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I Just Want to Be in a Relationship Chapter 105: It’s OK if You don’t Have Time to Come to See Me, I Can Come to See You 3

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Chapter 105: It’s OK if You don’t Have Time to Come to See Me, I Can Come to See You (3)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Maybe just to seek kind of psychological comfort, when Ye Yunlan was recording, she always subconsciously looked over to Yu Qinghuan’s direction. One or two times might be OK, but too many times would make it a problem.

The director's assistant couldn't help but gently reminded the director, "This isn’t good. She has looked over to Qinghuan for too many times. The audience would notice it whichever way we edit it.”

The director was also a little worried. But Ye Yunlan was a big star. It was already not easy to invite her. It was almost impossible to ask her to rerecord.

He heaved a heavy sigh. When he was finally determined to remind Ye Yunlan, suddenly some idea popped out of his head.

Maybe he didn’t have to cut the scenes that Ye Yunlan frequently looked at Yu Qinghuan! More than that, he could use this to attract more audience.

The super star of the entertainment circle nearly had an accident, but got saved by the legendary koi, so Ye Yunlan could only feel safe if she could see the koi. Such fantasy but true things happened, which would definite help their ratings climb higher!

The director who had thought it through looked extra excited. Under the assistant’s confusing eyes, he even shot more of how Ye Yunlan looked for Yu Qinghuan.

Only two day’s shooting and Ye Yunlan would leave. Before she went, she especially invited Yu Qinghuan to visit her place when he had time.

She didn’t mean something else. At her age, though sometimes she also fancied about energetic fresh meat, but she could tell Yu Qinghuan was not that kind, so it was no use wasting time on him.

Ye Yunlan was only a bit greedy. Compared with those who wanted to forward Yu Qinghuan’s photo for good luck, she wanted to get some luck from Yu Qinghuan personally.

After Ye Yunlan left, Yu Qinghuan stayed with the crew for two more days. Not until Liu Jia’an called him asking him to talk about the future promotion of The Line of Life and Death did he get packed up and plan to go back.

“Let’s hit the road, Qinghuan.” After rechecking the room carefully and making sure they didn’t miss anything, Yu Xin turned around and said to Qinghuan.

“OK.” Yu Qinghuan nodded, then dropped some eyewash and waited till the blood streaks were gone, and then pulled out the room card.

Just as the two went out of the room, Yu Qinghuan’s phone rang. He lowered his head and saw it was Huo Qu, he immediately slipped back into his pocket.

"Are you a pupil? Still playing not receiving the call to avoid things?” Yu Xin rolled his eyes at him, grabbed the phone from him and pressed the answer key, “Answer it!”

"Qinghuan!" Huo Qu who finally got through to the phone sounded very happy, “Can I go to see you tonight?”

Yu Qinghuan’s heart quivered a bit. Trying very hard to swallow the word “OK”, he said, “I am still shooting in some other city. I won’t be home recently. So don’t come over. When I am back, I will go to see you.”

After keeping silent for a few seconds, Huo Qu spoke again. But the excitement in his voice was already totally gone. He held the phone tight and confirmed it repeatedly, “Qinghuan, are you really shooting in some other city and wouldn’t come back today and tomorrow?”

"Hmm.” Yu Qinghuan’s voice was very calm, “I will be busy recently.” After a pause, he said apologetically, “The director is looking for me. I gotta go. Be good and go to work. Wait for me.”

And then he immediately hung up.

On the other side, listening to the busy tone, Huo Qu’s eyes immediately turned red. He clicked open his Weibo, his finger tip lingering on a passage and kept that move for a long time.

It was recorded the recent agenda of Yu Qinghuan. Those fans specially tipped him that Yu Qinghuan would come back tonight and a lot of fans even urged him for the airport pickup.

Huo Qu felt a huge pain in the chest and he could barely breathe. Qinghuan is coming back tonight, why would he like to me?

Qinghuan is a total liar! Every word he said is a lie!

But he still likes him, even if he lies to him, he is still enjoying it.

But he did not want to wait any longer, he had been waiting for him so long, since Qinghuan said he had no time to come to him, he could go to see Qinghuan!

He wanted to see Qinghuan, he wanted to prove to him that he was not a useless person, also...he wanted Qinghuan to like him.

When Yu Qinghuan got home, it was already over nine o 'clock in the evening. He had not slept well for several days and had been tossing about for hours on the plane. So he felt quite exhausted right now. After taking a quick bath, he was about to go to sleep, suddenly someone was knocking at the door.

Who could it be? Was it Yu Xin who had something urgent?

He walked quickly to the door and pulled it open. When he saw the person outside, he froze "Huo Qu? What are you doing here?"

Huo Qu's new blue windbreaker was crumpled and covered with dirt, his trousers had some small holes in them, and even his face was streaked with blood, making him super awkward.

Yu Qinghuan felt his heart was bleeding. When he was about ask him what had happened, Huo Qu suddenly stretched out a hand and pulled him into his arms violently.

His body quivered slightly, the tiny blood beads on his cheeks rolled down on Yu Qinghuan's neck, Huo Qu said while panting, “Qinghuan, I can...I can find your house. It doesn't matter if you don't have time to come to see me. I can come to see you."
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