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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 164: “I Heard It!” 2

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Chapter 164: “I Heard It!” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
At this thought, Mrs. Huo immediately became angry. She, as a mother, had struggled to force herself to accept the truth whether her son was into men or women. Why should those outsiders meddle in their business? On what grounds do they stand to judge her son?

As for Yu Qinghuan, the man had self-reliance, kindness, high education, and great acting skills. Why couldn’t her son fall in love with another outstanding man in his own field? Their choice did not need to be judged!

The loving old mother got furious!

She rolled up her sleeves, grabbed the mobile phone from Mr. Huo’s hand, and stared her eyes wide, trying to refute the netizens’ comments for 300 rounds. However, she was also stunned when she saw the comments.

For quite a long time…

Then, Mrs. Huo looked at Mr. Huo with disbelief. “So, now people... are so supportive of gay?”

“I have no idea either” Mr. Huo took a sip of the tea and managed to suppress his shock.

So what are all those comments about?

Why were they all so supportive for their little son to be with Qinghuan?

Regardless of the… gay thing, the photo on Weibo was so obvious. One could tell the two were in love as long as they had eyes! How did these people ignore the fact selectively?!

Mrs. Huo, “Young people nowadays are really... different from us.”

She felt confused, at the same time, the big rock that had been pressing down on her heart finally fell to the ground.

As long as her son was not despised or looked down upon, she would stay at ease.

“Honey,” she poked her husband with her elbow, “It will be the Dragon Boat Festival in a few days. Ask Rong to call Qinghuan and invite him for dinner. It’s really outrageous that San Er hasn’t brought him back for so long.”

“Hmm.” Seeing his wife finally wear a smile, Mr. Huo also smiled.

When Huo Rong called, Yu Qinghuan was sitting in bed reading the scripts. The ring’s follow-up was handled by Liu Jia’an. Yu Qinghuan felt so happy he could stay out of it because he could take Huo Qu home early today.

Zhao Qingyuan had brought him a lot of snacks. Yu Qinghuan felt itchy from his mouth and felt for a pack of chocolate bars. After losing weight last time, he got ill, so his weight never recovered. Therefore, it was not a crime to satisfy his appetite once in a while.

“Huo Qu, help me with my cell phone,” said Qinghuan with a chocolate bar in his mouth and his head turned to Huo Qu, he felt lazy and did not want to move when he heard the cell phone ringing.

Huo Qu’s eyes rested on his face and he did not move.

“Professor Huo, can you help me with my cell phone?” Yu Qinghuan added with a smile, paused and handed the chocolate bar to him. “Take one and help me with my cellphone.”

Huo Qu thought for a while and reached for one chocolate bar.

“Hurry up,” Yu Qinghuan urged him, “Or the phone will hang up.”

After a hesitation for a moment, Huo Qu turned around and went to the living room. When he came back, his mouth was stained with chocolate crumbs.

“You eat like a little child,” Yu Qinghuan took the phone with one hand and wiped Huo Qu’s corner of the mouth with the other. Just as he was about to take away the other half of the chocolate bar from his mouth to answer the phone, Huo Qu suddenly came up, gripped the chocolate bar with the teeth and kissed him on the lips quickly.

Yu Qinghuan was stunned by this set of movements, suspecting the guy had seen something evil on the Internet again. At the thought of that, he almost forgot to answer the phone until Huo Qu reminded him, “It’s my second elder brother.”

Then, he pressed the answer key in a daze.

“Qinghuan, do you have any plans for the Dragon Boat Festival? If not, come to my house for dinner,” added Huo Rong in fear of Yu Qinghuan’s refusal, “My parents would like to see you.”

Yu Qinghuan’s heart suddenly jumped violently. He knew there would be such a day, but subconsciously he had been procrastinating that day. He always thought it would become. But unexpectedly, this day would come so suddenly.

“I...” He licked his lips and nervously took the phone away from his ears, lest Huo Rong heard his inordinate breaths, “I... I think I’m ok with it.”

He almost gnashed his teeth to squeeze out these words.

He was not afraid to see Huo Qu’ brothers but was worried about their parents. He thought he might lack the courage to face their angry eyes and be blamed for leading Huo Qu to this road.

He had no parents, so he extremely cherished parents’ feelings for their children and did not want to hurt them.

Yu Qinghuan did not know what to do if the Huo family strongly opposed him and Huo Qu.

“Good,” Huo Rong laughed brightly, “That’s nailed then,” he paused and then added, “Please give the phone to my little brother. I need to speak to him.”

“Okay,” Yu Qinghuan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this request. He almost couldn’t wait to throw his cell phone to Huo Qu. Unexpectedly, when he turned his head, he saw Huo Qu also making a phone call.

He was too nervous to hear the cell phone ringing.

“Qinghuan, it’s from Yu Xin.” Huo Qu hung up the phone and said to Yu Qinghuan, “He said he couldn’t reach you on the phone, so he let me tell you, you have been chosen as the ambassador for overseas cultural promotion by the national television, and you need to go there these days.”

Great! That was Yu Qinghuan’s first reaction. In this way, he would postpone Dragon Boat Festival dinner in Huo Qu’s home. He hoped that day would come as late as possible!

However, he accidentally spoke his thoughts out.

He was so happy that for a while he forgot to cut off the phone with Huo Rong.

“Qinghuan,” Huo Rong’s faint voice came from the other side of the phone, and Qinghuan’s heart was almost still, “I heard it.”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

It turned out that stupidity was contagious. Zhao Qingyuan! This guy should be the one to take the blame!
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