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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 151: Face Slapping 1

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Chapter 151: Face Slapping (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Due to continuous favorable comments on the Internet, after 12 noon, the box office of The Line of Life and Death started to grow crazily.

During the period from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., a peak appeared, an increase of 12 million in an hour.

When the first day’s box office statistics came out, everyone was thunderstruck.

With only 14% of the screening, the box office of the movie reached 60 million on its releasing day!

Previously, Liu Jia’an had been actively contacting the cinemas, who were basically not optimistic about this movie because the director’s blank period lasted for seven years, plus he chose an unpopular theme after returning.

Even if Liu Jia’an’s contacts accumulated through these years were still there, they had to put interests in the first place.

Under such circumstances, it was really not easy for the movie to achieve such a result.

The discussion about the movie among the media and netizens was boiling!

In recent years, domestic films had been constantly criticized. Many film review websites had commented on domestic films only because of their poor performance, scattered plots and the confusing stories from the directors.

Although Orange had gotten a good reputation, its popularity was limited because the subject was not so widely-accepted.

The appearance of The Line of Life and Death was like a hurricane, which immediately set off a stormy wave across the country and triggered a heated discussion.

The cinemas were best known for their sense to sail with the wind. The next day, many cinemas adjusted the film screening of the movie to 40%. Such a big adjustment was unprecedented.

However, even with such an adjustment, the newly released tickets could far from satisfy the audience’s need. Basically, after 11: 00 p.m. on all major ticketing apps, all tickets for the movie would be sold out.

The Line of Life and Death really became a hit.

Discussions around the movie could be heard in office buildings, residential areas, and public buses and subways. Many people even went to the cinema to have four or five re-watch.

In any case, the film crew could not have imagined that the audiences would spontaneously act as ‘a public relations agent’ for the movie to help publicize it.

The day after its release, the cumulative box office of the movie reached 300 million yuan. On the third day, 520 million; And on the fourth day, 830 million!

And there was no sign of growing fatigue, the growth continued in spurts.

Liu Jia’an had finally fought a beautiful turnaround. ‘You don’t give a sh*t about me today, I make you eat your own sh*t tomorrow’, he had repeated these words in his mind these days.

By virtue of the popularity of the movie, the fame of the director, starring and supporting actors all rose with the tide.

Yu Qinghuan’s Weibo followers rose by 2 million overnight because his last act was so amazing that # Ye Sheng’s death # even ranked among the hot topics.

Previously, Yu Qinghuan’s fans were mainly female group, but The Line of Life and Death brought him a large number of male fans.

The second-generation rich, who was arrogant and afraid of death, sacrificed himself in order to save others. Such contrast made this role even more impressive.

After entering the entertainment circle for only over half an year, Yu Qinghuan had gained great popularity with only two movies.

New movie scripts and endorsements were handed over to him like snowflakes. The prices they offered were all high and he was even given the right to adjust the scripts.

“This one looks good.” Yu Xin recommended a romantic comedy to Yu Qinghuan and said, “This is something you should try. Such a movie is easy and relaxing. The box office wouldn’t be bad, I can tell.”

He then added, “Remember the perfume I talked to you yesterday? Their offer is quite sincere. What do you say?”

“Take it easy.” Yu Qinghuan said vaguely, with a throat candy in his mouth, “Let’s wait for some time first.”

“My holy ancestor!” Yu Xin beat the fat on his thigh, “What are you waiting for? Once a deal is gone, it is gone for good! Popularity corrodes quickly over time. It’s high time for you to star more movies while you’re on the rise!”

After a pause, he looked at Yu Qinghuan, “Don’t tell me you’re still waiting for Kenn’s endorsement, aren’t you?” He said, “There is no chance for you, since you have told them everything.”

“No.” Yu Qinghuan smiled helplessly and explained to Yu Xin patiently, “I’ll start filming How to Love You soon. Even if I have to consider new chances, I can only pick up one endorsement. As for movies, I don’t think any movie crew would like to wait for me till next year.”

“How do you know if you don’t fight for it?” Yu Xin was actually not confident with his own words.

Yu Qinghuan added, “And I also want to have a good rest.”

“What? You want to have a rest??? I won’t allow it!” Yu Xin gave him a stare. How he wished he could cut off a part of his entrepreneur spirit and stuffed it to him!

Encountering with such good chances, other stars would have already made used of every bit of it to climb high without the push from their agents!

It happened that this one was different from others!

In such a precious period of rising, how could he say he wanted some rest?!

Today he must give him a good ideological and political lesson!

As Yu Xin cleared his throat and wanted to speak, he heard Yu Qinghuan who was sitting on the opposite side sigh.

His eyelashes lowered slightly, his beautiful lips pursed and he whispered, “Ge, serial filming is really exhausting. I haven’t had a rest for a long time.”

Yu Xin was stunned and could not continue the words which were always on the tip of his tongue.

Yu Qinghuan had always been very tired. When he was young, he had to struggle for money. After he grew up, he had to rush about for work. He hadn’t really had a moment to relax yet.

Now he was not short of money and even had a boyfriend. He wanted a proper rest. This was not a particularly excessive request.

Yu Xin sighed. He knew himself not professional and without much ability, but what he really wanted to see most was his artist could live happily.

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