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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 114: Will You Be Responsible for It? 2

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Chapter 114: Will You Be Responsible for It? (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
In the evening, Huo Qu’s driver took Huo Qu to Yu Qinghuan’s house and he also brought several extra suits of clothes for him to change.

When Huo Qu stepped into the door, Yu Qinghuan was standing at the window of the bedroom, looking out.

In the north region, at the end of April, the leafless willows on the roadside had turned into green, and the soft branches were fluttering in the wind in the humid air. The peony flowers in the flower bed were in full bloom, and the beautiful and huge flowers were heavily pressed on the branches and flourishing.

He couldn’t help holding out his hand on the glass and looked at all this almost like greedily.

This was the first time he thought it was really good to live a second life. He could see the sceneries that he had never noticed before and met the one he loved.

"Qinghuan,” Huo Qu’s deep and pleasant voice suddenly came by the side of Yu Qinghuan’s ears. The next second, Yu Qinghuan felt his waist tightened and a warm and strong body leaned against him from behind.

Huo Qu put his arms around Yu Qinghuan from behind, grabbed his hand on the window and clasped his five fingers with his chin resting on Qinghuan’s shoulder, murmuring.

"You’re back.” Yu Qinghuan looked at him sideways and saw that his eyes seemed to be somewhat depressed. He then said with concern, “What's the matter? Are you tired?”

"No,” Huo Qu pressed tightly against him with great strength, wishing that he could rub him into his arms.

The man gave him a present. He was so happy that he even let the whole world know, but no one came to ask him.

Huo Qu rubbed Yu Qinghuan’s side face with his own, feeling wronged. He reached out his left hand before him and showed him the watch. “They all didn’t even ask me.”

Yu Qinghuan didn’t understand what he meant at first. But after giving it a second thought, he immediately understood what was going on.

Huo Qu wanted to show off his watch given by Yu Qinghuan, but everyone didn’t notice it. So he acted like a spoiled brat as soon as he came back. He was just eager to show off!

Yu Qinghuan wanted to comfort him, but he found Huo Qu’s look was too funny and wanted to make fun of him. He smiled and asked, “Why were you so eager to show it off? What if I send you some underpants? Would you still show them off?”

Huo Qu paused for a moment, then his face instantly turned red and even his ears became burning hot.

Underpants, ah... He slightly loosened his hands holding Yu Qinghuan, involuntarily moved his eyes to Qinghuan’s part below the waist.

Yu Qinghuan had a thin waist and long legs, which made him look slim. Huo Qu thought this man was so good-looking, but at the moment, he didn’t know why, but he just wanted to feel him and touch him.

A seize of dry heat was running around in Huo Qu’s body, burning him dry and thirsty, and his body also felt a little ill at ease. His hands putting on Yu Qinghuan’s body involuntarily moved, reaching for the other party’s lower hem of the clothes like a self-taught expert.

Yu Qinghuan hadn’t aware of the danger, thinking Huo Qu was just shy and at a loss. When he wanted to make fun of Huo Qu again, he was stunned feeling the guy’s body stuck on his.

Huo Qu.. actually had physiological reaction!

There came Huo Qu’s slightly heavy breathing by his ears. Damp and hot breathing sprayed all over on Yu Qinghuan’s side neck, letting him could not help but having mind ripples. He struggled to move, wanted to break away from the arms of Huo Qu, then found that Huo Qu’s embrace became more tightly.

And his perception of that thing... was also clearer.

Yu Qinghuan’s scalp tingled as he realized how ambiguous their postures were.

"Hey...” He swallowed some saliva but did not dare to move. He reproached Huo Qu in a low voice, “Let me go.”

"No.” Huo Qu refused him without any hesitation. He even instinctively stiffened and hit him twice, gasping, “I won’t let you go.”

As a man, even if he was ignorant about love, this kind of thing was naturally understood by him.

He had been long standing in front of the door, only one key was needed. Now Yu Qinghuan inadvertently handed it up. With this, Huo Qu immediately opened the door of a whole new world.

"Be good!” Yu Qinghuan at this age couldn’t stand such temptation at all. He tried his best to move his body forward, trying to distract Huo Qu’s attention, “Are you hungry? I’ll open a can for you.”

"No.” Huo Qu’s answer was still one word.

As if knowing that only Yu Qinghuan could ease the uncomfortable feeling in his body, Huo Qu clung to him and refused to let go of him no matter what he said.

If he went on like this, the gun would really go off. Yu Qinghuan had no choice but to offer his trump card. He lowered his face and pretended to be angry, “If you keep dong this, I will be upset.”

Sure enough, Huo Qu’s body froze and he dared not move any more.

Yu Qinghuan felt that this worked, so he went on to say, “Let me go! I am really upset with you for being such a hooligan.”

In this world, only Yu Qinghuan meant special to Huo Qu. If this person said he was upset, Huo Qu would immediately become at a loss and wish to offer the world to his palm to coax him.

He released his hands and took a sip of his lip, looking at Yu Qinghuan with uneasy and accusing expression, “It was you who...”

Mentioned underpants first..

At the thought of this, his eyes involuntarily turned to the place where he shouldn’t fix his eyes on.

"Don’t look at the place you shouldn’t!” Yu Qinghuan drank half a bottle of cold water in one breath and sat on the sofa with his legs cocked, as if to cover something, “Come and have a drink of the canned sugar water. You will feel much better in a moment.”

He denied Huo Qu’s accusation, “You can’t put the blame on me. I only said one sentence and you always behave like this. But what would you do if you saw underpants ads outside!”

Yu Qinghuan then kept rattling his own theories, but Huo Qu didn’t really understand any. He hesitated for a moment, then walked to Yu Qinghuan in an awkward position and sat down. He took the canned sugar water Yu Qinghuan handed over and took a few sips. Only then did he say, “But I will only do this to you.”

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes restrained and he did not speak again.

After a while, Huo Qu suddenly spoke again when Yu Qinghuan planned to turn over this embarrassing chapter by asking him for a dinner.

His eyelashes quivered, seemingly innocent, “Qinghuan, you hate irresponsible people most, right?”

Yu Qinghuan failed to get his meaning. Why did he say that? But he still nodded subconsciously, “Yes.”

"Then I... am still suffering because of you, will you be responsible for it?”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

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