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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 118: Because I Like Him 2

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Chapter 118: Because I Like Him (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The program crew seemed to have a repulsive addiction. In the last episode, they arranged a budget tour making the guests all suffer. And in this episode, they set the shooting place in a remote mountain village.

The guests should not only stay here for three days but also help the villagers to cultivate the land and even have to feed themselves.

The village was very closed with only a narrow path led to the county. Bicycles were the main means of transportation in the village. Only people with better conditions would have motorcycles.

It was early May, every family had gathered a pile of cow dung at the gate, covered with plastic, waiting for the cow dung to ferment and be sprinkled into the ground as fertilizer.

The smell floating in the air was very unpleasant. Even Wang Chengcheng, who paid special attention to maintaining her image all the time, couldn’t help covering her nose in front of everyone.

“Oh my god!” Zhao Qingyuan had never been to such a place in his life. When he stepped on the second lump of cow dung, he couldn’t help jumping up and yelled, “This is killing me! This is killing me! Is it too late to quit the program now?!”

He looked at his feet in horror as if he was going to cut them off and throw them away.

“You use your eyes for panting?” Yu Qinghuan threw him a pack of paper towels and hurried away from him.

“I won’t wipe it with my hands.” Zhao Qingyuan retched twice and walked forward in an awkward posture, just like an ancient food-binding Chinese woman. “When I get to my residence, I will throw these shoes away!”

However, when he saw the house they were about to love in, he immediately swallowed his words.

“Are we going to live here?” He stared at the adobe house in front of him with his eyes wide open. He was stunned, “What if…this house collapse while we are sleeping?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t,” the director put on his standard smile again, “A detached small house with a yard. You can even call it a villa.”

Yu Qinghuan held his forehead. Although he had a bland temperament, he also felt that the director was too shameless, not to mention Zhao Qingyuan. However, he reminded himself that he had already entered the shooting stage and tried to suppress his anger in the heart.

The director added, “There are two cement beds in this house. Chengcheng and Qinqin sleep on the one in the east and you two, the west. I’ll have food and tableware delivered later. Whether you can eat depends on your own.”

Zhao Qingyuan had a spur to cry into the sky, but next second his eyes were beaming and he turned to Yu Qinghuan, “It doesn’t matter! Qinghuan can cook!”

“Huh?” The director looked over to Qinghuan in surprise, then jokingly said to the photographer, “Then we should give Qinghuan more shots later.”

The director actually laughed contemptuously in his heart. Yu Qinghuan could cook? Did he mean instant noodles?

The four lived together in pairs and went into their rooms respectively. Not until they entered their room did they realize how crazy the program crew was.

Although the house did not leak air and rain, it was full of dust everywhere. There were even many spider webs on the roof. It seemed that no one had lived in it for a long time.

“I’d rather die than live here!” Zhao Qingyuan stood in the middle of the ground with a pair of blank eyes, almost was about to cry. He finally had the courage to take part in a variety show after so many years. He thought that the National Television would be high-end, magnificent and classy, but he didn’t expect it to be like this!

“Clean up the house before you die.” Yu Qinghuan walked beside him, found a plastic basin on the ground, and carried it up. “You find a rag, I’ll go and fetch a basin of water first.”

Zhao Qingyuan nodded with a bitter face, covered his nose and began to rummage around.

The program group had not yet completely dehumanized, and filled the water tank with water in advance. Yu Qinghuan scooped up half a basin of water. Just as he was going to go back, he met Wang Chengcheng. He politely said hello and pushed the door open and walked into the west room.

“Qinghuan!” Zhao Qingyuan heard the sound and came with a small flowerpot in his hand. “Come on, give me some water. My cactus needs some water.”

Before Yu Qinghuan could speak, he grabbed some water carefully with his palms and sprinkled them into the flowerpot, saying, “I found this little thing on the cement bed. It is still very strong in vitality. I don’t know how long it hasn’t been watered but it is still pretty green.”

No matter when, green life could always give people hope, especially after Zhao Qingyuan had suffered such a series of blows. He held up the basin of cactus and cheerfully said to Yu Qinghuan, “After we clean the house, we will put it on the windowsill and the room would look vivid.”

“Qinghuan, what do you think?”

“Not so good,” Yu Qinghuan gave him a complex look, “Qingyuan, didn’t you even notice this cactus is fake?”

“What?” Zhao Qingyuan was stunned.

Zhao Qingyuan, who was deeply frustrated, dared not to speak again. He tidied up the house together with Yu Qinghuan with a bleak appearance, while the director aside was overjoyed. He said, “Oh man, we gotta keep this part!”

As for Zhao Qingyuan’s image, the director‘s OS was it had nothing to do with him.
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