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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 144: My Boyfriend Got Sick 2

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Chapter 144: My Boyfriend Got Sick (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
On the way to the meeting, Yu Xin was still not at ease. He stopped the car halfway and bought a fever cooling pad to stick on Yu Qinghuan’s forehead.

Kenn’s Asian region manager was called Lu Feng, who was about 40 years old. Although his appearance was ordinary, his strong aura prevailed anyone present.

Yu Qinghuan had experienced in his previous life far more than that, and his heart had long been extremely robust. Apart from Huo Qu, no one could disturb his rhythm. Therefore, when talking with Lu Feng, his expression was natural, and his attitude was polite but not restrained. Lu Feng looked at him and nodded in satisfaction. Originally, he was not sure if Yu Qinghuan was a suitable candidate. But now his balance had titled to him.

Kenn attached great importance to the maintenance of its brand image, so they had always been very cautious in choosing spokesmen. They wanted their spokesmen to have appropriate appearance, with no scandals and rumors and were even harsh on their candidates’ education and background.

Yu Qinghuan had just gained some fame but was surrounded by plenty of auras.

A graduate from Hua University, the chosen one, got fame for his maiden work, received invitations of movies made by famous directors and writers…

Each of these conditions looked extraordinary, let alone combined.

Lu Feng was only interested in these conditions at the beginning. When he saw Yu Qinghuan in person, he realized that what inside Yu Qinghuan was not just these aurae.

This young man did not have the willfulness and childishness of his generation. Instead, he had a strange charm. Even with his young age, he would definitely add color to the brand because his personal image was in good agreement with what the passion series wanted.

This made Lu Feng overjoyed. He even decided in his heart that he would push forward the decision when he returned. However, Yu Qinghuan suddenly said, “Manager Lu, I know Kenn attaches great importance to its spokesperson, so there is one thing I need to say in advance.”


Yu Qinghuan took a sip of the tea to moisten his throat before continuing, “I’m gay and will definitely come out.”

Lu Feng went silent.

If Yu Qinghuan's previous performance could make Yu Qinghuan a qualified spokesman, this condition was enough for the manager to reverse his former decision.

He personally had no opinion against gay men, but a gay spokesman could pose a great blow to the brand and the spokesman himself.

He was satisfied with Yu Qinghuan, this kind of satisfaction was not enough for him to take risks with Kenn’s brand image.

“I see.” Lu Feng still appreciated his candor, “I’ll consider it carefully.”

After the meeting, Yu Xin took Yu Qinghuan straight to the hospital. On the way, he couldn’t help turning his head when the light turned red and asked, “Qinghuan, aren’t you a little too honest? About your sexual orientation…did you really need to say it in advance?”

Just at the moment Yu Qinghuan confessed his sexual orientation, Yu Xin knew that this endorsement would be gone.

He really couldn’t understand why Yu Qinghuan would do this. There were many artists who were forced to come out after the media disclosure, but he chose to be frank with the brand. How silly the boy was!

According to Yu Xin’s idea, Yu Qinghuan should take this endorsement first, and let the god decide whatever happened next.

“Ge,” Yu Qinghuan coughed and said after the itching in his throat disappeared, “I have to be responsible for my own endorsement. I can hide the truth momentarily, but I can’t lie on this forever. If Kenn suffers losses because of me after the truth revealed, will there be any brands who dare to work with me?”

“That’s true, but...”

“Ge, don’t worry, I’m not a fool.” Yu Qinghuan blinked at him mischievously. “Don’t you know Kenn’s CEO is gay? He not only takes part in gay parades but also calls on gays to express their sexuality bravely online.”

Yu Xin was thunderstruck, “I... I really have no idea of that.”

Yu Qinghuan sighed in his heart. Yu Xin was an ideal broker most of the time, he was considerate and cared about his artist with all his heart, however, the resources in his hand and the amount of information he had were just too little.

“I know fairly well, let’s count on luck.”

Hearing Yu Qinghuan’s words, Yu Xin smiled, he stepped on the accelerator and said, “Then, this endorsement is definitely yours.”

Yu Qinghuan also smiled.

They two soon arrived at the hospital. Fearing to be recognized, Yu Qinghuan covered his face with a mask. His appearance may be weird outdoors but common in the hospital, so few people paid attention to him.

The doctor took his temperature, tested his blood and finally determined it was a viral cold.

“I’ll give you two boxes of oseltamivir,” The doctor’s keyboard crackled between his fingers and he said without lifting his head, “Just follow the instructions above and take the medicine. You must take a good rest and don’t stay up late.”

“Doesn’t he need a transfusion? His cold is so serious.” Yu Xin interjected worriedly.

“No, not necessary.” The doctor waved his hand and handed Yu Qinghuan a printed list. “Don’t think injections are good. Take medicine if you can cure the disease by pills. The bill, here you are.”

Since the doctor said so, Yu Xin could not insist on his opinion anymore, so he took the medicine and carefully brought Yu Qinghuan back to the hotel.

“Bro, I’m fine,” Yu Qinghuan took the medicine. Seeing Yu Xin still worried, Yu Qinghuan comforted him. “It’s just a cold...”
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