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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 12: Dinner Date 2

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Chapter 12: Dinner Date (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
While in Huo family, Huo Qu, who had always gone to bed at exact 9 o’clock, stayed up late without precedent.

He sat stiff in his study, and the expression on his face had turned from exciting at the beginning to disappointing now.

Qinghuan said he was gonna call him. But why hadn’t he called yet?

Did he drop his card or he simply couldn’t remember where he put it?

What should he do if that was the case?

Huo Qu pressed the power button of his phone a few times, looking rarely anxious.

Watching him from outside, his two brothers were scared. Huo Rong couldn’t help asking Huo Zheng, “Zheng, what is wrong with him? He acted a little weird today.”

Huo Zheng frowned, “Is he working on a new dangerous subject?”

In order to study the life span of proton, Huo Qu had soaked himself in the pool for three whole days. He wouldn’t listen to anyone and insisted that he had turned into splinter patron. And finally Huo Zheng had no choice but knocked him over and carried him home.

And his situation today reminded Huo Zheng of it.

“Oh no!” Huo Rong got his hairs on the back prickled with fear. He whined, “It kills me if that happens one more time.

Huo Zheng wanted to shush him in case Huo Qu heard them. But it was too late. Huo Qu suddenly got up and looked right in their direction, wearing no expression with that pair of empty eyes.

Huo Rong tried to get on his feet, “Qu, I just want to check why you are still up.”

“This…” Huo Qu held up his phone before Huo Rong, “Is there any missed calls?”

Maybe Qinghuan had already called, but he was not good at using a phone, so he missed his calls.

The more Huo Qu thought about it, the more reasonable he found it was. So he urged Huo Rong, “Rong, take a look for me.”

“What missed calls?” Huo Rong talked in whispers, but still started to check it carefully.

There was nothing in his call records. No missed calls!

“No one has called you.” Huo Rong held up the phone and shook it in front of Huo Qu.

Did he make some new friend? But that was impossible. For his personality, Huo Rong would rather believe that his little brother only wanted to know about the functions of his phone.

“I see…” Huo Qu’s face instantly darkened. He went back to his room listless and squatted before his desk again like a mushroom.

And then whatever Huo Zheng and Huo Rong asked, he always kept his mouth shut, like losing his tongue and his soul.

Yu Qinghuan didn’t know when he fell asleep. In his dream, Huo Qu kept calling his name like a monk’s enchanting: Qinghuan, Qinghuan, Qinghuan…

Yu Qinghuan then woke up with a start. Until then he remembered he promised Huo Qu he was gonna call him.

As far as he knew about Qinghuan, he wouldn’t sleep before he called. So he quickly turned on the light and routed out the card and dialed the number on it.

Someone picked it up on the first ring. On the other end of the line came Huo Qu’s lively voice, “Qinghuan!”

“Wow! You picked it up so fast!” Yu Qinghuan was a little surprised, and then teased him, “Have you been waiting by the phone?”

“Yeah.” Huo Qu replied without thinking, “I’ve been waiting for your call the whole night.”

Yu Qinghuan couldn’t help but looked at his phone. It was already twelve o’clock in the morning. How long had Huo Qu been waiting? He felt so sorry and immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, Huo Qu. I forgot.”

Huo Qu wasn’t angry at him at all, “It’s OK. You kept your words anyway.”

His words didn’t make Yu Qinghuan feel any better, but made him feel more awful. Picturing how Huo Qu stared at his phone and waited for his call pitifully, he thought he was such a shithead.

He could have forgotten anything but not this.

“It’s my fault. You go to sleep now. I’m gonna treat you a big meal, OK?” Yu Qinghuan decided to make up for him.

“Deal!” Huo Qu had no idea what Yu Qinghuan meant, but he still agreed readily, as long as he could see Yu Qinghuan.

Yu Qinghuan talked about something else and then hung up because he was too sleepy.

Now he not only got Yu Qinghuan’s number, but also got a chance to have dinner with him! The bad mood now was totally gone. Huo Qu then put away his phone, took a hot bath and went to bed, pleased.

But the twin brothers outside who were watching all this would have a sleepless night.

Huo Zheng, “Who is Qinghuan?”

Huo Rong scratched his head, “The one I told you about last time. A C-list actor our company has just signed.”

Huo Zheng goggled at Huo Rong, “How did Qu make acquaintance with the actor of your company? Did you set them up?”

Huo Rong felt wronged, “I am also wondering how they got to know each other.” After a pause, he quietly closed Huo Qu’s door and then said, “He is going to meet that C-list actor. What should we do?”

Huo Zheng took it for granted, “Do you even need to ask? Of course we’ll follow him.” Who knows what tricks that C-list actor was cooking. They had to stay highly vigilant!

So early the next morning, Yu Qinghuan got up to pick up Huo Qu. He had no idea that another car from Huo family was following them, where the twin brothers were watching him over!
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