the reporter did not give up and reached to her every day in various ways, even to her home for the last time.

That encounter made Feng Ying’s already vulnerable mental state to go worse. Had it not been for Li Yue, she would not have gotten married to anyone all her life. But as she got slowly healed, the deepest scar in her heart was suddenly uncovered.

Feng Ying collapsed. She was afraid that people around her would look at her through a lens of difference when they knew about it. She was even more afraid that Li Yue would no longer love her.

However, she did not dare to show it, nor did she dare to tell anyone. She just kept it in her heart and endured the pain silently.

However, this kind of hair-trigger mood completely crumbled when she saw Cutting-edge News releasing the first issue of the rapist’s news.

Feng Ying finally chose to commit suicide.
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