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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 161: I Want to Sleep with You 1

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Chapter 161: I Want to Sleep with You (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
It was cloudy and windy outside, looked like a storm was approaching.

Yu Xin drove with fear while nagging Yu Qinghuan, “No rain, please. No rain, please. I don’t know how long we are gonna stuck in here if it rains!” He stopped at a red light and took out his cell phone. “I have to login on my Weibo to post a photo of you for the koi’s blessing!”

“Ge,” Yu Qinghuan looked at him in embarrassment, “come on, I’m in your car in person.”

Yu Xin insisted, “Shh! I have to! It’s called ‘double assurance’!”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Yu Qinghuan didn’t bother to pay attention to Yu Xin anymore. Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Huo Qu, who sat beside him straight, the thoughts of teasing the boy immediately popping out from his mind. He reached out and poked under Huo Qu’s ribs and asked, “Are you tired sitting so straightened up? Look at me, lean against the seat.”

No matter where he sat, Huo Qu would always take this posture, which had not changed since Yu Qinghuan knew him.

Huo Qu shook his head with a straight face and did not move a bit.

Being rejected, Yu Qinghuan did not give up, instead, curiosity rose from his heart. He poked Huo Qu’s ribs more brazenly, trying to make the man change his sitting posture because of the unceasing itch. Unfortunately, Huo Qu had no sensitive points. No matter how hard he poked, Huo Qu sat steadily there like a mountain.

In the end, Huo Qu still had no reaction, but Yu Qinghuan had no more strength to do it.

He withdrew his hand bitterly and murmured in a low voice, “So boring.”

Huo Qu glanced at him doubtfully, pondered over it, suddenly clasped Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder and pressed his head onto his own legs.

“What are you doing?” Yu Qinghuan looked up at him, but did not sit up.

Huo Qu touched his face, “Have some rest.”

Now you know I need some rest? Why didn’t you consider a bit for me last night?

He pretended to get angry and stared at Huo Qu fiercely. But Yu Xin was with them, so he was embarrassed to act like a drama queen and could only close his eyes and rest his mind lying on his laps.

Seeing this intimate scene from the rearview mirror, Yu Xin felt greasy and his teeth sore, he couldn’t help having a shiver and stepped on the accelerator.

Strangely enough, only after Yu Qinghuan arrived at the film crew did it begin to rain.

The rain was like pouring down from the heaven, which instantly caused a thick layer of fog between sky and earth with visibility abruptly decreased. It was nearly impossible for one to walk, let alone driving.

Yu Xin looked at the big rain outside dumbfounded for a long time before he turned his stiff face to Yu Qinghuan, “Qinghuan, I mean it, you must have saved the earth in your last life.”

“It’s just a coincidence.” Yu Qinghuan was also doubting it in his heart, and he could only make a vague reply.

“Coincidence?” At this time, Liu Jia’an walked up. He looked at Yu Qinghuan with indecision and said disapprovingly, “You must have been overpowered!”

Before the filming, there were usually a few days left to allow the actors to get familiar with each other, so that they would not feel strange or stiff when playing the roles together. Liu Jia’an was just telling Qin Zheng that if Yu Qinghuan did not come due to the heavy rain, the whole film crew’s arrangement would be delayed today. But Yu Qinghuan escaped the threatening weather and the heavy rain and arrived on time. So the shooting could be carried on as scheduled.

Yu Qinghuan scratched his head with embarrassment and did not say anything.

“Qinghuan,” Qin Zheng who was sitting on the sofa said hello to Yu Qinghuan on seeing the latter came.

Compared with last time, his attitude had not changed a bit, still so gentle and considerate. Before Yu Qinghuan came, he really could not imagine how to get along with Qi Zheng, but seeing him like this, he suddenly felt relaxed a lot, “Zheng ge.”

“You two should have an in-depth communication later,” Liu Jia’an leafed through the scripts and looked up at Qinghuan. “Especially you, Qinghuan, consult Qin Zheng more about the emotional part.”

Having worked together on a movie was enough to make Liu Jia’an grasp Yu Qinghuan’s personality clearly.

This young man had great talent in acting, but was hindered by a very obvious shortcoming. He could not perform emotional plays well enough.

In fact, this might not be a problem to other directors. After all, Yu Qinghuan’s acting was not bad, and he could always perform almost as well. Therefore, most directors would choose to let the actors pass when encountering such situation.

But what Liu Jia’an wanted was not ‘almost as well’, but precise. Any tilt to the left or right was an intolerable mistake to him.

This was why Yu Qinghuan always stopped half-way by the director when filming The Line of Life and Death.

“I got it.” Yu Qinghuan nodded, whispered to Huo Qu, and took him to the side of the sofa to sit down. Then he went to find Qin Zheng.

“Are you so worried?” Qin Zheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Qinghuan as if he were joking, but his question sounded quite serious.

Yu Qinghuan was stunned and smiled immediately, “Well, there are too many people here. Huo Qu does not like such occasions.”

Just some simple words but they already made Qin Zheng’s whole heart like being immersed in green plum juice, the kind of sourness made him hardly to maintain the smile on his face.

The man he liked put someone else on the top of the heart, leaving him only courtesy and gentleness. He knew consciously he was no inferior to and even better than Huo Qu, but it turned out the latter was the apple of Qinghuan’s eyes.

Fortunately, Yu Qinghuan didn’t talk much about Huo Qu, and Qin Zheng’s professional ability was strong enough. The two soon entered the working state and went through the whole scripts.

Huo Qu, on the other hand, was staring at the two from behind, as if fearing Qin Zheng would do anything improper, so he could rush out in the first place.

After The Line of Life and Death was released, Yu Qinghuan had completely become a A-list star. In the film crew, he was no longer the little transparency who was unknown to anyone. Therefore, as soon as he finished the scenes with Qin Zheng, a group of people came to suck up to him at every possible opportunity.

There were food-giving, cosseting, and even cards-sending with strong hinting cards trying to poach him…

“Yu ge, this one has little calories, it won’t make you fat. Try it.”

“Mr. Yu, are you from Tao Village? My family is not far from there, so we are half folks.”

“Yu ge, your acting is so impressive. My whole family likes you. Can you sign your name for me?”
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