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Chapter 165: I’m Waiting for You (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
In the early morning of the next day, Yu Qinghuan went to the national television station. The receiving girl welcomed him warmly and led him to the conference room, and told him that the person in charge would come soon.

Yu Qinghuan nodded and took a seat near the door.

The opportunity came so suddenly that he had not yet figured out what was going on.

In the past, national television station had also chosen many ambassadors for cultural communication, but most of them were seniors with high artistic attainments. The invitation offered to Yu Qinghuan set a precedent.

Just as he was wondering, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open, and the person in charge strode in. As he saw Yu Qinghuan, the smile on his face suddenly became extremely bright. “Qinghuan, you are here! Don’t stand there, please take a seat.”

It was Zhang Dong. Last time in Macau, he and Zhao Rui went to promote the film with Yu Qinghuan.

"How do you do?” Yu Qinghuan shook hands with him and helped pull over the chair beside him.

He didn’t have much contact with Zhang Dong before. All he could recall of this man was he always put on airs and spoke in a lofty manner, looking down upon those junior actors like him.

Why had his attitude changed so fast? Had anything special happened?

"Qinghuan, the performance of The Line of Life and Death is awesome, congratulations.” Zhang Dong’s face was loaded with fat. He looked at Yu Qinghuan in an extremely gratified way, like the old looking at the promising younger generation. “The entertainment circle needs talents like you.”

Speaking of which, he pulled the chair closer to Yu Qinghuan.

"You flattered me.” Yu Qinghuan kept smiling, and then replied vapidly.

He felt a little embarrassed by Zhang Dong’s enthusiasm. He wanted to distance from the man a little but felt it impolite to make him lose face. So he came straight to the point and asked, “What do I need to do today, Dong ge?”

"There’s a lot, but not difficult. Someone will guide you,” Zhang Dong took a sip of water and continued, “I’ll tell you the general process later.”

After a pause, his eyes lingered on Yu Qinghuan’s body up and down and the topic suddenly changed, “Qinghuan, you know, this title is not so easy to get for anyone else!”

He held out his hand and patted the back of Yu Qinghuan’s hand, implying some kind of profound meaning.

Yu Qinghuan withdrew his hand quickly and his face immediately darkened.

No wonder he always felt something wasn’t right. Was this Zhang Dong trying to use some hidden rules on him? But how could it be? When Zhang Dong saw him last time, the man obviously had no such intentions. How could he suddenly have a crush on him?

Yu Qinghuan frowned slightly and drew a little further from Zhang Dong. He choked back his nausea and said, “Dong ge, let’s talk about the process first.”

Zhang Dong never expected Yu Qinghuan to change the topic, he managed to swallow all his words and nodded, “Okay. After this thing is confirmed today, we will hold an overseas cultural ambassador award ceremony to be broadcast during the prime time of national channel one. Next, we will need to go abroad for publicity in September or October.”

After a pause, he began to say in a bureaucratic tone again. “This is a great opportunity I used all my connections to get for you. There are so many actors in the entertainment circle, which one can receive such an honor from the national TV station? You know...”

Before he had finished speaking, Yu Qinghuan cut him off, “Thanks for your trust.” He took out his cell phone from his pocket and took a glance at it. “Sorry, my agent has something urgent. I need to leave now.”

After finishing his words, he stood up and wanted to walk out.

"Ah, Qinghuan, wait!” Seeing Yu Qinghuan was about to leave, Zhang Dong got anxious and ran to him. “Don’t leave yet, I’ve got some other things to talk to you!”

Hearing this, Yu Qinghuan immediately became more vigilant.

Besides the ambassador of cultural communication, what else would he have to talk about?!

He grasped the door handle, pulled open a crack, and said lightly, “Dong ge, go ahead, I’m listening.”

"You close the door first,” Zhang Dong walked pass the corner of the table to him and winked at him. “You know, it’s not good for others to hear.”

Yu Qinghuan’s patience had finally been worn out.

In his last life, he also encountered such things a lot, and every time he managed to avoid them with great efforts but swallowed the insult and humiliation silently. Now, he did not intend to endure this kind of things again.

In this world, no one but Huo Qu could make him compromise!

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes were like a knife, looking at Zhang Dong coldly. Just he was about to speak, the girl who had received him just now suddenly knocked at the door, put her head in through the crack and said lightly, “Sorry, Mr. Dong, Mrs. Cen wants to meet Qinghuan.”

Zhang Dong was displeased with her sudden appearance, but he froze when hearing the name, “Which Mrs. Cen?”

"Cen Feng,” said the girl with sparkling eyes.

"Come on! Invite Mrs. Cen in!” Zhang Dong rubbed his hands and the fat on his excited face trembled. He even wished he could grow a pair of wings from behind and fly directly to Cen Feng.

Cen Feng was waiting outside. She was in a wheelchair and was attended by the nurse, in a bad condition.

Although she was over 60 with a sick face, Cen Feng was still beautiful. She started her career as a dancer and her figure was well maintained. Even if she could not move freely now, her elegant temperament could not be hidden.

"Yu Qinghuan, right?” She looked up and found Yu Qinghuan among them accurately. Touching the returned ring on her finger, she smiled at him, “Thank you very much indeed. This ring is more important to me than my life.”
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