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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 167: You have to Kiss Me Every Day before Sleeping 1

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Chapter 167: You have to Kiss Me Every Day before Sleeping (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan took the fastest bath in his life. When he climbed into bed, he was still wet with water. Huo Qu did not mind such a damp. He turned over and held Qinghuan directly into his arms.

Having been slept with Huo Qu in this posture for a long time, Yu Qinghuan had already been used to it. He lowered the air conditioning temperature a little, reached out to turn off the bedside lamp, and went into Huo Qu’s familiar arms.

It was already summer, the hottest time of the year. Even if the cool air was blowing over the head, the two men with young blood still felt pretty hot sticking together.

Sweat swooned out on Yu Qinghuan’s forehead. He endured the heat for a while, thinking Huo Qu might have fallen asleep. Then, he tried to move out extra gingerly. Once he moved, he only found that Huo Qu’s arms holding him even tighter.

"You are still awake?” Yu Qinghuan raised his head and looked at Huo Qu in astonishment in the dark. He stretched out his hand to touch Huo Qu’s face tenderly. Indeed, Huo Qu’s eyes were open. “Didn’t you say you were sleepy?”

"I cannot fall asleep.” Huo Qu rubbed Qinghuan’s hand and said with grievance, “I feel uncomfortable...”

"Hmm?” Yu Qinghuan lost his head in the heat. He touched Huo Qu’s lower part when he heard the word ‘uncomfortable’ but did not sense any reaction. When he was about to speak, Huo Qu grabbed his hand.

"Qinghuan, you want me?” His tone was filled with joy and disbelief. This was Qinghuan’s first initiative to ask for it.

"No, no!” Yu Qinghuan hurriedly explained, wanting to slap himself in his heart. Clearly Huo Qu felt uncomfortable because he missed his usual sleeping time. How did he brain parse Huo Qu’s words into that kind of thing?!

“I really need to buy some walnuts and gingko tomorrow to nourish my brain,” thought Yu Qinghuan.

"Well…you know…I took it the wrong say....” Yu Qinghuan crouched guiltily and patted Huo Qu on the back in a soothing way, “Time to sleep. It’s really late.”

Took it the wrong way? In the darkness, Huo Qu’s puzzled eyes fell on Yu Qinghuan’s head.

“How could you understand it wrong? I have made it so crystal clear,” thought Huo Qu.

He tried to analyze the meaning of Yu Qinghuan’s words. And his eyes suddenly lit up after he changed his way of thinking.

"Qinghuan,” He was overjoyed and kissed on Yu Qinghuan’s head. His right hand went in along the hem of Yu Qinghuan’s clothes and lingered on his thin and soft waist, “Don’t be shy.”

Yu Qinghuan, “???”

Why should he be shy? What was Huo Qu thinking?

The itchy feeling from the waist let Qinghuan’s whole figure feel numb. It was only with great difficulty that he held back Huo Qu’s restless hand. He gasped, “Don’t touch me! Can’t you just let me sleep? Don’t overthink things. Do I need to pretend to be shy before you?”

"I know,” Huo Qu suddenly rolled over and pressed Qinghuan down his body, rolling his shirt to the top, licking and biting his collarbone. His voice was blurred, “You always act like this...”

"Act like what?” Yu Qinghuan did not know where his brain had gone. He grabbed Huo Qu by the shoulder and wanted to push him away, but his body quivered with a jerk and he could not help humming.

"Don’t, not there...”

"No…right here...” Huo Qu reached a hand into Qinghuan’s pants, breathing heavily and his heart beating like a drum. He felt that he finally understood what Qinghuan meant by saying ‘no’ to him every time.

"Clearly you want it, but you say no. Clearly you feel comfortable, but you let me stop.”

"No…” Yu Qinghuan got head over heels by Huo Qu. He looked up and gasped to explain, “Stop, stop your hypothetical theory!” After grabbing the sheets under him, he finally found a trace of mind. “But you had no reaction just now, did you?”

How did this guy suddenly become so turned on? He was... a total animal!

"Yes,” Huo Qu stiffened his body and hit Qinghuan, proving himself with his ‘gun’, “I will have a reaction whenever I see you.”

Huo Qu paused and stopped the movements of his hands when Yu Qinghuan felt impatient and instinctively erected his waist. He bent and kissed Qinghuan on his mouth corner flatteringly, “Qinghuan, give me a hand...”

Yu Qinghuan did not immediately agree. After a moment of silence, he firmly spat out the two words, “Just this once”.

Huo Qu’s expression was reluctant. He hesitated for a few seconds, and suddenly stretched out his hand to touch Yu Qinghuan’s lips cautiously and tentatively.

Yu Qinghuan immediately understood what he meant and he was so angry but laughed at the last. He gave Huo Qu a push and said, “Huo Qu, do you want me to kiss you every day before you sleep?”

Zhao Qingyuan’s Indian Divine Oil really made him suffer…

Huo Qu paused and then blushed to reveal the little dimple on his cheek, “Of course I want it if you like.”

Yu Qinghuan, “…”

Yu Qinghuan, who was forced to brush his teeth several times a night, yawned the next morning when he went to the national television station. Yu Xin wanted to ask why, but he just shut his mouth when he looked at the upright Huo Qu sitting next to him.

He thought it was better not to delve into the real reason why Qinghuan was so sleepy.

The national television station acted very quickly. They communicated with Qinghuan and other ambassadors on the first day, and on the second day, all of them who had received the invitation was called to attend the award ceremony.

The ceremony continued the usual serious style of the television. There was even delivery of certificates of merit. Before officially entering the stage, the stylist even deliberately made Yu Qinghuan’s hairstyle more formal.

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