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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 141: “I’m Afraid He’d Be Worried.” 1

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Chapter 141: “I’m Afraid He’d Be Worried.” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
After Yu Qinghuan said publicly at the roadshow that he had fallen for someone, his friends all broke into a sweat with fright.

Many fans had a desire to monopolize their idols. They simply could not accept the fact that their idols were in in a relationship or married. In such cases, those idols would not only lose fans but may even gain lots of antis.

But miraculously, what they feared did not happen at all.

Seeing the video of the roadshow posted on the movie’s official Weibo, most of Yu Qinghuan’s fans felt strangely relieved.

[I’m really happy for Qinghuan. He’d been alone for so many years. He must be happy now to be with someone he likes.]

[As long as Qinghuan is happy, I will have no objections whoever he likes!]

[I don’t know if that person knows Qinghuan’s thoughts. I hope she likes Qinghuan, too. Pray for Qinghuan. Hope they can go smoothly.]

[I have always wanted someone to come into his life to care for him as a substitute of his parents. And now that person finally appears. To be honest, I’m a little bit jealous, but more supportive, as long as Qinghuan is happy.]

Fortunately Yu Qinghuan had insisted that he would not take the route as fresh meat, and it turned out his choice was right. Therefore, his fans basically did not identify themselves as his “girlfriends”. Even if his love affair was exposed now, it would not affect his career so much.

“Fortunately, he hasn’t caused any big trouble.” Huo Rong put down his cell phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

As a boss, he actually disliked such an actor like Yu Qinghuan who announced his relationship without consulting the company ahead of time. However, he had no choice since the other party of this relationship was his little brother.

Even among the whole entertainment circle, there were very few men and women would choose to put their relationships above the table, let alone two men.

So it seemed that Yu Qinghuan really put his younger brother at the top of his heart since he chose to do so.

Huo Rong glanced enviously at Huo Qu and sighed in his heart: Fortune favored fools.

“Qu’er, don’t stick to your mobile phone.” Said Huo Rong after coming to his mind. Seeing Huo Qu staring at the mobile phone all morning, he couldn’t help saying, “It may hurt your eyes.”

Yu Qinghuan had not been at home these days. His mother had finally persuaded Huo Qu to return home this weekend. But Huo Qu either stared at his silly fish or looked down at his cell phone.

Huo Rong frowned. When did his brother become an internet addict?

Huo Qu ignored him, his eyes still fixed on the screen.

Huo Rong had no choice but to walk over and push him, “Stop playing with your phone, do you hear me?” Only after getting closer did he find Huo Qu was watching the video of Yu Qinghuan’s roadshow.

“Why are you still indulging in Yu Qinghuan’s videos since you meet him every day?”

“Ah...” The words ‘Yu Qinghuan’ finally drew Huo Qu’s attention away from it. He smiled shyly and said with embarrassment, “But Qinghuan is not by my side now.”

Huo Rong did not understand, “So what? Isn’t he coming back in another week?” You miss him so much?”

“But he would not be not here these days,” Huo Qu was very stubborn. He stretched out his hand and touched Yu Qinghuan’s smiling face on the screen. His eyes were full of sweetness, “I want to see him every day.”

Huo Rong, “…”

Huo Rong inexplicably felt stuck in his heart.

The roadshow for the movie had a very tight schedule. Yu Qinghuan and his team would travel among 13 major cities throughout the country in two weeks, all the way from the southernmost to the northernmost.

At the beginning of May, the temperature difference between the north and the south was still large, and the roadshow was too exhausting, so the crew began to fall sick one after another. At first, only a few people felt ill, but in the end, it became a common phenomenon, even Zhao Qingyuan fell sick.

Yu Qinghuan took Zhao Qingyuan’s temperature and it had risen to 100.4°F.

Although it was considered as low fever, Zhao Qingyuan was horrified and almost jumped up from the bed, “what the fuck! Why is my temperature so high? Oh shit! There will be a roadshow tomorrow night! This is killing me!”

“Don’t make a fuss.” Yu Qinghuan put down the thermometer and pushed him back to bed, “I’ll cook you a bowl of ginger soup, you drink some and may feel better after sweating.”

“No way!” Zhao Qingyuan shook his head on hearing the words ginger soup.

As long as there were ginger slices in the dishes, he would not be able to stand it, let alone ginger soup.

“You can try to refuse it.” Yu Qinghuan threw his dagger eyes toward him, “If you dare to do so, I’ll double the ginger.”

Hearing this, Zhao Qingyuan immediately surrendered with no bones. He shrank his shoulder in horror, even his voice went down, “Okay, okay, I’ll just drink it, but promise you won’t double it for me, will you?”

Yu Qinghuan snorted, poured him a cup of warm water and put it on the bed head, then returned to his own room.

Since there were many people got sick in the film crew these days, ginger was not difficult to find.

Yu Qinghuan cut ginger shreds with a fruit knife, boiled a pot of ginger soup with an electric kettle, and stared at Zhao Qingyuan drinking a large bowl.

“Don’t play with the cell phone.” Yu Qinghuan took away Zhao Qingyuan’s cell phone from his hand and wrapped him tightly with a quilt without any leakage of air. “Wrap it tightly to make yourself sweat.”

“I know.” Zhao Qingyuan’s voice came inside the quilt and sounded gloomy.

He had plenty of friends, but Qinghuan was the only one who took care of him like that.

Although he thought the ginger soup unpleasant to drink and hated the heavy quilt and Yu Qinghuan’s refusal to let him play with his mobile phone, the feeling of being cared for by a friend did warm his heart.

He had an awkward personality. He clearly thanked Yu Qinghuan in the heart for his kindness but still insisted on speaking in a mean tone. “Qinghuan, I think you are the material to be a kindergarten teacher.”

“Oh,” said Yu Qinghuan coldly, glancing at the large ‘cocoon’ on the bed, “Sure. I am looking after a giant baby right now.”

Giant baby Zhao Qingyuan, “...”

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