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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 124: We’ve Taken off Our Pants, and You only Show Us This? 3

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Chapter 124: We’ve Taken off Our Pants, and You only Show Us This? (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan didn’t like playing mahjong so much. He watched their game carefully for the first few minutes. Then he simply took out his mobile phone and began to recite the actor’s lines of How to Love You imported into his phone until there was a roar loud enough to break the ceiling.

"After playing mahjong for so many years, I finally have won money for once. Hahahaha…”

Uncle Wang’s face turned red with excitement. He clapped Yu Qinghuan vigorously on the shoulder and his spittle flew everywhere. “Sure enough, you are a lucky boy.”

At first, his mahjong friends were still immersed in the shock of an eternal loser’s winning. When they heard what he said, they were silent for a moment, then…

“Come on, young man! Sit next to me! I’ll give you half of the money I win!”

“Wu Laosan, you shut up! I brought Qinghuan here!”

“Well, lucky boy, come here, sit next to your uncle, I heard you are an actor. I am going to support your movies and make you more famous. What do you say?”

The lucky boy Yu Qinghuan, “...”

At first, he intended to leave after Uncle Wang had played a few rounds. After all, the aged man helped them a lot in transporting seedlings. But now he could not leave even if he wanted. Finally, he fell asleep on the single bed in the small shop!

Having tasted the sweetness of winning money, Uncle Wang went to find Yu Qinghuan every night after the filming was over. He even took his wife’s newly-made quilt to the small shop for Yu Qinghuan to sleep tight.

Yu Qinghuan failed to resist his persuasion, plus the attraction of the beautiful and adorable three-color kitty in the small shop. As a cat addict, every time, he just compromised.

So, in the following two days, his bedroom was moved to the small shop.

Afraid of the director’s disapproval, Yu Qinghuan purposely avoided everyone when he left at night and also forbid Zhao Qingyuan to tell others.

Until the filming was finished and everyone boarded the plane, no one but Zhao Qingyuan knew that Yu Qinghuan not only was regarded as a mascot but also slept in the small shop for several days with a cat.

Just as their plane had taken off, the online gossips about Wang Chengcheng and Yu Qinghuan appeared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like it had already been elaborately plotted.

As early as the first day of their shooting, the official blog of Young People Want High had announced the guest list for this issue, and also released some attractive fragments, so netizens all knew that Wang Chengcheng and Yu Qinghuan were staying together these days.

The vast majority of netizens were keen on star gossip, coupled with the media’s wanton publicity. Soon, the news that Yu Qinghuan had a crush on Wang Chengcheng unilaterally made headlines on all major websites.

Wang Chengcheng’s fans were smug and at the same time, kept scolding Yu Qinghuan.

[Our goddess is so perfect that no man could resist! But Yu Qinghuan is to crave for what he is not worthy of!]”

[ Fortunately, our Qinqin and Chengcheng are in the same room, otherwise, I can’t image what disgusting things Yu Qinghuan could do. ]

[ Geez, he holds an image of an upright gentleman. How could he do such nasty things! ]

Of course, the fans of Yu Qinghuan also launched a counterattack not to be outdone.

[ What the hell? That crazy woman Wang Chengcheng must have bought over the media! That man is definitely not out Qinghuan! ]

[ Seriously. I absolutely believe that our little koi would never harass that Wang Chengcheng. Qinghuan is so gentle that even if he really likes someone, he would not be like this. ]

[ Do Wang Chengcheng’s fans grow two holes? If that person is Qinghuan, I will poke my eyes.” ]

Fans of the two sides had a bitter quarrel, which made things a little out of control.

Paparazzi were all eager to get the latest news. But at this time, the both parties were all on the plane and could not be reached. They could only wait at the airport, hoping to get the first chance to interview them.

Compared with the anxiety of their peers, paparazzi from Haicheng TV were extremely happy. This happened in their own land, and even if their village was a bit off the mark, it would not take them long to get there.

Gossips had quick legs in the village, especially such pink news. The villagers must all know more or less about this!

When paparazzi drove into the village expectantly, they happened to meet some men who were about to go to the shop to play mahjong.

They quickly got off the car and took out their microphones to greet them. “Excuse me, do you know Yu Qinghuan?”

Since the filming group had stayed in the village for several days, the villagers had gotten accustomed to cameras at the moment.

Hearing the paparazzi’s asking, these men looked at each other and immediately gave a tacit smile, “Yes, of course.”

Who could forget that lucky boy!

Paparazzi were good at observing. When they saw the expressions of the villagers, they immediately got excited! These people must know some juicy news!

In order to attract netizens, one of the daring paparazzi opened the live broadcast directly and rushed to the front, asking eagerly, “Do you know about Yu Qinghuan knocking on the door of the female star of the same group the night before yesterday?”

“What? Knocking on the door?” These men looked at each other and said in unison, “Of course not!”

Those paparazzi were shaking with bigger excitement!

Jesus! Was there more exciting things than that? Maybe PG 18???

Give you all the microphones! Tell us the truth!

Just as they were going to guide the villagers to say something indecent, a man uttered, “Don’t talk nonsense! Qinghuan has never knocked at someone else’s door! He slept in the small shop these days, playing mahjong with us all night.”

The rest men sighed at the thought of Qinghuan’s good luck, “Ah, that’s really a lucky young man. Whoever sits next to him wins!”

Paparazzi were all dumbfounded.

We’ve taken off our pants, and you only show us this???!!!(This is some kind of network buzzwords, some kind of exaggerating way. Like I have been all prepared for some explosive news, it turns out to be some tiny thing. Or in a humorous way, when a girl is going to sleep with his boyfriend for the very first night, she is picturing her boyfriend’s thing to be like a cucumber. But when her boyfriend takes off his pants, it turns out to be a pencil. Oh my, as a guy, I am blushing when I am trying to explain it this way. Sorry, to whoever is reading this. Only hope you can enjoy reading it.)

They could understand a fresh meat with raging hormones knocking on the door of a female star at night, but the truth that the guy actually played mahjong with these sloppy uncles was totally beyond their imagination!

What kind of exotic hobby did he have?

The audiences in front of the screen were also stunned. The bullet screen that kept rolling was eerily still for a minute, and then they were all replaced by:


[Face slap! Piapiapia! Hahahaha…Hahaha…]
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