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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 145: My Boyfriend Got Sick 3

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Chapter 145: My Boyfriend Got Sick (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Before he had finished speaking, the telephone suddenly rang. Yu Qinghuan looked down and saw it was from Huo Qu.

Being afraid that Huo Qu would recognize his difference of the voice, Yu Qinghuan didn’t dare to answer the phone. After Yu Xin handed over the phone to him, he pressed the answer key after a pause, and said, “Huo Qu”, with a restrained voice.

Unexpectedly, Huo Qu’s first words were, “Qinghuan, you got sick.”

Even the media and his fans would not tell that he was ill and Yu Xin could be cheated by his performance, Huo Qu was the only one to tell his unusual at the first glance even though they were separated by numerous hills and streams.

Yu Qinghuan felt a slight warm in his chest, but he still lied, “No, don’t talk nonsense, I’m fine.”

“I can see that,” Huo Qu insisted, “You are different from usual. You are definitely ill.” He paused and asked with concern and anxiety, “Qinghuan, what’s wrong with you?”

If he continued to deny it, Huo Qu would only be more worried. Feeling helpless, Yu Qinghuan had to admit, “I just have a cold and some fever, but I’ve been to the hospital and nothing serious now. Don’t worry.”

Finishing his words, he waited anxiously for Huo Qu’s response while thinking of the words to comfort him.

Huo Qu would be so upset in the past when he heard Qinghuan was ill, and would even make an uproar to come to him. But Yu Qinghuan did not expect that this time, Huo Qu did not do so.

Although Yu Qinghuan could still hear the worry, the man on the other side of the phone was calm. After asking Qinghuan about his condition in detail, Huo Qu let him have a good rest and hung up the phone, which made Yu Qinghuan not adapt to it for a while.

However, what he did not know was: As soon as Huo Qu put down the phone, he called his driver anxiously, “Please take me to the hospital.”

His driver got a fright and thought Huo Qu was ill. When he found out what was going on, he was able neither to cry nor to laugh.

Yu Qinghuan was the man who got sick. What’s the use of his young master going to the hospital?

However, could anyone oppose Huo Qu’s insistence?

In the end, the driver not only took him to the hospital but even helped him to make an appointment for him.

In the clinic, the elderly doctor pushed his presbyopic glasses up on his nose bridge. He glanced at Huo Qu sitting opposite him, took out a small flashlight and said to him, “Have you caught a cold? Open your mouth and let me check if your throat is inflamed.”

Huo Qu shook his head, “No, not me,” he paused and again felt worried, “It’s my boyfriend.”

Huo Qu shook his head, It’s not me.” After a pause, he said in a shy but worried tone, “It’s my boyfriend who got sick.”

The doctor, “…”

Wait? Boyfriend? This was too much! No! I could not be led astray by him, thought the doctor.

Since his boyfriend was the patient, why did he come by solely himself?! How could this group of young men always change their ways to do tricks?

The doctor coughed, trying to keep himself professional and rational, “Where is he?”

“He is in another city and cannot come.” Huo Qu clenched his fists anxiously, looked at the doctor earnestly and added, “But I know all his symptoms! You can ask me! I want to see the doctor for him.”

The doctor, “…”

Having worked in the hospital for so many years, this was the first time he had seen such a ‘patient’! This young man was definitely here to make trouble.

He frowned and wanted to scold Huo Qu, but instantly felt uneasy with his conscience seeing those pair of sincere eyes.

Forget it. There were so many flu patients these days. This silly boy had a hard time getting the chance for diagnosis, and it would not consume much energy just talking with him.”

“Tell your boyfriend to drink more hot water, eat some light food, and don’t have chili.” Seeing Huo Qu listening carefully, the doctor continued, “If he really has the recent flu, then don’t delay the time and let him go to the local hospital as soon as possible...”

The doctor said a lot in a voluminous way, but Huo Qu was still dissatisfied and asked, “What medicine should he take to get better?”

"He is not present, what medicine can I give you!” The doctor glared at him and finally exhausted his patience. “All right, hurry back your home, I still have many patients behind you.”

Huo Qu was expelled from the clinic. Just as the driver was trying to pull him home, Huo Qu already took out his cell phone and called Yu Qinghuan.

He repeated what the doctor had just said word for word. At the end, he added, “Qinghuan, you must follow these instructions.”

Yu Qinghuan did not expect that his heart would melt away because of what Huo Qu did. His throat was choked, and he answered dumb, “I know, I will do it.”

People were extra vulnerable when they were sick, besides, there was another person who cared about him so much.

Yu Qinghuan’s face unconsciously rubbed against the quilt and he said in a pettish whisper, “You always do silly things.”

Huo Qu was dumbfounded for a moment, not quite understanding what Qinghuan was trying to say. In his cognition, going to the hospital when sick was a natural thing, how could it be remarked as silly stuff?

From the day he met Yu Qinghuan, the life value of Huo Qu had become “Qinghuan means everything”. Instead of refuting him, he held the phone and said earnestly, “I can do anything for you.”
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