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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 111: Professor Huo Would Never Be Mad at a White Radish 2

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Chapter 111: Professor Huo Would Never Be Mad at a White Radish (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
It was not hard to tell what kind of family Huo Qu had. They would never allow Huo Qu to be labeled as a homosexual. If the two really wanted to be together, they really had a long way to go.

Yu Qinghuan might even displease the whole Huo Family and lose everything.

But, since this was a matter of two people, why should Qinghuan take all the responsibilities? Even it was Huo Family, they couldn’t be so unreasonable!

As long as he was with Qinghuan, he would try everything he could to protect him. Although his little koi had no family, no one could bully him.

The worst scenario was he lost this job. Anyway he was still a nobody after having stayed in this circle for over twenty years. He could still find a good job somewhere else!

Yu Xin rubbed his sore temples and said to Yu Qinghuan, "All right, as long as you know what you are doing. Talk to me if you need me. Don’t make any haste decision by yourself.”

"I know," Yu Qinghuan lowered his head and his eyes were red.

When someone's agent was confronted with this kind of situation, his first reaction was to ask his own artist to cover his sexuality so as not to interfere with his own job.

But Yu Xin, everything he did was putting him in the first place.

“Ge, thank you.”

"Don't, I got goose bumps." said Yu Xin, frowning and trying to find his painful vertebra in a pile of fat, “If you really want to thank me, then earn as much as money as you can.”

After a pause, he added, “Since you and Huo Qu haven’t been together. You should watch what you do outside. Now you are hot. Those paparazzi are tailing after you trying to dig some tidbits.”

"I know."

After they had talked it through, neither of them had ever mentioned it again. Since Yu Qinghuan had nothing to do these days, he just stayed home and tried to memorize the lines of How to Love You. But only two pages and Yu Xin was knocking at the door, “Qinghuan, your folks had mailed you a bunch of canned yellow peach. Would you like to have a taste?”

Yu Qinghuan put down his script and went out, only seeing a full jut bag of canned yellow peach. He immediately struck dumb. Had his folks sent him the whole year’s share together?

"Ge, take as much as you want. I won’t stand on ceremony anyway.” Yu Qinghuan said to Yu Xin, “I’m gonna call the old man out?”

“Do I need you to tell me?” said Yu Xin smilingly. Then he took a can, prized it up, slipped into the kitchen and found a spoon to eat.

Yu Qinghuan found the old village head’s number from the address book, dialed the number, waiting for a long time, it was connected.

"Qinghuan! Have you received the canned yellow peach?" "Asked the old village head.

"Yes." Yu Qinghuan raised his pitch, and shouted by the speaker, “Uncle, don't send me so many next time. I can’t eat them all myself."

The old village head worked in the mine when he was young, and his eardrums were damaged by the all-year-round rumbling sound. The older he got, the worse his hearing loss became, so Yu Qinghuan had to shout when he spoke to him.

"Ah? You can’t eat them all?" In the microphone, the old village head's voice was full of anger. ”As a young man, you can’t even compare with me?!Or are you being nice to us again? Well, what should I say to you, son? Why are you still so polite?"

Yu Qinghuan, “Uncle, I am not being polite. I really can’t eat them all.”

“You can send them to your friends!” The village head said proudly, “The canned yellow peach of our village is the best. People will like it!”

After a pause, it seemed he remembered something, “Son, where did you get so much money to donate to our town? Why did you hide it from us? If the mayor hadn’t spilled the beans, I am still kept in the dark!”

He was a little worried, “I often hear those young men say they would sell their kidneys for money. Did you also waste your own body and sell part of your organs? Let me tell you. If that is the case, I won’t take a penny from you!”

"Uncle," Yu Qinghuan explained to him awkwardly, “I didn't sell my kidney. I won the lottery! A lot of money! So don't worry about me."

"Winning the lotteries!” Hearing this, the old village head immediately relaxed. He had taken care of Yu Qinghuan since he was little. He knew this kid’s personalities. Although he still didn’t believe Yu Qinghuan could make so much money in such a short time, he had never doubted he would do something illegal or what.

Since Yu Qinghuan said so, he immediately bought it. The old village head said happily, “Our Qinghuan is the best! He got the first place every year in school and now has even won lotteries!”

After a pause, he continued, “Qinghuan, now you are a big star. Your uncle and auntie went to watch your movie yesterday. You were amazing! After finishing the farm work, I will also go to the theater to take a look!”

“Uncle, don’t!” Yu Qinghuan felt sour in the nose. He had never expected that those old-fashioned uncles and aunties would specially go to the town to buy tickets for his movie. In their village, if some young man spent money to watch a movie in the theatre, they would be scolded by the old generation.

Besides, now was the farming time. They should have a lot of things to do.

"I'll buy you a computer so you can watch it at home."
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