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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 107: “Because You Don’t Have A Watch.” 2

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Chapter 107: “Because You Don’t Have A Watch.” (2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
"Then how did you get here?" Yu Qinghuan thought he was playing a trick on him.

After thinking for a moment, Huo Qu said, “I just came, you know.” Then he peered at Yu Qinghuan guiltily, like he was afraid Yu Qinghuan would think he was useless. After quite a while, he murmured, “I…I only remember the way to your home. As for other places…I really can’t keep them in mind.”

Yu Qinghuan nearly choked on his words. He nearly got collapsed again right after he regained his sense.

Huo Qu got wounds on his face. Yu Qinghuan was afraid as clumsy as he was, he might touch them when he washed his face. So got a wet towel to clean his face for him.

"If I touch your wound, tell me, you know?”

"Hmm.” Huo Qu nodded. And then Huo Qu thought to himself, “Even if you touch it, I will not tell you, otherwise you will be worried about me again.”

After taking care of Huo Qu, Yu Qinghuan recalled one important thing, “Did you tell your family that you came here?”

"No." Huo Qu shrunk his body restlessly, saying with a deep tone, “I was only thinking coming to see you.” As for others things…he already left them behind.

The whole Huo family might have been off their feet now since their little son was missing. On thinking of such a scene, Yu Qinghuan felt his blood freeze. He immediately took up the phone and dialed Huo Rong’s number.

However, to his surprise, Huo Rong's voice was so calm that he could not hear anything wrong, as if he had known Huo Qu's whereabouts, and even asked him to take good care of him.

Yu Qinghuan got muddleheaded and hung up the phone. He really didn’t know what was going on.

He didn't know that at this moment, Huo Qong was right downstairs.

As early as when Huo Qu ran out, the bodyguards had already found it. But Huo Qu’s father told them not to interfere in Huo Qu’s stuff. Those bodyguards could only report it to Huo Rong.

On hearing his little brother run out, Huo Rong immediately wanted to go find him, but got stopped by his father.

His father sat on sofa, enjoying his tea, like he was not worried about his little son at all. He even said, “No one should disturb him. Let him do whatever he wants to do. He is an adult. You can not still take him like a kid!”

Huo Rong dared not go against his father, but he was really too worried. So finally, he could only follow Huo Qu behind secretly. He could only see he got knocked over by a bicycle when he was staggering to cross the road trying to find the way.

But he firmly remembered what his father said, so he tried his best to hold himself and only followed him behind.

Now after receiving Yu Qinghuan’s call, he finally heaved a sigh of relieve and started the engine and went home.

Huo Qu hadn’t had anything since the noon. Yu Qinghuan was worried he might be starving, so he quickly went to the kitchen and made him some food. Fortunately he had a habit of keeping his refrigerator stuffed. So even though he had been away for a few days, there were still a lot of frozen food in it.

He turned on the gas burner, heated the pan, quickly fried some shredded pancake, stuffed them with omelet, bacon and a few pieces of lettuce, “Eat some food.”

Huo Qu nodded, took a big bite of the shredded pancake, while looking at Yu Qinghuan who was busy in the kitchen, some kind of strong desire rose in his heart.

How he wished that this moment could freeze. Only the two of them, Qinghuan only had him and he only had Qinghuan. That would be the happiest thing in the world.

Yu Qinghuan didn’t feel Huo Qu’s emotions. He poured a glass of warm water, asked him to eat slowly. After tidying up the kitchen, he went to the colony to make a call.

Only after a few sentences, he heard the sound of footsteps behind, he then looked over, as expected, Huo Qu was looking at him injuredly, like he was trying to say, “I am already here with you. Why are you still calling someone else?”

Yu Qinghuan smiled helplessly, tried to explain with some simple words and hung up.

Right after he hung up, Huo Qu came forward, “Qinghuan, who were you calling?”

"A watch retailer.” said Yu Qinghuan while looking at him smilingly.

"Do you want to buy a watch?"Huo Qu frowned and then his eyes brightened, “I can buy one for you as a present, OK?”

Yu Qinghuan shook his head and poked at his dimpled left face.“No, I want to buy it for you."

"For me..."Huo Qu's face slowly turned red. He looked at Yu Qinghuan and quickly looked away when he looked into his eyes.

After quite some time, he hesitated and whispered, “Why…why would you buy me a watch?"

Does Qinghuan want to send him a gift? This is the first time Qinghuan sends him a gift!

Yu Qinghuan smiled, “Because you don’t have one.”

Of course because I want to leave my trace in all your life, little fool!
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