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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 174: “I Want to Get My Driver’s License” 2

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Chapter 174: “I Want to Get My Driver’s License” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“Alas,” said the dean, slapping his thigh, “We can’t talk it on the phone!” After a pause, his voice became very serious, “This matter is very important to your entire team. Professor Huo, you must come in person.”

Huo Qu turned to Yu Qinghuan. The man he loved was waiting for him in bed. As long as he hung up the phone, he could no longer be disturbed. His finger moved, but when it was about to fall on the screen, it suddenly drew back.

But Qinghuan said he hated irresponsible people most. Even if he was craving for the man at this moment, he could not act as the kind of person Qinghuan hated.

Huo Qu lowered his eyes and replied in a low voice, “Okay.”

Hanging up the phone, he got onto the bed and hugged Yu Qinghuan, burying his head in Qinghuan’s neck, his whole body suffused with grievances.

“All right, all right,” Yu Qinghuan just learned from his mouth what had happened. Seeing him like this, Qinghuan felt both distressed and regrettable, “Don’t be sad. Come back early.”

Huo Qu did not speak. His teeth were grinding on the thin skin around Qinghuan’s neck. He looked very sad.

Yu Qinghuan lifted his hair, kissed his forehead and said in whispers, “Professor Huo, I find that I love you more and more.”

Huo Qu raised his head in disbelief and stared at Yu Qinghuan, eyes wide open.

Yu Qinghuan then said, “In the past, you would run back from abroad without considering the consequences, but now, you have been able to restrain yourself and be responsible for the whole team.”

Huo Qu’s dark eyes revealed a trace of joy.

Yu Qinghuan continued with a smile, “Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.”

Huo Qu hesitated for a moment, and still nodded slowly.

Yu Xin had been accessing resources for Yu Qinghuan these days, but he was not with the film crew. As of yesterday, the box office of The Line of Life and Death had exceeded 4.5 billion yuan. Yu Qinghuan was thereby on the rise, so he could not take a taxi with Huo Qu. In the end, he had no choice but to call the driver of the Huos.

Looking at Huo Qu’s reluctant farewell to him and his appearance of turning back every three steps, Yu Qinghuan felt bittersweet in his heart. He returned after sending Huo Qu out of the entrance of filming site.

Although Huo Qu went to the research institute, he was still not happy and his face became colder. Fortunately, he had always held such an image to the outside world, so the dean did not notice his abnormality at all.

After shutting the office door, the dean looked at Huo Qu with glittering eyes, “Professor Huo, this year, a friend of mine from Nabel Committee made an exception and disclosed a piece of news to me yesterday.”

His hands clenched in fists and his face flushed with excitement, “Professor Huo, you are the favorite candidate for this award of the year!”

Huo Qu froze.

The Nabel Prize was the most sacred and expected existence in every scientist’s heart, including him.

He once said that when he could stand on the podium, he wanted Qinghuan to look at him from the audience, and he had been working hard for it. But what unexpected was that one day he would approach the top prize.

If... if he could really win the prize… Huo Qu’s breath became unsteady. Then he could not only prove himself, most importantly, he could also share with Qinghuan the highest honor.

“But thing is, you should come back to work immediately,” the dean said to Huo Qu, “No matter what the final result is, at least we should work hard for it.”

“I know.” This time, Huo Qu did not hesitate. He nodded and agreed immediately.

Yu Qinghuan was very surprised to learn that Huo Qu was going back to work. His intuition told him something had happened. However, Huo Qu’s mouth was like zipper. He refused to reveal anything, only stating that he would be very busy before September.

Thus, Yu Qinghuan didn’t think much about it. What he knew was Huo Qu’s work was usual this time which should be highly confidential. But as a result, Professor Huo could no longer stay with the film crew.

How to Love You was kept absolutely confidential during the filming. In order to prevent the plots from spoiling, Liu Jia’an was very strict with every member of the film crew. If Huo Qu came in and out of the filming site every day and was targeted by reporters, it would be in big trouble.

As a last resort, Huo Qu had to pack up his things and left the film crew.

This time, he still felt reluctant, even holding Yu Qinghuan for a long time. But he did not say a word, like a general before the war. Although he did not know what fate was waiting for him, he would proceed without hesitation.

Yu Qinghuan focused on Huo Qu’s back and felt Huo Qu’s temperature gradually disappearing in his hands. The idea he had in mind for a long time now became clearer.

Therefore, when Yu Xin finally came back and wanted to show Qinghuan the scripts he had recently received, Yu Qinghuan suddenly told him, “Bro, I want to get my driver’s license.”

Yu Xin’s eyebrows puckered up, “Is it what Kenn asks for?”

No one was clearer about Yu Qinghuan’s fear of driving than he did. Qinghuan’s parents’ death had always been a shadow in the boy’s heart, so he never dared to touch the steering wheel. He was afraid that he would make the same mistake like the driver that year and brought disasters to other families.

And this kind of fear, in his lonely days, had become an instinct engraved in his mind, which would hurt violently with a touch.

Once, Zhao Qingyuan accidentally pushed him to the driver’s seat during a fight with him. Yu Xin saw Yu Qinghuan’s face turn pale instantly.

“I’ll tell them! You can’t drive!”

“No,” Yu Qinghuan shook his head, “I want to learn it myself.”

After getting his driver’s license, he would be able arrange his time freely to visit Huo Qu and even send Huo Qu back every time after they seperated.

It might be hard. But Huo Qu could learn to find his way home, so he could definitely get his driver’s license for Huo Qu..
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