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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 132: So-called Pure Man-man Relationship 2

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Chapter 132: So-called Pure Man-man Relationship (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The leaders who came to Macao for publicizing their own game movie from mainland was totally confused by the sudden huge audience rushing to watch Orange, but when they heard Zhao Rui’s explanation, they finally took a tumble.

That’s all because Yu Qinghuan!

People at the higher social hierarchy would be more obsessed with such intangible luck, on knowing him inadvertently having rescued the whole crew of the Orange, they immediately carved his name in their hearts.

Though the movie industry in the mainland was eager to export their cultural product, the result was far from satisfactory due to all sorts of factors.

They’d got good movies, professional actors, but they only lacked in a little bit luck!

Thus, such professional and heaven-blessed actor like Yu Qinghuan should be cultivated in particular!

Despite Macao, his good luck quickly spread to the mainland via Internet. Since he was in the quick rising period, bunches of media were fond of gossiping about his koi title. On hearing this news, they started report successively, which pushed him on the hot search of Weibo again.

[OMG! I don’t know what to say! Is there anyone who is as lucky as him? ]

[ My goodness! That’s unbelievable! Does he need an assistant! I would apply for it even without any pay! I don’t work for money, I work to share his luck! ]

[ That’s daydreaming! But you know what, I want to apply for being his assistant too! ]

[ Jesus, what marvelous deed has Yu Qinghuan done in his previous life? He is living an absolutely god-blessed overpowered life! ]

[ I was in desperately need of good luck these days. Hope to share his luck for a little. Ah, I don’t know who would marry him in the future, but I do feel jealous of that person.]

With the help of his casino adventure, the previous slowing down box office of Orange immediately soared again. Moreover, when the netizens knew that another movie he had shot The Line of Life and Death was going to be released soon, they all said that they would go to watch it in the theater too, even if they were not interested at its war genre.

Since Yu Qinghuan was so blessed, his movie he picked would also be blessed. And the audience of his movie may share his koi luck and get blessed too!

Paying for a movie ticket for exchange of some good luck, that’s the most cost-effective trade for life!

Liu Jia’an was almost laughing his brain out. Previously, the movie The Line of Life and Death was nearly boycotted by numbers of netizens due to the affair of Wang Chengcheng. But Yu Qinghuan now pulled these people back, and they even propagated this movie in advance for him! They were way more effective than any movie publicity team!

That night, Liu Jia’an sent Yu Qinghuan a red envelope with a huge amount of money, asking him to attend every daily press during the publicizing period.

Without any other choice, Yu Qinghuan could only accept it. After washing up, he and Huo Qu immediately fell asleep.

What he didn’t know is, when he was sleeping, a picture uploaded from the outer net evoked massive discussion on the Internet.

[Hold on, is Yu Qinghuan holding the man’s hand?]

People on the Internet were silent for a second, then exclaimed together—

[O-M-G!!! ]

The photographer was lucky enough to “survive” from the tight monitoring of the securities, his photo was in high definition, which excluded the possibility of publicity stunt or position or forced perspective photography.

Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu were hand in hand, for real.

[God damn it! Yu Qinghuan is a gay? But he is not sissy at all! I don’t believe that! ]

[I beg your pardon? Gay is not all sissy! Please! ]

[I think I’ve seen the one Qinghuan holds looks kind of familiar…]

[Listen! Listen! That guy is Huo Qu! Did you remember the Model Couple at Hua University?! ]

[Ah, I remember him! He is that super smart but weird lad! ]

[If it is Huo Qu, it’s normal for Qinghuan to hold his hand. ]

Generally, it was hard to explain why two men were holding hands with each other, people would not believe that they did not have a thing at all. But if one of the two men was Huo Qu, everything was different.

Many of them had ever watched the interview of Young People Want High, and almost all of them knew the situation of Huo Qu. Therefore, when they found out the one Qinghuan held was Huo Qu, the previous suspicion was totally gone.

[What gay? You are insane! He held Huo Qu to prevent him from getting lost!]

[I also think so. Although the model couple is cute, but rumor is not good.]

[Alas, my excitement is wasted. But it is good if they are really a couple. I can’t bear a woman sharing his luck beside him, but if it is a cute boy like Huo Qu, I think I can bear with that.]

[_(:з」∠)_Couldn’t agree more.]

[You are excessively concerned about this! Qinghuan has koi luck, his choice would be good, and what we can do is to sit down and watch! Ordinary people like me is more interested at his straight flush thing.]

Yu Qinghuan almost cried out when he saw the comments below his Weibo about that photo.

The reason why he held Huo Qu’s hand in the casino was, on the one hand, he wanted to keep them from separated by the crowd, and on the other hand, he actually intended to give his fans a hint about his relationship with Huo Qu.

Coming out was not an easy task. He wanted to reveal it little by little from now on, then when they figured out the general story with the clues he left, the pressure and tremor would be slighter when he really came out in the future.

But to his great surprise, the people not only misunderstood his meaning, and even pulled back those who had stepped on the ‘right path’ as he tried lead them to!

What should he do next!?

It was not pure man-man relationship like good buddies between them at all! Come on! They were in a relationship! Why had no one even seen it through?? Wasn’t it obvious enough???

At this moment, Qinghuan’s feeling was on the same page with Huo Qu, who decided to show off the watch he bought him but only ended up with disappointment.
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