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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 9: The Second Hot Search on Weibo 1

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Chapter 9: The Second Hot Search on Weibo (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan got dressed up after he got home and then went to Yipin. It was exactly 5:30 when he arrived.

Only the director team was there. None of the other actors had arrived.

Liu Jia'an smiled on seeing him, and then asked him to sit. He then told Jiang Qi the whole story that day and then said some nice words about him, "This kid is not bad. I can see something in him."

Jiang Qi nodded. His distain about Yu Qinghuan reduced a lot. He then approved, "Hm, this young man is very promising."

For most actors nowadays, whether he/she was a big star or a C-list celebrity, they all tried to put on airs. He/she may already take himself/herself as a super star already after shooting a net play, with no acting skills but a bunch of defects.

On the contrary, Yu Qinghuan had wonderful acting skills, but he was still trying to cover his shortages, and also always keeping a low profile. He had the potential.

On thinking of that, Jiang Qi couldn't help but say, "Qinghuan, don't belittle yourself. You have great acting skills. Seize it if there is any good opportunity."

He knew this kid had nearly missed the role Ye Sheng since he was not confident about his acting skills.

Yu Qinghuan felt a little flattered. It was not because he had no confidence of his acting skills. He just didn't want that role. Of course, he wouldn't tell anyone about this, but could only pretend to be listening to their teachings with all gratitude on his face.

It was nearly six o'clock and all casts were almost arrived. Yu Qinghuan was wise enough to greet Liu Jia'an and then seated himself in a corner. He had just started his career, and was only the third male lead. If he sat too close to the director crew, rumors would immediately spread everywhere the next day. Besides, in this life, he had no desires for fame. He was quite satisfied with his present situation.

Most of the casts met each other for the first time. But soon the already hit it off, and even exchanged their phone numbers. Since Zhao Qingyuan and Wang Chengcheng hadn't arrived, the second male lead Fang Zhongxi and the second female lead Li Hongxiu became the focus naturally.

Both were online celebrities, and took up all front pages of the entertainment sites. So building good relations with them would only do them good.

Yu Qinghua caught a glimpse of those people and sighed in his heart, and then refilled another cup of corn juice. With so many stars here, none was his type. So sad!

Liu Jia'an caught a glimpse of Yu Qinghua and immediately pictured the scene "As a newcomer, Qinghuan wants to get close to the seniors but hasn't got the guts", which made him pity Yu Qinghuan more.

This kid was way too honest. How would he survive in this grotesque entertainment circle? Forget it! Anyway he brought him into this circle and he was quite well-behaved. He had the responsibility to boom him.

When he got up and was about to beckon Yu Qinghuan to come to his side, the door was pushed open suddenly. Wang Chengcheng's laughing was heard before she came in, "Alas! So many people here. Am I late?"

Everyone there immediately stood up and said smilingly, "No, we haven't started yet."

"Right. Miss Cheng, you are here right on time."

Wang Chengcheng nodded, and then said with a smile, "Then I won't feel guilty of myself." She scanned all the places and saw the nearest seat to Liu Jia'an was taken by Li Hongxiu. So she walked on by her and said softly, "You're…Hongxiu? The second female lead, right?"

Li Hongxiu got up instantly, feeling flattered, "Yes, yes, it's me. Hi, Miss Cheng."

Wang Chengcheng stretched out a hand, "Wish we have a pleasant cooperation. "Once her palm touched Li Hongxiu, she immediately took it back. She then blinked at her, "I am a little late. So, could you switch your seat with me? I want to talk about the scripts with director Liu."

Li Hongliu got dumbfounded and then immediately moved aside, "You sit. You sit."

"Thank you then." Wang Chengcheng said thank you, and totally ignored those who were trying to hook up with her and started to talk to the director crew.

It seemed Li Hongxiu was still drowning in the thrill of the scene that Wang Chengcheng talked to her first. She even bumped into a chair when walking, which aroused a blast of guffaw. Only Yu Qinghuan could see she had already clenched her hands tightly.

What a wonderful drama!

It seemed as if Liu Jia'an had already told the waiter. At 6:15, they started to serve the dishes. Yipin Private Home Cuisine was mainly Cantonese dishes, good quality but with a small amount, perfectly fitting the celebrities dining together.

Right in front of Yu Qinghuan was Durian Snow Mei Niang, white and cherubic. One could tell it should be very delicious judging from its look. He looked around, finding that no one was even trying to grab a bite, so he appropriated it to himself aboveboard.

Durian desert was always his favorite.

"Director Liu, why hasn't Zhao arrived?" After digging some food for a while, Wang Chengcheng asked director Liu randomly.

"Zhao?" When she mentioned Zhao Qingyuan, the smile on Liu Jia'an's face became much more sincere, which indicated they were on good terms, "He is a little occupied today. He will be here later."

"I see." Wang Chengcheng rolled her eyes, with her finger rubbing on the glass in her hand, and then protested coquettishly, "We're gonna punish him for being late later."

Liu Jia'an chuckled, "Sure, sure."
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