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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 162: I Want to Sleep with You 2

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Chapter 162: I Want to Sleep with You (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
In quite a short, he was surrounded by the crowd.

Yu Qinghuan rubbed his temples because of headache, and was trying to find a way to get rid of these people. At that time, Liu Jia’an called with a horn all the actors to take the makeup pictures. Yu Qinghuan immediately breathed a sigh of relief, seizing the opportunity to rush out of the crowd.

How to Love You was an urban love play. The first set of makeup photos was the male lead and female lead. Qin Zheng and other actors had finished the photos a few days ago while the weather was fine. Now they just needed to take a few more single ones.

For Yu Qinghuan, a makeup photo was not difficult, much simpler than filming for a commercial. He knew the whole scripts well by heart. It was easy for him to create the feelings Liu Jia’an wanted in the photo.

After that, under the arrangement of the director, the artists of the film crew photoshoped the works and posted them on Weibo.

It was already not the time filming The Line of Life and Death. Qin Zheng and Yu Qinghuan were gaining momentum in the circle not to mention Liu Jia’an. The Line of Life and Death was still on in the theaters, so there were many people who paid attention to How to Love You.

As soon as the makeup photos were released, it immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens.

[Ah! Qin Zheng is really handsome. I can’t even close my legs! I’m crying!]

[Shit! The female lead is a winner in life! My two male gods like her! I’m so jealous.]

[Alas!!! I hope the two can show up in the same scene! Please finish this movie as soon as possible! I will definitely buy tickets to support it!]

[Wipe the saliva, girls! Qinghuan is so stunningly gorgeous! How I wish to sleep with my little koi!]

[Me too! I also want to sleep with my koi! Qinghuan looks cold and abstinent. But he only makes me want to strip his clothes and press him under my body to see what he looks like when he is cumming in bed! Ah... I’m hard already, but actually I even have no dick...]

[It’s daytime and you are already talking dirty now... I looked at the time at the lower right corner of the computer screen and lost myself in thoughts...]

Huo Qu was multi-tasking. While watching whether Yu Qinghuan was getting too intimate with Qin Zheng, he also browsed Qinghuan’s information on Weibo. The moment he saw these comments, his already depressed mood became gloomier.

These people were really shameless!

How could they say such a thing in daytime without blushing!

“What’s the matter?” At this time, Yu Qinghuan who had finished his work slumped into the sofa, and then looked up at Huo Qu, “Still mad at me?”

He sighed and explained to Huo Qu, “That thing is really not for you. Qingyuan brought it to me just for a joke.”

Huo Qu couldn’t help thinking of those comments on Weibo. His eyelashes quivered and he started to believe Qinghuan’s explanation.

Zhao Qingyuan... That man was like those people on the Internet, they were all thick-skinned. It seemed not strange for him to do such things, but…

He looked at Yu Qinghuan with faint eyes. “Why did he bring you that kind of stuff?” After a pause, he said sourly, “Does he like you, too?”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Huo Qu really regarded him as a heartthrob!

“No.” He patted Huo Qu’s hand helplessly, “Qingyuan was really joking.” He paused and weaved another lie, “He has a girlfriend.”

Huo Qu lowered his head thoughtfully, “Is that so?”

“Stop being mad at me,” Yu Qinghuan stabbed him in the waist, “okay?”

Huo Qu took a sip of his lips and uttered ‘uh’. Suddenly, he turned around and kissed at Yu Qinghuan’s lip corner.

Yu Qinghuan’s face turned red instantly and he looked around guiltily. Seeing that everyone was busy at the moment and no one noticed them, he breathed a sigh of relief and shouted to Huo Qu in a low voice, “What are you doing? There are so many people here!”

Huo Qu’s eyelashes quivered, “I want to sleep with you.”

What’s the use of those people shouting on Weibo? He was the only one who could do that!

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Where was his cute little one who could only chirp when kissing?

Professor Huo, you have changed...

“Qinghuan!” At that moment, Liu Jia’an suddenly shouted loudly, “What are you doing there? Hurry up and come here! The ceremony is about to begin!”

The performance of The Line of Life and Death was a big hit, so the outside world had great expectations of How to Love You, which also gave Liu Jia’an a lot of pressure.

Liu Jia’an, who did not believe in these ceremonial things originally, found a master for the first time and planned to hold a full set of ceremonies before the filming began.

There was not only the opening ceremony but also the earth-moving ceremony.

As the name implied, the director and the leading roles would take a shovel and symbolically dug a hole according to the master’s calculated position, informing the gods here in advance that they would be disturbed for some time to come.

“Here I am.” Yu Qinghuan tossed out his messy mind and trotted to the director.

Originally, Yu Qinghuan was male No.2, so his order should be in the front. But his good luck was well known, so Liu Jia’an put him in the last place.

The first digging must be carried by the director. Since Yu Qinghuan could not be put in the front, he was in charge of the last!

Liu Jia’an took a deep breath and turned around to urge Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, I will depend on you later. We must have a good ending, you know?”

“Yeah, got it.” Yu Qinghuan nodded helplessly.

Liu Jia’an was nervous, so he was definitely not making a show when digging, but actually doing it with his greatest effort. The actors thought it was the master’s request seeing the director so serious, so they all followed, using all their strength to shovel.

When it came to Yu Qinghuan’s turn, the ground had been already dug up a deep pit!

Under everyone’s nervous gaze, Yu Qinghuan took the shovel under considerable pressure and then dug hard on the ground.

Hearing a crunchy “ding”, like the sound of his spade hitting something, Yu Qinghuan bent down to look at it and was immediately stunned. The rest of the film crew members rushed up and were also thunderstruck.

It was a simple and elegant gold ring, looking so familiar, as if…

Liu Jia’an gulped down his saliva and said in stammer, “Was... this the lost ring Mrs. Cen offered a reward of 10 million?”

Cen Feng, a national treasure actor in the entertainment circle, accidentally lost her love token from her late husband while filming a few years ago. Under the heavy blow, she nearly went insane. She posted the photo of the ring on the Internet and offered a high price of 10 million yuan. Unfortunately, three years later, many fake rings were sent to her, but the real one was never discovered.

That was a huge news that year. Almost everyone on the filming sit had heart about this ring.

All film crew members stared at the ring with only one thought in their minds: Yu Qinghuan is truly the reincarnation of lucky koi!
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