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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 109: Qinghuan, Don’t Move 2

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Chapter 109: Qinghuan, Don’t Move (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Once he saw Yu Qinghuan, Liu Jia’an immediately started to commend him, “I have watched Orange. Qinghuan, nice job! It is quite reasonable to have such high box office.”

Yu Qinghuan gave him a smile and sat down on his opposite side. He refilled some tea for Liu Jia’an and then said, “All thanks to your guidance.”

This was not some simple complimenting words. When shooting The Line of Life and Death, Liu Jia’an was pretty strict. He would shoot every scene again and again until he was satisfied. Even a subtle expression in the eyes had to meet his standard, which also tempered Yu Qinghuan’s acting skills.

That was why he could do such a good job in the movie Orange which required a lot of eye contacts to express the feeling.

Liu Jia’an then laughed and his serious and cold face immediately became much gentle.

So many actors and actresses had collaborated with him, but few could achieve Yu Qinghuan’s level. Of course it was not because of his guidance but Yu Qinghuan’s hard work and strict requirements of himself.

Looking at that face which had become much thinner, Liu Jia’an had some complicated feelings in his heart.

He had known Yu Qinghuan for less than half a year. But only in such a short time Yu Qinghuan had already grown from a little known newcomer into the hottest big star.

Even he had to modify the original publicity plan and added him to it.

Everyone was jealous of Yu Qinghuan’s good luck. But what they didn’t know was behind Yu Qinghuan’s big success was his hard work. Few stars would like to sacrifice his image for a movie now.

The Line of Life and Death was not like Orange, the publicity period would last more than a month.

During this over a month’s time, Yu Qinghuan had to do roadshow, attend variety shows or even have live streaming with the whole crew to promote the movie.

Yu Qinghuan had already anticipated all these things, so he was not surprised at all when he heard Liu Jia’an. While writing down those necessary and important points, he was planning how to arrange his time during this time.

"Oh right.” After talking about publicity thing, Liu Jia’an took a sip of tea, took out two contracts and a script out of the bag and said to Yu Qinghuan, “This is the complete script of How to Love You. If there is no problem, we are gonna sign the contract today. And the shooting date has been brought forward to June 15.”

So this is to catch the Spring Festival? Yu Qinghuan was clear of it. He passed one copy of the contract to Yu Xin and started to read carefully of the other copy.

He got frozen on seeing the price on it.

When he shot Orange, Zhao Rui only paid him 850 thousand, and now in How to Love You, his pay was directly raised up to 8 million!

Even if he had been prepared, he still felt surprised.

Liu Jia’an thought he was not satisfied with the price, so he coughed a big and said, “Qinghuan, this is the highest price I can afford.

Actually he had no confidence when he came to sign the contract. Yu Qinghuan had risen too fast. Orange helped him known to this circle, and then The Line of Life and Death…

Liu Jia’an had absolute confidence of his own movie. As he expected, it could at least have 800 million box-office. And at that time, Yu Qinghuan’s price would still rise. So actually he took the advantage to sign him now.

“I know.” Fortunately Yu Qinghuan was not calculating person. After making sure the contract was no problem, he then signed his name, which made Liu Jia’an feel much relieved, like a big stone weighing on his heart got removed.

Liu Jia’an had a busy schedule recently. After signing the contract, he immediately left. Yu Qinghuan looked at his watch. There was still time. So he decided to fetch his watch at Ada first.

The one at home had been expecting it for a whole night. Early this morning he still asked seemingly casually when he could get the watch. If he couldn’t wear the watch, he might lose his sleep tonight.

“Ge, go to Ada first.” After fastening the belt, Yu Qinghuan turned to Yu Xin and said so.

Like not hearing what he said, Yu Xin didn’t make any response.

Yu Qinghuan then called again, “Ge?”

And Yu Xin finally had reactions, but it was too dramatic this time.

He patted his own leg hard, the fat face shaking due to ecstasy, “Qinghuan, now your pay rises to 8 million? As a supporting role?”

Actors’ salary, five million was a threshold. He thought Yu Qinghuan would at least need a few years to pass this threshold. But unexpectedly he already passed it in this move. He still couldn’t believe it after signing the contract.

“Hmm.” Yu Qinghuan responded lightly and then switched the topic, “I bought a watch yesterday. I’m gonna go fetch it at Ada.”

“Oh.” Yu Xin waved his hand casually, “Juts a watch, buy as many as you want.” After a pause, he asked, “How much?”

Yu Qinghuan was not into luxuries, so Yu Xin had no pressure asking him this question. But what he never expected was Yu Qinghuan would throw a mecha bomber at him…

“All the remaining money in my account.”

Yu Xin, “!!!”

Last night after he went to pick up Huo Qu with Yu Qinghuan, Yu Xin hurriedly left. He even didn’t want to cast one more glance at him. But them turning into paupers overnight was a real big blow to him, so he still couldn’t get over from it.

When Yu Qinghuan got home and just opened the securing door, Huo Qu immediately threw himself t Yu Qinghuan with overjoys on his face. Knowing what he was gonna say next, so before he spoke, Yu Qinghuan already took out the watch and put in on for him.

“Do you like it?”

Huo Qu kept nodding, touching the watch carefully, with obvious joys on his face, “Yes!” After a pause, he looked up to Yu Qinghuan and said with a rather serious tone, “As long as it’s from you, I like them all.”

Yu Qinghuan felt so warm by his words. He pulled Huo Qu to sit on the couch. Seeing he was so happy, Yu Qinghuan really didn’t have the heart to tell him the news.

But sooner or later, he had to say it. So after organizing the words in his heart, he said, “Huo Qu, I’m afraid there’s some news not so good to hear…”

Before he finished his words, Huo Qu already became tense, “Qinghuan, are you driving me away?”

“How come?” Yu Qinghuan stroked his head and couldn’t help kicking himself in his heart. He didn’t do things well, so Huo Qu would feel so insecure. He tried to make up for his mistake, “I will never ever drive you away.”

Watching that little dimple showing up again, Yu Qinghuan squeezed those words, “But in a very long time next I won’t be home, I’m gonna do promotions of the movie and I got a new movie to shoot.”

The smile on Huo Qu’s face gradually faced away.

Yu qinghuan's heart skipped a beat. When he racking his brains trying to comfort him, Huo Qu suddenly stretched out and pulled him into his arms.

The next second, a sound came above his head,

“It’s OK, Qinghuan. However long it takes, I will be waiting for you at home, as long as you would come back.”

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