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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 173: “I Want to Get My Driver’s License” 1

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Chapter 173: “I Want to Get My Driver’s License” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan could not control his pounding heart, as if someone had embedded a big drum in his body, the heartbeat almost broke his chest. He licked his lips and looked into the deep and shinning bright eyes of Huo Qu, the alcohol in his body evaporated instantly. “Well, I mean, nothing, it’s you, you understood it wrong...”

He couldn’t understand why Huo Qu was so difficult to deceive on such matters. Obviously, in ordinary times, if he said something Huo Qu didn’t understand, the boy would selectively ignore it!

Feeling Huo Qu’s sweaty and scorching palms, Yu Qinghuan’s whole figure was tight and he did not dare to relax even for a moment.

“No.” Huo Qu did not hesitate to spit out the word. He stared at Yu Qinghuan with straight eyes and said slowly, “If you feel uncomfortable, there must be a more comfortable way.”

After a pause, he bowed his head and licked Yu Qinghuan’s collarbone, “Qinghuan, what should I do?”

All his damp and hot breath was sprayed on Yu Qinghuan, instantly stirring up goose bumps on his skin.

Yu Qinghuan’s breathing became slightly heavier, and there was a fierce struggle in his heart.

What to do? What to do?

He had already anticipated that this day would come sooner or later, but he never thought he was the one who took the lead.

He raised his arm to cover his eyes and blushed slowly from his face to his ears.

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu did not allow Yu Qinghuan to look away from himself. He stretched out his hands to remove Qinghuan’s arms. When his eyes moved to Qinghuan’s face, he was immediately stunned.

Yu Qinghuan’s rounded-line eyes wore an expression of coquetry. At this time, they were half closed due to shyness. His long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly, covering half of his dark and transparent pupils, revealing a trace of tenderness. However, that was just right.

Against the warm yellow bedside lamp, he looked even more fragile and luring.

Huo Qu felt his breath halted, and the fire he had suppressed suddenly erupted from the bottom of his heart, burning him and taking away his sanity instantly. The strength he exerted on Qinghuan was bigger and bigger. Until Qinghuan couldn’t help frowning slightly, Huo Qu suddenly lowered his head and bit on the man’s neck!

Being struck by the intrusion, Yu Qinghuan bounced and stuck more closely to Huo Qu, just like inviting a wolf into the house. But now, he could not bother to care much of these.

“Huo Qu, are you a dog person (here refers to Chinese 12 Zodiac, also refers to his biting like a dog, a pun)?” Yu Qinghuan gasped heavily and grabbed Huo Qu’s hair. While Huo Qu was still buried in Qinghuan’s neck and gnawed at him. Qinghuan lifted up Huo Qu’s head and scolded, “You think it doesn’t hurt, huh?”

Huo Qu turned a deaf ear to his words, leaving only one heavy hickey after another in Yu Qinghuan’s pit of neck.

He loved this person so much that he didn’t even know how to love him more.

He wanted to completely turn him into his own, in all available ways.

“Qinghuan,” the pain on the scalp finally made Huo Qu raise his head. He looked at Yu Qinghuan with red eyes and his gazes pressed on Qinghuan forcefully, “Tell me. What should I do?”

With endless pricking pains from collarbone, Yu Qinghuan was still a little annoyed, but when he looking into Huo Qu’s pair of eager eyes, the flames of fury in his heart were totally gone in a split second.

There was nothing to be shy about and nothing to be afraid of. This person was so good, even if he was ignorant sometimes, he would never hurt his beloved one.

Besides, they were staying in a hotel, with both condoms and lubricants prepared in the nightstand.

Yu Qinghuan sighed and touched Huo Qu’s sweaty and handsome side face. His right hand slipped slowly down Huo Qu’s shoulder. At last, he held Huo Qu’s hands with their fingers crossed, then led Huo Qu’s hands on his waist and kept downward, “Here...”

The tactility was firm and plump. Huo Qu’s mind went totally blank for a few seconds, then his eyes were red and he turned Yu Qinghuan over.

Yu Qinghuan closed his eyes and held Huo Qu’s wrist with his hands. His voice shook violently, “Take out the condom and lubricant from the nightstand.”

These nouns were something beyond Huo Qu’s cognition, but his intuition told him the two things were very important. He jumped out of bed quickly and took the things to his hand under the guidance of Yu Qinghuan.

Just as he looked up and wanted to ask how to use those things, his cell phone suddenly rang.

The lingering ambiguity in the room was like being torn open and pouring out in an instant. Huo Qu’s face sank and his hand fumbled to stop the annoying ringing tone.

“Answer the phone.” Yu Qinghuan pulled the quilt over to cover himself and said to Huo Qu.

Huo Qu tightened his grip and did not move.

“Huo Qu.” Yu Qinghuan called him again.

Huo Qu’s eyelashes quivered but he kept still there. When Yu Qinghuan was about to call him the third time, he finally reached out and picked up the phone. He looked at Qinghuan with grievance while pressing the answer key.

“Professor Huo,” the dean’s excited voice from the other end of the telephone was like a weasel who had just stolen a chicken. “Come to the institute now, I have got something very important to tell you!”

After a pause, he added, “I mean right now!”

Huo Qu sipped his lips and his voice was cold, “You can tell me on the phone.”

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