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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 170: “Open the Window and You won’t Feel Stuffy.” 2

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Chapter 170: “Open the Window and You won’t Feel Stuffy.” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
It was already dusk. The sun had faded from the acrimony of noon and became gentler. Huo Qu sat beside a pile of messy props, and the golden-red sunset projected on him, enveloping him with a faint halo.

He was looking down at a book, his bony hands turning the pages regularly. His back always kept straightened up, dazzling in the crowd.

Yu Qinghuan sat down beside him and cast his eyes on the book. He was immediately dazzled by the pile of professional terms. He reached out and flattened Huo Qu’s sweaty hair on the forehead and said with a caring tone, “Is it too hot? Let’s go. I’ve finished filming and I’ll take you back to room with an air conditioner.”

Huo Qu closed the book properly, smiled at Yu Qinghuan, nodded obediently and followed him behind.

"Don’t wait for me outside next time,” Yu Qinghuan tore open the popsicle Liu Jia’an gave him and handed it to Huo Qu. “The sun is harsh. Stay in the hotel if you don’t want to stay alone at home.”

At the touch of the popsicle that was still steaming cold air, a refreshing feeling soothed Huo Qu’s dryness in mouth. Huo Qu licked his lips and refused vaguely, “No, I don’t afraid of the sun.”

Huo Qu was very persistent in some aspects, even Yu Qinghuan could not persuade him out of it.

Yu Qinghuan felt helpless and wanted to scold him but finally gave up. He had a small bite on Huo Qu’s popsicle and then gave the rest to him.

Before the two arrived at the hotel, Huo Qu’s phone rang. It was Huo Rong.

"Huo Qu, are you at the filming site now?” Huo Rong asked straight to the point.

Huo Qu glanced at Yu Qinghuan and said, “Yes.” After some thoughts, he added, “Qinghuan’s part is finished and we are returning to the hotel.”

"That’s great,” Huo Rong excitedly slapped his thigh. “Our mother wants Qinghuan to come home for dinner on Dragon Boat Festival day, but he was busy and didn’t have time. She was afraid you wouldn’t be able to eat zongzi, so she said she would come and send you some later.”

Huo Qu digested the message for a moment before he understood what his brother meant. In Yu Qinghuan’s horrified eyes, he not only agreed, but also reported the hotel room number to his brother without further consideration.

After hanging up the phone, he touched Yu Qinghuan’s red face exposed to the sun for a long time, asking, “Qinghuan, do you like eating zongzi?”

"Huo Qu…” Yu Qinghuan swallowed some saliva, grasped Huo Qu’s hand tightly and looked at him in dismay. “I, I have work to do later, maybe I don’t have time…”

"What kind of work?” Huo Qu looked at him doubtfully, stretched out his hand to brush open the door and pulled him into the room. He carefully thought over Qinghuan’s work schedule for the past two days and shook his head, “Qinghuan, you remember it wrong, you do not have plans this afternoon.”

"No...” Yu Qinghuan’s heart beat like a drum. He clenched his fist and went in circles there, with his mouth keeping mumbling, “No... No...”

"What’s wrong with you, Qinghuan?” Huo Qu did not understand why he was acting so abnormal. He was about to speak when Yu Qinghuan suddenly threw himself into his arms. “Huo Qu, stop your mother, could you?”

Qinghuan looked anxious, his nose beaded with sweat and his lips turning slightly pale.

Huo Qu stared blankly for a moment, then looked down at him, “Why?” He paused and his face gradually becoming a little sad, “Qinghuan, don’t you like my family?”

"No,” Fearing Huo Qu might misunderstand, Qinghuan hurriedly took Huo Qu’s hand and pressed it on his chest, making the other side feel his violent heartbeat. Then he explained, “Huo Qu, I’m so nervous, this, this is too sudden.”

Huo Qu didn’t understand why he would act like this, but Yu Qinghuan looked really anxious. Huo Qu lifted Qinghuan’s face and kissed on his lip corner, constantly comforting him, “Come on. Don’t be nervous. You have me…”

He stroked Qinghuan’s back then, “There will be zongzi to eat later.”

This was not the time to eat! Yu Qinghuan almost cried!

He never expected Mrs. Huo would come up with such a move! Early did he know it, he would promise to go to Huo Qu’s home for dinner! At least he would not be so passive.

Looking down at his dusty clothes after filming, he covered his head in horror. In Huo Qu’s stupefied eyes, he stormed into the bathroom.

Yu Qinghuan cleaned himself up and put on a set of clothes he thought the best. He lingered in front of the mirror for a long time before pulling Huo Qu over and asking, “Do I look good in this suit?”

Huo Qu replied without thinking, “Of course.”

Yu Qinghuan scratched his hair irritably, “Really?” He began to be unreasonable because of nervousness, “You feel good with everything. I shouldn’t have asked you.”

After another two rounds of wandering, he fiddled with his hair with a comb to make sure he didn’t even have a single hair in disorder. Then he sat on the bed nervously.

However, he felt uneasy and could not sit still at all. He did not know even himself how many sitting positions he had changed in one minute. Finally, he could not bear it and grabbed Huo Qu’s shoulder and hit it hard with his head several times, murmuring, “What should I do, Huo Qu, I am too nervous. I feel stuffy in my chest. I can barely breathe.”

Huo Qu was very distressed by what he said and did not know what to do to make him better. He looked around anxiously, suddenly his eyes lit up and he rushed over to open the window, “Open the window and you won’t feel stuffy.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

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