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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 131: So-called Pure Man-man Relationship 1

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Chapter 131: So-called Pure Man-man Relationship(1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan held Huo Qu’s hand tightly, in case of getting separation in the crowd.

He was overwhelmingly regretful now. He should have refused Zhao Rui, and the commotion here would be avoided.

“Qinghuan! Qinghuan!” Turning around excitingly, Zhao Rui stared at Yu Qinghuan like a wolf, his fists clenched, and murmured, “You are blessed koi! Definitely a God-blessed koi!”

His flushed face and protruding veins on the neck revealed his excitement. It seemed that he was the one who had won 8.5 million yuan.

The croupier replayed the surveillance video and reviewed it carefully. Without spotting any cheating behaviors, she smiled at Yu Qinghuan, “Your friend is right, you are really a koi. This is kind of once over a dozen years’ thing.”

Since Yu Qinghuan had not gained popularity all around China, the croupier only regarded him as a handsome lucky guest, but never thought him an movie star.

“That’s sheer good luck.” Yu Qinghuan rubbed his temple with his forefinger. Surrounded by jealousy, he sighed in the heart.

It was too strange. He felt like she was born with good luck in this life. He couldn't help guessing if the God intended to grant him all the good luck he had lost in the previous life.

His good luck shocked the whole casino. Although the casino had arranged over 200 guards to maintain the order, it was still in a mess. Many people stealthily took pictures, later on, he and his good luck had become a hit on the Internet.

Yu Qinghuan and others did not stay long in the casino. Not long later, the lottery supervisors from Lottery Administration of Macau came here. After the scrutiny on his identity and age, they finally confirmed that Qinghuan had reached 21 and returned all his licenses to him. They even shook hands and congratulated him, “Congrats.”

Yu Qinghuan nodded and replied, "Thank you.”

It's not some kind of big news for winning millions in a casino, but when it came to winning 8.5 million yuan with merely 200 yuan at the first attempt, it was really a rare thing.

In case of any potential accident, the casino designated a hotel to accommodate them, assigned bodyguards to protect them, and even offered to escort them back to the mainland by a private plane with a little pay. And the money he won would be transferred directly into his bank account.

“Oh my goodness.” Not until entering the room and siting in the soft mattress did Zhao Rui take a deep breath, “I feel that I am still in a dream.”

On the last word, without waiting for any reply, he pinched his lap hardly.

“Ouch…” The pain pulled him back to the real world. Staring at Yu Qinghuan and Huo Qu besides him, Zhao Rui suddenly asks Qinghuan with full sincerity, “Qinghuan, seriously speaking, do you like my face? Now I have an spur to be in a relationship with you.”

Jesus Christ, he is a walking mountain of gold!

With him, who needs to work anymore! Who needs to care about shooting movies!

Whenever he is in short of money, all he needs to do is taking him to the casino! Who could have that luck like him!

But on hearing these words, Huo Qu broke his long-lasting silence and suddenly rose up and stood in front of Yu Qinghuan. Shielding Qinghuan behind him, he glared at Zhao Rui like a little wolf gazing at the enemy. It seemed that he would rush to tear Zhao Rui apart if he even dared to say one more word.

“Easy, he was just kidding.” Yu Qinghuan held Huo Qu’s hands to comfort him, and turned to Zhao Rui, “Ge, that joke is not funny.”

“I know, my bad.” Zhao Rui raised his hands to apologize.

He was just kidding! Why should that guy be so tense!

The casino had assigned people to fetch their luggage in the previous hotel, thus they didn’t need to do it in person any more. But unfortunately, their trip got ruined, because Qinghuan must fly back to the mainland for the sake of his safety.

After Zhao Rui left, Yu Qinghuan apologized to Huo Qu, “I am so sorry about the mess I brought, and you lose the chance for a good trip.”

He really wanted to take Huo Qu to the aquashow, to go to bungee, to share with him the happiness in the trip. But now, due to his “good luck”, they can go nowhere except for the hotel.

“Never mind,” Huo Qu smiled shyly, “I only want to be with you.”

Yu Qinghuan’s straight flush in casino stirred the whole city. And when they knew that he was an actor who came here for publicizing his new movie Orange, they decide to go to the cinema and watch this movie.

People were always curious about the free lunches. They came close out of envy and the hope of sharing the good luck, which helped the box office of Orange break the record on the premiere day in Macao.

Zhao Rui was extremely shocked, jaw dropped. He felt that there was a door to a new world opening in front of him, and something new was waving at him.

A movie can be publicized like that?

Gaining the whole world without paying a penny, he’s the marvelous master card!

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